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  1. SpeedSource GrandAm RX-8 in STL trim for Sale
  2. Adaptronic alternator signal
  3. Fuel Issue: Can't tell if it's loading up or starving
  4. track shoes at a deal
  5. any feedback on Mazdatrix 5.5" race clutch?
  7. Adjustable ARB / Swaybar end link options & recommendations
  8. SCCA Members: Letter to SEB
  9. Front wheel speed sensor failure
  10. World time attack livesteam
  11. SCCA Members: Letter to CRB
  12. NASA ST5/TT5 build
  13. LiFePO4 battery from Bioenno Power
  14. World time attack
  15. building 5.1 diff, where to find diff shims
  16. RX8 Track car - LS conversion
  17. anyone using JDM 5 speed transmission for track car?
  18. Let's talk about diffs, baby.
  19. engine misfire on track
  20. LFX HPDE Toy
  21. Longer ARP wheel studs on front?
  22. Where does the RX-8 fit in 2018?
  23. Fuel level sender voltage range
  24. Which tires are better?
  25. Track Tires
  26. Mazdaspeed Front Struct Tower
  27. Trouble with water temp
  28. Anyone ever try stock seats with planted mount?
  29. Anyone with Ohlins able to drive my car? [NorCal]
  30. Custom adjustable upper control arms
  31. SCCA Street Modified RX-8
  32. ABS disabled
  33. Windshield Dimensions for Lexan
  34. Improve Your Heel-Toe for (Almost) Free
  35. CAN ID for fuel level?
  36. Replacing brake M.C.; best bleeding technique?
  37. Engine tuning?
  38. Best Wheels for racing
  39. Remote oil filter
  40. brake pad anti-rattle clips... anyone ditch them?
  41. Looking for 55mm restrictor plate
  42. Are there any RX-8ís running in PWC anymore?
  43. SCCA TT nationals prelim rules
  44. drivetrain fluids
  45. Aftermarket coil bracket (for OEM ignition setup)?
  46. Tire Presidents day sale - Discount Tire Direct
  47. I have a spare 5.125 ring & pinion
  48. Track car build, NASA ST5, SCCA STL
  49. Oil cooler options?
  50. roll cage design, what do you like and don't about your cage
  51. front tow eye/strap?
  52. SpeedSource Auction
  53. RX-8 in NASA ST5 / TT5 Thread
  54. Would you modify the front fascia?
  55. Android tablet dash/logging?
  56. I don't know what this connector is for!
  57. RX8 Race Car For Sale
  58. Omp 7% increase AND 1/2oz premix?
  59. Circuit of The Americas (COTA) Track Event February 23-25, 2018
  60. Shocks
  61. Is this "clutch pedal adjustment" feedback legit?
  62. Removing heavy iron bar between gearbox and diff
  63. Engine wouldn't rev over 7k on track
  64. 2017 SCCA Runoffs - Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  65. Fast and uneven rear pad wear, and brake bias question
