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  1. How To Build A Rotary Engine: The ULTIMATE Guide
  2. Power steering module repair???
  3. Code PO455 and P0037
  4. Low compression in one rotor
  5. black halo racing mishimoto ss oil lines
  6. omp injectors cap off
  7. spark plugs installed incorrectly by shop
  8. Power Steering
  9. SSV Delete. Remove and Block off.
  10. Motor mount top bolt holes stripped
  11. Difference between RE8C-L and RE7C-L spark plugs
  12. premix
  13. No Spark
  14. Corner seal question
  15. Better RX-8 Backroads Build + Brainstorm
  16. Fuel system lines/Evap etc diagram?
  17. LS coil upgrade
  18. Series 1 vs Series 2 Rear Axles
  19. Rotor Placement?
  20. Engine Longevity
  21. What's that rectangular tube next to the rad?
  22. What kind of differential does the RX have?
  23. How many O2 sensors are on these cars?
  24. Coil grounding
  25. Non ethylene glycol coolant?
  26. Cooling mods yet high temps.
  27. couch foam around radiator?
  28. Compression Loss Question
  29. Trouble installing upper intake manifold.
  30. OMP Oil Metering pump output and modification
  31. Stock Halogen to Stock HID Wiring Diagram or Adapter.
  32. Stock Radiator Broke at 100K
  33. Front bushing replacement
  34. Sohn/ oil and catch can
  35. I just premixed with Castrol 10w-30 synthetic blend
  36. Clutch replaced by Mazda -- engages too early?
  37. Need a new radiator. Do I trust aftermarket?
  38. What new Catalytic Coverter for Cali car?
  39. Mazda Part Numbers - Teach Me To Fish :)
  40. Charge light on
  41. Engine Rotor Assembly
  42. Water pump studs - threaded or pressed?
  43. Please help: ECU Strategy - PCM Software Versions
  44. any first hand experience with ceramic apex seals for renesis
  45. new oem engine from mazda
  46. 13B manual transmission (JDM) fit US spec
  47. Got my engine back!
  48. Wiring diagrams for 2006+ RX-8 AT
  49. ABS Module Reprogram for Non-DSC
  50. oil what brand are you using???
  51. OBD2 connector removal
  52. Help! Knocking while driving, not while turning
  53. ABS replacement
  54. Stalling while Driving. Aftermarket intake issue?
  55. Obd2 torque app and o2 sensor question
  56. Rotors Resurfaceable?
  57. Bit the bullet and did a compression test. Tick tock, how much time left?
  58. can someone give me a VIN?
  59. 186000 miles 2007 teardown-for your viewing pleasure
  60. What is this part?
  61. Snap, Crackle and Pop?
  62. Coolant leak, Throttle body?
  63. What relay is behind the glove box?
  64. Limp mode then dead on Interstate
  65. Oil pressure gauge adapter, this?
  66. Radio Side Retaining Bolt Dimensions
  67. Suggested Engine manufacturers?
  68. R3 instrument Cluster In Series 1
  69. My RX-8's final Renesis...
  70. Engine doesn't line up on the mounts?!
  71. midpipe o2 sensor cel
  72. Building race car, what are these sensors and control unit
  73. rotor housing dimensions
  74. Has anyone ever used a "brute power" release bearing from autozone?
  75. RB Revi intake filter alternative
  76. Imitation flow masters?
  77. 05 rx8 AT hot start issue
  78. Anyone have Misfires occurring after fuel pump recall?
  79. General Oil Discussion (Moved from Premix thread)
  80. Diagnosing closed loop fault state
  81. New theory on why our engines wear out too soon
  82. 05 rx8 AT hot start issue
  83. My speed-sensitive windshield wipers upgrade
  84. Part?
  85. PCM reflashing
  86. Can anyone recommend a good person for e tuning? (Versatune.)
  87. What are the subframes made out of?
  88. Renesis Bridgeport wont brap ? Try the Brettspeed Braphole !
  89. 05 rx8 AT starter swap
  90. Diff removal
  91. JDM '04 - Coils Compatibility Issue
  92. Dirt in brake caliper after powdercoating
  93. S1 Reman with SOHN break in?
  94. Best way to access clutch slave cylinder?
  95. Transmission/differential oil
  96. Difference between clutch pedal FE05-41-300A and FE05-41-300C?
  97. Connector Diagram/Pinout or Wiring Diagram for Column?
  98. RX8 Can Bus Components?
  99. Ignition Condenser
  100. What is this part?
  101. UIM torque Specs
  102. Misfires when you let up on the gas (FIXED)
  103. Strut Tower Support Bar Bracket
  104. When do secondaries kick in?
  105. Leaking coolant from...? (Pics included)
  106. Going rate for new key
  107. Taking apart fresh Mazda REMAN at Mazmart
  108. ECU, loom and engine conversion
  109. Coil input voltage too low?
  110. Dead MAF? (OBD2 data and WOT analysis inside)
  111. Steering wheel wiring issue
  112. Ecc. Shaft Sensor and Throttle Body Reset?
  113. "Stock-looking" placement for oil temp, oil pressure, water temp sensors?
  114. Weird Issue, Clogged Cat?
  115. Clearing crud off the AC Concenser / Radiator.
  116. Series 1 192 engine loom diagram
  117. What is the part that blocks air near the hoodlatch?
  118. 192 fuel injector grommets
  119. Oil for you far northerners, lol
  120. Do I need this stud?
  121. Rapid Oil Accumulation in Catch Can during Autocross.
  122. Came across a super charger
  123. Can I program remotes with a Ford VCM1
  124. Removing Dashboard To Get To AC Unit
  125. Front lower control arm pinch bolt?
  126. Front end play mystery -bad flywheel
  127. How do I remove rear wheel hub?
  128. 09 Rx8 flywheel work in an 04 rx8?
