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  1. DIY Repair to Cobb Accessport Internal Connector
  2. DIY: Enable auto locks without IDS (dealer software) (06+ GT/R3)
  3. Help. Confusion about stereo wiring harness
  4. Oil cooler hose retaining clips alternative
  5. DIY: Build Your Own Automated Rotary Compression Tester for $100 - $150
  6. Advice on oil temp gauge install wanted
  7. Advice on a DIY "LS" Coil Upgrade vs. Sticking w/ Stock
  8. Make your own shift boot
  9. Really really weird!
  10. DIY: TPMS Lamp Disable Instrument Cluster Mod
  11. scanner for rx8 ?? is this one good?
  12. Anyone Know A guy or shop that does Ls Swaps?
  13. Drivers side door lock cylinder
  14. Cruise control relocation with aftermarket steering wheel
  15. Master Brake cylinder replacement
  16. Automatic starter stuck bolt removal methods.
  17. My Sun Visors Fix
  18. DIY - Parking Brake Button Replacement
  19. DIY over fenders
  20. DIY: Custom Gauge Pod (with pics/pdf/vid)
  21. DIY AC Condenser Drier Insert Replacement
  22. DIY: Programming a new key WHEN YOU ONLY HAVE ONE!! (with FORScan)
  23. DIY: Adding new Parameters (sensors) to OBD2 for logging.
  24. DIY: Maf Cleaning
  25. Fuel pump replacement / swap
  26. DIY: F151-66-830 Flash Mod for LED Bulbs
  27. DIY: Build your own computer-based compression tester for $68 (or $100).
  28. DIY: Change your transmission fluid and get rid of hard shifts (pictures!)
  29. DIY - Corksport License Plate Frame Install Guide
  30. DIY: Power Steering Wiring Fix
  31. DIY - Center Ashtray Gauge Pod
  32. DIY: fix Fan/Temp knob for $1
  33. DIY WI/Knock/Boost/Fuel Pump control with an arduino.
  34. DIY: Power seat lowering procedure-with video!
  35. Diy: Injector Replacement
  37. DIY: Series 1 Radiator Cooling Fan Operation & Troubleshooting
  38. DIY: Air intake window
  39. DIY: Fiberglass Enclosure for 12" Sub
  40. DIY: Aftermarket (ebay) H.I.D conversion install!
  41. DIY Dash Vent Gauge Mount (UltraGauge Example)
  42. Headlight Oxidation vs headlight Damage
  43. DIY: Footwell Lights (with pics/pdf/vid)
  44. AC-condenser core spacer
  45. DIY - Noisy Airpump Change bearings (both) with pics
  46. DIY: Filtered Det phones/knock indication
  47. DIY Fuel Pump Housing Removal Video
  48. DIY: Hazed/foggy headlight fix
  49. DIY Replace Oil Cooler Lines
  50. DIY: Bolt Restoration Black Oxide Coating
  51. DIY: Basic video camera mounting on passenger seat
  52. DIY: Metra Double Din Kit Install
  53. DIY: How to make braided stainless hoses.
  54. DIY Auto Climate control in a manual car
  55. DIY: Polyurethane front lip install(quick and dirty)
  56. DIY: How to wash a k&n and similar air filters
  57. DIY: Frankie's Terrible Guide to Painting Your Emblems!
  58. DIY: Fix Front Vent Fins not moving
  59. DIY: Front Eccentric Shaft Oil Seal
  60. DIY Mazda Rx8 Clutch Adjustment
  61. DIY: Painting polyurethane front lip
  62. DIY TIP: Oil Filter Removal
  63. DIY: Assembling your Power Window Regulator
  64. DIY: Rebuild Your Air Pump (Noisy Bearings)
  65. DIY: Painting the lower part of the factory bumper to match body color
  66. DIY: KEI Eyelid Painting
  67. DIY: Fix your MAF screw holes for $2.26
  68. DIY: RX8 S1 / S2 R3 Rear Lights & Bumper Conversion
  69. DIY: Gearbox oil change 5 Speed M/T (yes, it's different than the 6 spd)
  70. DIY: Oil Catch Can
  71. DIY - Pilot Bearing Removal From Rear E-Shaft
  72. DIY: Raise Rear Ride Height / Stiffen Rear Springs ($30)
  73. DIY RX8 Illuminated Logo
  74. DIY: License plate tow hook relocation
  75. DIY: Cheap, Simple, Clean SOHN Tank
  76. DIY: How to Block Other Members
  77. DIY: Oil temp and pressure sender install with modified banjo bolts
  78. DIY: Custom Phone / Cobb mount
  79. DIY: Polish OEM strut bar
  80. DIY: illuminate your old gear shift knob
  81. DIY: Cover K&N For Colder Air
  82. DIY: Intake box cone.