  66. Mazdaspeed Motorsports - OEM Body Part Sale 20% Off
  67. roll cage
  68. Steering wheel Lock
  69. Brake ducts on the Mazdaspeed front bumper?
  70. 2004 owners: Be aware of a new LCA recall BEFORE going on a track
  71. SCCA STL Build
  72. Fortune Auto 500 coilover review (with a few pictures and track videos)
  73. Stay away from aftermarket front hub bearings: dying after ONE track session!
  74. 1st time on Track w RX8 LimeRock CT
  75. Racecapture Pro telemetry
  76. Thoughts on Wheels
  77. Class for my RX8 in SCCA solo
  78. NASA ST4/TT4 Build
  79. I failed at dynoing my RX-8...
  80. Is someone race with Nankang NS2R 180 ?
  81. Eccentric front UCA bushings positioned downward for more camber gain?
  82. Tire setup for the track on stock car?
  83. Track Duty Brake?
  84. MVP Track Time 2017 Track Events (So Far)
  85. Feal 441 Coilovers Look Interesting
  86. Schroth Quickfit Harness?
  87. Circuit of The Americas (COTA) Track Event February 24-26, 2017
  88. Took my rx8 to the track today
  89. Random Thoughts about Maxxis Victra RC-1 Tires
  90. A Few Words about Bilstein PSS9 Coilovers
  91. Non-stop issues with belt tension / slipping
  92. Caliper guide bolt bushings?
  93. Keeping track of engine vitals - guage setups
  94. Is the stock cooling system adequate for track day in the heat?
  95. My first drag runs
  96. Driving Gary Wood's GT-2 Time Attack RX-8 at PittRace (VIDEO)
  97. Got some new shoes 😎
  98. Front end clunk, but only after the first few runs?
  99. Help me understand Re-medy thermostat and earlier fan activation for track cars...
  100. RX8Performance oil cooler kit?
  101. Calling all Drummond engine builds...
  102. Where do your cords show?
  103. Father's Day Special: Road Atlanta June 24-26
  104. Titanium Brake Shims?
  105. Shocks/springs for tarmac rally
  106. 8 or 9.5 on 235/40 @ autocross
  107. Brembo BBK questions -- weight and wheel fitment
  108. Shocks + Rotors
  109. Decibel Levels - HKS Hi Power Exhaust
  110. Driving position with stock R3 seats
  111. EPA Is After Our Race Cars
  112. Kumho Ecsta V720 Review
  113. New to DSP Spring Rate and other Advice
  114. Hpde 2 solo njmp rx-8
  115. 225/40 on 18x8
  116. MVP Track Time 2016 Track Events (Come Drive With Us)
  117. Wheel Balancing for track / race / auto-x
  118. Anyone ever run too much tire for their suspension?
  119. Kirkey/Ultrashield Questions for those running them.
  120. Video of Roebling Road
  121. Road Atlanta Lap - Monday fun
  122. need drivers for our 2 rx8s in wrl and ccws
  123. Direzza ZII Star Spec
  124. Suspension Upgrade Time: KW or Ohlins or FCM?
  125. Time slip
  126. Circuit of The Americas (COTA) February 26-28, 2016
  127. Mazda Motorsports application
  128. Rotors for the track
  129. Fully Custom One Piece Bolt In Rollbar with Pics
  130. Corner Balanced the car yesterday. 04' GT
  131. Bolt-In AutoPower Bar for Future STX Car
  132. Apex Junky
  133. Smart Phone Lap Timer Precision
  134. Road Atlanta: November 21-22, 2015
  135. What's your suspension setting? Camber, Toe, etc.
  136. Tire and Spacer
  137. Road America October 3-4, 2015
  138. Singular Motorsports RX8 Hood Louvers (with pics)
  139. Fuel use at Road America?
  140. Engine rebuild advice
  141. What's the best lap of Stock RX-8 at Streets of Willow
  142. Help Me Diagnose this Tire Wear Pattern
  143. Lap Times
  144. SCCA Track Night -$25 Coupon Code
  145. First shakedown of my CS build
  146. VIR Hyperfest RX-8 HPDE 1 Solo
  147. Light Weight Batteries
  148. Best Phone Mount for Recording On-Track Video? Galaxy S5
  149. Improved Production Race car
  150. Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  151. RX-8 AST/Moton length