  129. New Recalls for Suspension breaks and fuel leaks
  130. what is this center housing?
  131. Best premix combination need advice
  132. New radiator has extra holes
  133. What plug for D585 coil upgrade?
  134. CEL for O2 delete
  135. Straight Piped - Going to Dealer
  136. Anyone with an opinion on this catch can?
  137. Have you ever returned an engine for a core refund?
  138. Roughly 80,000 miles, Preventative Maintenance Advice
  139. Completely unexpected windshield crack
  140. 03 5 Speed 4 Port Bogs down and dies
  141. S2 trans in an S1, difficult?
  142. can anyone with multimeter help me out?
  143. new recall, for side airbag?
  144. does anyone have oscilloscope data for series I rx8 wheel speed sensors?
  145. Aftermarket Oil Lines Using Banjo Bolts
  146. ECU/Ignition Replace
  147. power loss at cruise speeds
  148. Actual oil pressure gauge?
  149. Main pulley torque capability?
  150. Couple of questions (Pettit Tank and Rad Swap)
  151. rear tires leaning in on top....
  152. ESS trigger wheel
  153. Model of AT 6port starter
  154. Testers Needed: New Digital Dashboard App
  155. E-Shaft Nominal Measurements...
  156. MAF Values show 7-14 seconds interval. What functions according to these intervals?
  157. How do I measure cranking RPM's?
  158. New battery suggestions?
  159. Flip key transponder chip
  160. Speaker whine, correlate to engine RPM. Where do I find all ground connections?
  161. Front left caliper stuck, rebuild or replace?
  162. Low MAF, High Trim at Idle
  163. ABS Reluctor Ring Teeth
  164. Coolant Seal Failure?
  165. CEL and SSV
  166. Low MPG after water Decarb
  167. EGR and the renesis
  168. Brought my airbag for the recall and a few weeks later the dash started this.
  169. Brought my airbag for the recall and a few weeks later the dash started to crack.
  170. check engine light 2 months after warranty engine replacement. Help with codes
  171. Driveway Front E-shaft seal replacement.
  172. Rebuilt Engine Start Up
  173. RX-8 Coils - Shelf life?
  174. Odd Grinding sound
  175. Disconnecting ESS vs depressing accelerator
  176. Suspension upgrade RX8
  177. Mechanic for a remanufactured/rebuild Engine?
  178. Thread locker or not on flywheel nut and front lockbolt?
  179. BHR kit installed, rough start
  180. Any rotor heads willing to help in Chicago area?
  181. Loctite blue for apex seal side pieces?
  182. Cleaning disassembled rotors and housings (brake cleaner?)
  183. One rotor clean, one dirty. Why?
  184. Reuse side seal springs?
  185. New RX8 Recall ---- Fuel Tank Repairs
  186. DIY: Engine removal - tons of photos, supplemental to RotaryResurrection's DIY
  187. Need help re: Dealer thermostat replacement estimate
  188. Best Jack Stand
  189. Credit Card FOB Question
  190. Is it ok to mix and match ignition coils?
  191. ESS completely encased around the sides?
  192. Engine rattle and stalling
  193. How can I trip the immobilizer?
  194. Installing inner coolant seal
  195. Engine Rebuild Question - Surface Rust on Rotors
  196. Oil Pan gasket? Are Stainless steel bolts ok?
  197. Can I jack by the front crossmember?
  198. Cracked Oil Cooler Hose
  199. Motor Mounts
  200. Rx-8 Side Seal and Corner Seal Clearences
  201. Can a header leak cause rotary damage?
  202. 6MT Engine Tear down Results (Reman w/85.2k Miles)
  203. Crash bar removal
  204. Is it really worth repairing my 05 Rx8?
  205. Front and rear rotors different?
  206. Throttle Body Disassembly
  207. BHR Ignition coil question
  208. Factory Wiring Harness - Prewired options?
  209. Misfire caused by bad/clogged injectors?
  210. RX-8 struggles while redlining?
  211. Help deciding how to fix fuel pump issue
  212. Where to buy front wheel well air deflector?
  213. Passing emissions
  214. dealer says I need a new engine. I need opinions
  215. Melted wires, car very dead.
  216. Replacing ECM
  217. Need oil metering pump sensor
  218. 2007 part out
  219. Engine has died, end if the road for this one?
  220. motor mount bolt size
  221. Power steering new connectors
  222. P0455 code
  223. Rx8 speaker discussion
  224. need some help/info
  225. Holley Hydramat Questions
  226. Split second flashing CEL, rough idle, white smoke
  227. Radiator Fans
  228. Ion Sensing for timing control
  229. Other things to change while replacing the engine?
  230. Pulleys
  231. Quick question about s2 starter N3R3 model
  232. Renesis rotor housings
  233. Seals out on motor w/80 k
  234. Anyone want to verify my symptoms as a bad/dirty ssv?
  235. ac bearing starting to go? still works, makes noise
  236. Which SAE code / parameter to use for AFR during data logging?
  237. Left front brake stuck, revise or replace?
  238. Alternator info
  239. pilot bearing
  240. what's your catalytic converter's operating temperature?
  241. Interior rattle caused by passenger airbag?
  242. mechanic
  243. Grinding noise
  244. Racing Beat oil cooler lines
  245. New Spreadsheet to make your compression tests more accurate
  246. Let's talk about clutches
  247. Brake Bleeding Bleeder DIY
  248. Clutch pedal input
  249. Transmission "behavior" question
  250. Socket for Rear 02 Oxygen Sensor