  83. DIY: Sohn Adapter
  84. DIY: Replacing front & rear wheel studs (without replacing wheel bearings)
  85. DIY: Reflective rotary accent
  86. DIY: Wheel Alignment.
  87. DIY: Install.....RX8 Performance Motor Mounts
  88. DIY: Cheap RPF1 Center Caps
  89. DIY: Thermostat Replacement
  90. DIY: GM/Yukon LSx wires, coils, installation
  91. DIY: Cobb mount for $15
  92. DIY: Painting Engine Cover(s) and Strut Bar
  93. DIY: Installing Series II Fuel Pump in Series I
  94. DIY: carbon fiber Intake
  95. DIY: Refinishing/Repainting wheels
  96. DIY: How to get a Moderator Warning
  97. DIY: Disable Trunk and/or Panic Button on 2005 Remote Key Fob
  98. DIY: Vinyl Wrap Your Roof/Hood or Whatever
  99. DIY: Vinyl Wrap Your Roof/Hood/Whatever (Carbon Fiber)
  100. New Sheriff in DIY Town!
  101. DIY: Passing Inspection with a Gutted Cat
  102. DIY: Fitting a Connects2 USB interface to an RX8 stereo (no tools required)
  103. DIY: Flywheel/Clutch Removal and Replacement
  104. DIY: Fixed broken Radiator
  105. DIY: Clean your OMP/MOP injectors
  106. DIY: Reservoir for Richard Sohn Adapter
  107. DIY: LED Halo Tail Lights (S1)
  108. DIY: Power steering connector cleaning with pics
  109. DIY: How to clean black marks of wheels.
  110. DIY: How to fix your fish bowl tail lights.
  111. DIY: Installing eBay Electronic Throttle Control
  112. DIY: Testing all RX-8 Coils and GM LS2/Yukon coils and sparkplug wires
  113. DIY: Video: 2005 RX8 Rear Pad & Rotor Replacement
  114. DIY: Oil Cooler Mod Part 2
  115. DIY: Oil Cooler Mod Part 1
  116. DIY: evil or flying M with pics
  117. DIY: Making Custom Eyelids
  118. DIY: OEM Heat Shield
  119. DIY: Headlight leveling sensor conversion to manual adjustment
  120. DIY: Mirror Turn Signal
  121. DIY: Front Bumper Mesh
  122. DIY: Remove Alternator
  123. DIY: Bose speakers in the doors not working? $1.67 relay fix.
  124. DIY: Rusted oil cooler line fix
  125. DIY: DRL repair
  126. DIY: Axialflow Brake Master Cylinder Brace Install
  127. DIY: Lower Steering Shaft U-Joint Replacement
  128. DIY: Side mirror turn signals on the cheap!
  129. Trouble posting IMAGES in this thread?
  130. DIY: Battery relocation to Washer fluid
  131. DIY: Heat / Air Conditioning Quick Fix
  132. DIY: Custom gauge pod (ashtray)
  133. DIY: All Seats Removal + Cloth Removal / Replacement
  134. DIY: Steering Shaft U-Joint regreasing
  135. DIY: Squeaky Seats
  136. DIY: VoltPhreaks Lithium Iron (LiFePO4) Battery Install
  137. DIY: Black out emblems without taking them off
  138. DIY: Fixed my electric power steering. My steps.
  139. DIY Sohn tank under Air Box
  140. DIY: Puddle lights (with pics+instructions)!
  141. DIY: Filling the RX-8 engine (motor) mounts with urethane
  142. DIY: Brake Bleeding/Flushing
  143. DIY: Stainless Steel Brake Lines/ Replacing Brake Lines
  144. DIY: How to flush your brake fluid?
  145. DIY: RX8 Flooded?? Start Method
  146. DIY: The "I got nothing better to do, so I am going to stitch my shift boot" DIY
  147. DIY: Aux-in port install via Grom adapter
  148. DIY: Stainless Steel Clutch Line/Clutch Bleeding
  149. DIY: Another plugs wires coils
  150. DIY: A Pillar 3 Gauge Pod
  151. DIY: Removing Rust
  152. DIY: Moving my accelerator close to the brake to help with heel toe braking.
  153. DIY: Grille mod R8 Style
  154. DIY: Replacing the Stock Radiator is a chore & should be planned in advance.
  155. DIY: Wrap parts in 3M Carbon Fiber Vinyl
  156. DIY: Sway Bar Bracket & Bushing Replacement
  157. DIY: Painting your OEM Rims
  158. DIY: Headlight Restoration
  159. DIY Catalytic converter replacement
  160. DIY: Rotary Rasp's Footwell Lights (LEAKED)
  161. DIY Visor Repair
  162. DIY: You CAN lower the power seat!
  163. Black alternator housing
  164. DIY: Easy footwell light install
  165. DIY: Tips for an easy sway bar install
  166. DIY: The Ultimate Tune Up Compilation
