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SCCA Members: Letter to CRB

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SCCA Members: Letter to CRB


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SCCA Members: Letter to CRB

Hey everyone if you're an SCCA member I'd really appreciate it if you took the time to head over to the this link, , and show your support for the letter I just wrote to the CRB requesting that the RX-8 be allowed to run the stock brake rotor configuration in STL. If you're a member and don't run in STL, or even in Road Racing, you can still write in and show your support.

Under the dropdown box for "Send Letter To" choose "Club Racing Board",
"Category" : "Super Touring"
"Class" : "STL"
Just copy and paste the following in the text boxes;

Title: "I Support Letter #25491"
Request: "I'm writing in support of Letter #25491."

Currently the class only allows a maximum brake rotor size of 300mm, which is forcing RX-8 owners to spend more money to switch to smaller size brakes. When the engine is already heavily penalized with a hefty throttle body reduction and sizable minimum weight. I feel for the benefit of safety and reducing the cost to drivers, that we should be allowed to run stock components which can be affordably obtained directly from Mazda.

Here's the contents of the whole letter if anyone's interested;

"Letter ID Number: #25491

Title: Request RX-8 Spec Line Re: Factory Brake Rotor Size

Class: STL

Request: Previously I submitted letter #25313 requesting a clarification on the Super Touring, specifically STL, rules on the maximum allowable size of brake rotors and the fact that the factory/stock brake rotors on the Mazda RX-8 exceed the 300mm limit in STL.

After submitting the letter, I spoke with members of the Super Touring committee they explained that the maximum allowable brake rotor size was 300mm regardless of the stock rotor size. The CRB agreed and published the same in the latest Fasttrack. Immediately upon speaking to members of the Super Touring Committee I set out looking for a brake kit for the Mazda RX-8 that was STL Legal, as the stock front rotors on a RX-8 are 323mm and the rear are 302mm.

As you may imagine, there is not a large demand for aftermarket brake kits that are smaller than factory/stock. Infact there is no market demand for smaller brake kit for the RX-8. Which left me with only one solution, to order a smaller brake kit that could be modified to work with the RX-8. I was able to locate a single kit that I could modify and use for the front brakes, the rear brakes had to be machined down 2mm to fit into STL specs. The kit for the front alone cost over $2,000 and still had to be modified to work with the RX-8. Now instead of being able to easily order spares from Mazda, or any other supplier of OEM parts, I have to go through the whole process of ordering an expensive one off kit from a single manufacturer and then proceed with modifying the parts that I just spent large amounts of money on. Reps at Mazda Motorsports were very surprised when I informed them of this situation.

After doing all this, I set out for the SARRC SIC this past weekend. The new smaller rotor/pad surface combination is not confidence inspiring at all! The braking zone had to be greatly extended. The combination of which I fell is unsafe. In consideration of the additional effort, costs and decrease in the ability to safely come to stop I'd like to propose the creation of a Spec Line for the RX-8 in STL.

The Renesis engine already enjoys a Spec Line which includes a hardy minimum weight (adding to the uneasiness when the size of the brake rotors are reduced) and a massive reduction in throttle body inlet size with the addition of a restrictor plate. I'd like to propose a Spec Line which allows the RX-8 to run the stock brake rotor configuration (stock 323mm front rotors, and stock 302mm rear rotors) in combination with the already existing Spec Line for the Renesis.

I do not believe the extra 23mm in the brake rotor surface would provide the RX-8 with a significant performance advantage over other vehicle configurations currently competing in STL. The rotary engine already suffers in-class in comparison to piston engines. Piston engines are given the benefit of significantly lower weight minimums and are allowed much more leniency in performance enhancing modifications. Producing cars with much more horsepower and less weight. For consideration, an NA Miata that took first place in SIC this past weekend was estimated to produce around 250hp and had a minimum weight of 2650lbs. While the RX-8 produces 198hp with a minimum weight of 2800lbs, and we are allowed no performance enhancement modifications. The results, after only 3 laps in the first practice session the NA Miata set a lap time of 1:20.4 while in the RX-8 the best we could produce was a 1:22.4 after 4 test sessions and 2 qualifying sessions.

In summary, I believe for the cost and safety benefit the RX-8 should be allowed to run the factory stock brake rotor configuration in STL. "

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Excellent letter TO

Please, for the future of the RX8 in STL, support this proposal by clicking the link and letting your opinion be known.
There is not logical reason to ask competitors to source a downgraded rotor size. If a car is eligible for the class, it should be eligible as built, saving restrictor plate and weight adjustments. This rule goes contrary to the basic philosophy of grassroots motorsports.

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