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  1. Clutch pedal and bracket asembly questions
  2. Your Fucking Kidding me....Possums and Dealers
  3. Pure Power Life Time oil filter
  4. Automatic Transmission Trouble. Help!
  5. A/C ALUMINIUM HOSE, where can i found it?
  6. Which O2 Sensor do I need
  7. Difficulty selecting gears 2010 r3
  8. Right side fog light not working
  9. Slightly Glowing Series II Cat
  10. S2 Cruise Control issue!
  11. Series 2 radiador
  12. Series II Clutch Replacement
  13. Throw out/release bearing
  14. Series 1 and 2 differences
  15. 2ND gear grind after clutch replacement.
  16. PPF - to align or leave alone?
  17. manual gear box issues
  18. Weird power loss
  19. Might need a new manual tranny
  20. Did s2'come with HomeLink auto dim mirrors?
  21. 2009 R3 - clutch pedal made loud noise & doesn't fully dissengage
  22. S2 bumper license plate light area
  23. So my car didn't want to start this morning...
  24. What does this FUEL fuse control?
  25. Low Coolant Light
  26. What Do You Think of these Spark Plugs?
  27. Lots of bubbles while bleeding
  28. Well crap, 3rd gear is popping out again
  29. cobb acessport question
  30. S2 oil injection info/SOHN style adaptor
  31. Engine stutters
  32. SERIES 2 RX-8s Now in TAKATA Air Bag RECALL
  33. No beeping when locking car, after body shop work
  34. $2,912 for OEM Cat????
  35. Weird Noise/Vibration (etc.) From Engine Area
  36. S2 engine durability improved?
  37. Planning 60k maintenance, need feedback & some part numbers
  38. RX-8 Symptoms and a Dealer visit -- Any suggestions?
  39. Series II Part Number List Needed
  40. Passenger Side Door Handle
  41. broke my car :'(
  42. R3 Side skirt clips
  43. Duracell AGM Battery - Group Size 35/85?
  44. 2009 R3 = Clutch in AC Compressor is burning - $2k? WTF
  45. 2009 Rx8 R3 getting hot?
  46. Sticky clutch pedal during fast release
  47. Hard start, engine coughing
  48. Low creak over moderate-to-hard bumps -- common?
  49. Auto locking of doors when you leave the car
  50. 25k mile S2 - low compression, input needed ASAP!
  51. Replacement for oil cooler hose clips?
  52. Gurgling sound on 2010 RX8 GT
  53. Heater Performance is poor and cabin temps
  54. Throwout Bearing Failure
  55. Please help diagnose pinging/detonation
  56. air valve control wire harness connection
  57. Flashing airbag light
  58. Driver's side window sticking
  59. R3 New Engine - Dealership Install/Purchase - Break-in?
  60. Clunking noise when on throttle/off throttle in 2nd and 3rd gear
  61. New Air Pump
  62. 2010 Rx8 R3 Won't Turn Over
  63. Series II PCM-ECU Part Number Listings
  64. compression results
  65. Stupid me. Left dome light on, drained battery
  66. 2009 rx8 cel p0139
  67. Replacing Metal Fuel Tank Insulator
  68. clunking/grinding noise
  69. AEM Intake Install QUestion
  70. Condition of coils, plugs at 32,400 miles
  71. Rear main bearing damaged / replacement?
  72. Series II Compression Test Results & Discussion
  73. clear my confusion on Synth Oil and question on coils please...
  74. Clock, Radio, Media, Faceplate Not Working
  75. 100K - Engine rebuild or Re-man
  76. Flashing CEL and Grinding Noise and Power Cut
  77. Popping/skipping from steering
  78. Idle surge in neutral - not the neutral switch
  79. 2009 Rx8 Won't Start NO LIGHTS NO CRANK
  80. Really bad rattle at idle
  81. Soggy Clutch Pedal
  82. How to Straighten Fins on the Oil Coolers??
  83. Reinforced My Clutch Pedal and Now Problems...
  84. Does This Sound Like Flooding?
  85. Fuel pump death
  86. S2 stock hub centric ring size
  87. Drive Shaft fitment?
  88. Slave/Master Cylinder Problem (or Clutch)
  89. High RPM (Bucking and Hesitation) (VIDEO)
  90. S1 6AT vs S2 6AT - Differences?
  91. Airbox Issue (Loose Intake?)
  92. Driveline lash? ("jerk" on throttle tip-in)
  93. Stacked plate oil coolers?
  94. 2011 R3: Thoughts on my 30k mile maintenance?
  95. "Synthetic oil will eat away your apex seals."