  152. MAX-46 Mazda Club Autocross - May 23 in Bowie (East of DC)
  153. Live video feed for SCCA 12hr devil in the dark race.
  154. STX Weight Savings
  155. First time going fast in the rain! SCCA PDX @ Daytona
  156. need drivers for 24hr vir event in both our rx8s
  157. Post your DIY Aero Pics
  158. Racing Brake Big Brake Kit Review
  159. Buttonwillow track day vid
  160. Sparco Ergo Containment Seat
  161. RX-8 Race Weight
  162. road atlanta lap times
  163. Bathurst 12 hour live
  164. Enkei RPF1 17"X10", 38mm offset, like new
  165. Fast Fill Fuel Neck
  166. Stock sway bars and road race suspension
  167. Competitve Race Classes
  168. Differential oil temperature
  169. Track Data (lap timing, G's, speed, etc)
  170. Getting the 5.125 rear end should I also replace the lsd
  171. Removing extra crap from the engine bay
  172. MVP Track Time 2015 Track Dates
  173. Permanent mounting location for data acquisition system
  174. Manual transmission - clutch hard to disengage
  175. Starting AutoX after the winter.
  176. Nurburgring 2014
  177. Heating during AutoX events
  178. Sun-roof delete in SCCA Solo Street class
  179. HOW TO: Swap Series 2 Renesis into a Series 1 RX-8
  180. Circuit of The Americas (COTA) February 27 - March 1, 2015
  181. imoblization issue
  182. Can the Oil Metering Pump be removed with the Factory ECU?
  183. In pursuit of steering feel !
  184. Brake pads?
  185. Five miles of Thunderhill
  186. Tire Temperature System
  187. 1st track day at Mazda Raceway
  188. looking drivers 24hrs vir 14hr sebring chumpcar rx8
  189. Autocross tire pressure thread
  190. last lap crazy finish going backwards!
  191. Brake pad f/r bias
  192. trackday TGPR
  193. Car less stable than before. Alignment/heat?
  194. Kill Switch
  195. Daytona International Speedway - Oct 31, 2014
  196. MVP Track Time 2014 Track Dates
  197. minimum race weight?
  198. Stone Guard / rocker panel trim / clips
  199. trying to get idea of ballpark starting Hoosier pressures...
  200. Shocks and springs...
  201. Wheel/tire combo for CS/STX and possibly a few track days
  202. FS: Surge tank custom
  203. Looking for 1 Driver for the "Devil in teh Dark" 12Hr race at NJMP April 25th - 26th
  204. Didn't think it could be done...
  205. Just Track It @ Roebling Road March 22-23, 2014
  206. et, trap and other questions
  207. C-street Tire Diameter question
  208. RX3 vintage rotary racer smokes Porsches etc.
  209. Passing signal?
  210. Correct part number for front wheel hub w/ DSC?
  211. Tofu*Monster's Daily/Track build
  212. Lap time thread-Streets of willow
  213. Tow strap mounting point
  214. Dec. 2013 Sebring Video
  215. Problem with Progress tech rear bar
  216. Does anyone have a rear shock top mount lying around? Need some measurements
  217. Rx8 at the 25 hours of thinderhill
  218. First Track day successes with Video. Please let me know your criticism/thoughts!
  219. Nov. 2013 Sebring Video
  220. RX8 track car build at Sneed's Speed Shop
  221. UK RX-8 FD Engined Race car
  222. MIR Import vs Domestics
  223. Autocross C-stock limits
  224. R3 Tires for Next Autocross Season
  225. Is wheel hop on launches bad?
  226. Custom Race Exhaust Advice
  227. chumpcar rx8 looking drivers
  228. Seat Thoughts?
  229. For Sale: National Championship Car
  230. Bushings for Stock class autox
  231. RX-8 vs. S2000?
  232. Just Track It open track event - Atlanta Motorsports Park - Oct 25, 2013
  233. Track day wiring (Race car gutting advice needed)
  234. Removing DSP sensors
  235. AWR race spec radiator.
  236. The Official "RX8 in DSP" Thread
  237. Brake pads - Can anyone compare to DTC60s? Carbotech wear?
  238. Never underestimate the value of having a good fire extinguisher handy
  239. Hawk HP+ Competitor Questions
  240. brake wobble when it gets too hot
  241. Is it normal to have the coolant light and oil light come on randomly
  242. Laptimizer iPad App
  243. Track video
  244. My AutoX class?
  245. Need help Enkei RPF1 size...
  246. Spare parts list
  247. Sell me your 18x9.5 +45 RPF1's!
  248. Rival pressures on stock wheels?
  249. Supercharged and Street tires = SSM Solo class?
  250. the history of thunderhill