  167. DIY: Install hidden Android phone for tracking of car
  168. DIY: Newbie Brake Job (Pads and Rotors)
  169. DIY: Replace Passenger side airbag cover thats splitting for $150.
  170. DIY: Bench Test Thermostat
  171. DIY: Test Neutral and Reverse Switch
  172. DIY: Replace Door Glass (Video)
  173. DIY :clutch fluid bleeding??
  174. DIY: Custom made dash screen / surround
  175. DIY: Clutch/Flywheel removal/install (VIDEO)
  176. DIY: Rear Bumper Removal ;-)
  177. DIY: Throttle Body & Upper Manifold Removal (retitled)
  178. DIY: Spring Install
  179. DIY: Ultimate DIY for Greddy turbo / BHR coils / AEM intake mod / Boost Control
  180. DIY: Self made engine air intake box
  181. DIY: Dry CF console side plate wrap
  182. DIY Injector Swap
  183. DIY: Racing Beat Resonated Midpipe Install
  184. DIY people, base model 8 wants fog lights...
  185. DIY: Fender Grill lights install hooked up to interior door lights
  186. DIY: UHF CB Install
  187. DIY: Climate Control Blower Resistor Fix and Test
  188. DIY: RacingBrake 4-pot caliper & 2-pc rotor front brake kit
  189. DIY: Test Solenoid
  190. DIY: Starter Change Swap (for dummies)
  191. DIY: Repair Seat Warmer
  192. DIY Lo-Tek Pod/ProSport Digital Gauge's
  193. DIY: Removal of Front Wheel Hubs
  194. DIY: Optima Red Top Battery 34R series
  195. DIY: Parking brake adjustment
  196. DIY: Modified my own shift knob/NOT OEM
  197. DIY: iPhone/iPod Charger Mount
  198. DIY: "Alternative" phone mount project
  199. DIY: Remove SSV (beta/teaser video)
  200. DIY: Fixing airbag rattling/vibration
  201. DIY: DSC + Traction Control - Always Off mod
  202. DIY 09+ Series 2 Exterior LED light install guide(possibly older)
  203. DIY: Rear brake Bulb Replacement
  204. DIY: Deflooding ,For the average Joe the plumber.
  205. DIY: LED Puddle Lights on the cheap! (read: $<15 bux!)
  206. DIY: Puddle Lights
  207. DIY: RENESIS Compression adjustment & Rating, Excel Application
  208. DIY: Footwell lights
  209. DIY: Mazda Ignition Coils (with pics)
  210. DIY: Fixing Cracked Coolant Resivoir
  211. DIY: How to Remove Foglight Housing and Bulb Reflector
  212. DIY: Moisture In Your Tail Lights? Quick Easy Fix!
  213. DIY: L.E.D. 3rd Brake Light Resistor
  214. DIY: Where to put jack stands
  215. DIY: Troubleshoot Intake Valves
  216. DIY: Running Light Install
  217. DIY: Replacing Automatic shift plate with shift boot
  218. DIY: Battery relocation to trunk
  219. DIY: Brake bleeding
  220. DIY Passenger side oil cooler
  221. DIY: How to change your rear brake pads.
  222. DIY: RENESIS Rotary Compression Calculator (Mac OSX 10 only)
  223. DIY In-car camera mount using the car seat Latch mounts
  224. DIY: Clutch pedal bracket removal and fix
  225. DIY: Greddy SP2 Tip Cleaning -- Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish
  226. DIY: Making A Better OBD-II Connection with AP Dongle
  227. DIY: INSTALLING the HKS Racing Suction
  228. DIY: OBD-II Relocation
  229. DIY composite fabrication
  230. DIY: How to replace ignition coils
  231. DIY: Auto Up/Down Windows with Factory Key Fob
  232. DIY: Sliding Center console
  233. DIY: BHR Ignition Coils; Throttle Body Spacer PART1
  234. DIY: Dual or Single Purge Kit
  235. DIY: Kill Switch
  236. DIY: Adjust Front Headlights (w/ HID option)
  237. DIY: Eyelids (Custom Design)
  238. DIY: Hella fog lamp install & Oil Cooler screen protector
  239. DIY: IAT sensor for turbo
  240. DIY: Video: Front Bumper Removal
  241. DIY Video: Headlight Assembly Removal
  242. DIY: Oil Catch Can Install (basic)
  243. DIY: Clean the in-tank sock filter.
  244. What Belongs in the DIY Forum
  245. DIY: D.Y.I. tools list for dummies.
  246. DIY: CARPC or CARPUTER Do it Yourself Guide
  247. DIY: GTSPEC Front and Rear Bars
  248. DIY: Offset License Plate Mount, Cheap!
  249. DIY Ram Air Hole
  250. DIY: Brake Caliper seal replacement