  96. Fog lights issue
  97. Help! Something leaking from rear driver's side
  98. major transmission isssue
  99. Clunking after alignment
  100. R3 transmission issues
  101. Data log, how rich is too rich?
  102. 09 R3 wouldn't start, then it did later
  103. Small coolant leak and strange engine noise
  104. Fuel Pump Options for S2
  105. 2009 rx8 gt misfires when first start the car
  106. Anyone ever over-torque a nut on the exhaust manifold?
  107. SII engine light question
  108. Crank trigger disc
  109. URGENT HELP, Flammable material?
  110. Hissing Sound in Engine Bay? Vacuum Leak? But Where?
  111. Strange Electrical Issue
  112. Tapping!?
  113. Series II | Doing first oil change soon; should I get oil plug gaskets?
  114. Oil | Race ramps and what other tools?
  115. Zero throttle, rolling in gear: what happens?
  116. A little help with p0137 code
  117. Seafoaming - relube with regular, or premix?
  118. Vacuum hose to oil filler neck?
  119. Contaminated gas pumped into 2010 R3
  120. Insert the plug series II ?
  121. Plug change @ 102k
  122. Cold start, died, won't crank - help!
  123. Coolant Temp Gauge
  124. 2009 6spd Rx8 GT - Power Loss on Highway
  125. Bumper slider removal
  126. Coolant change on serie II
  127. Expensive services on my car, what can I do ?
  128. headlight bulb
  129. Engine problem
  130. Vehicle pulls to the left
  131. It's very cold, and my car behaved strangely this morning.
  132. High positive fuel trims, low maf grams at idle
  133. Faint burning plastic smell?
  134. MAF screw size
  135. Transmission issues... Could use help!
  136. Please Help Me Validate Maf Wiring Continuity
  137. Vacuum system help
  138. Aux audio input help
  139. Can't get an accurate oil dipstick reading..
  140. Rattling noise
  141. Taillight Condensation
  142. 2009 AKE Door Latch Switch
  143. Quest To Reduce Single Exit Noise Levels
  144. APV Stuck Open
  145. Longest spark plug use?
  146. Power Loss and Off Sound - Dealer Did Not Fix
  147. Turboxs exhaust system series II
  148. R3 RPM question
  149. Decarb Fixed Slow Crank
  150. P0171 - System too lean HELP
  151. Hit pothole, drove sideways, now steering is not centered...
  152. Part Search/Help
  153. Oil on the driveway, but not the street
  154. Occasional Starting Issues
  155. P0302 Engine Misfire, with a twist!
  156. NEED HELP 09 with 2l oil in intake
  157. Mazda RX-8 Series II (R3) COMPLETE Workshop Repair Manual + Wiring Manual
  158. Stupid low-coolant light.
  159. Bose (Navigation) No Sound But Head Working - Solved
  160. Bad Ride Quality After Fat Cat Coilovers
  161. Where is Eccentric Shaft Position Sensor Connector?
  162. Trans Rattle when Hot & AC Compressor Kicks In
  163. R3 Spark plugs 17,500 miles--NOTE Loose plug!!!
  164. 3-4 Gear Lever Pop Out Adjustment Manual for Transmission
  165. Factory recall on 2009s?
  166. NGK ZE81 Spark Plug Wire Set on Series II
  167. Dealership wants $80 each for S2 coils! WTF
  168. 09 R3 Won't rev past 7k
  169. Brake pedal to floor after bleeding - master cylinder overhaul?
  170. Is the upstream O2 sensor a wideband or narrowband?
  171. oem pressure tire sensor in aftermarket rims
  172. Headlight Issue
  173. S2 aftermarket fuel pump
  174. Indication of a bad upstream O2 (wideband) sensor?
  175. Side Seal Changes to S2 vs S1?
  176. Transmission issues on SII. Please help.
  177. Buzzing noise
  178. Series 2 Oil Consumption
  179. S2 Owners, Post Up Some Data Logs!
  180. Jumping out of [3/4] gear
  181. Mazda AUTOMATIC Transmission Workshop Manual - 6 SPEED ONLY
  182. Series II Manual Transmission Repair Manual
  184. Headlight problems
  185. Electrical whine at idle
  186. Flashing Oil Light
  187. Clutch is acting strange!!
  188. BHR w/Cat installed - threw a CEL (otherwise stock R3)
  189. 09 needs a new motor
  190. Good synthetic diff oil?
  191. Noticeable drop in MPG, possibly a broken under tray?
  192. Preparing car for its first autocross ?
  193. Squeal when going backwards!
  194. Fogging tail lamp
  195. Engine stopped while driving...acts flooded?
  196. Slight rhythmic grinding sound from rear wheel area...
  197. R3 Engine Compression Failure in UK
  198. Series 2 - Spark Plugs change
  199. Transmission issues
  200. Crazy poor mpg
  201. Transmission rebuilt by dealer
  202. Diagnose my S2 dyno
  203. Bushing squeak during braking?
  204. Clutch pedal sticky - is it cold weather?
  205. Where to jack car up and put stands (picture)
  206. '09 R3 grinding in 5th gear
  207. 13,000kms - faulty CAT converter
  208. Oil Pressure Blind Plug Extension
  209. Compression Test Results - at 82 rpms?
  210. How often does your A/C cycle on/off?
  211. Dimensions of Engine cover?
  212. S2 spark plugs same as S1?
  213. How to read CEL code
  214. S2 60k Maintenance?
  215. 09 RX-8 Touring Auto
  216. Replacement KEYS and Key Transmitter Modules
  217. Installing the rear aero flares on series II?
  218. Thoughts on Front Plate Mounting
  219. Problems starting, help needed asap.
  220. Differential Oil Leaks
  221. NRG Hood Dampers for s2
  222. Rattle @ high RPM
  223. Coolant light, sensor behaviour advice needed
  224. Oil changes
  225. Cel light on
  226. LTFT help
  227. Possible to regear RX-8?
  228. Strange noises near the end of a long freeway drive
  229. Half-sound
  230. s2 maintenance
  231. Bad input shaft bearing?
  232. Jacking up the R3
  233. Module Initialization + PCM-ECU-Trans Vendor List
  234. Anyone else burn A LOT of oil?
  235. Please look at my spark plugs
  236. New Coils
  237. Dust specks in headlight
  238. Series II front number plate removal
  239. Official S2 Engine Specifications
  240. Fog lights keep blowing.
  241. Squeeing / Tweeting noise on cold pull off
  242. Clicking noise from right rear?
  243. Hunting For a DIY Exhaust Solution
  244. Variable Redline indicator issue/question...
  245. 2010 GT "jerky" tranny & bad vibration in shifter
  246. Car didn't start ! Help please!!!
  247. 2011 RX-8 Rough Idle
  248. My RX-8 is all grown up now.
  249. rough idle and misfire after a track day
  250. Ignition Upgrade. Worth it or not?