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  1. Mouse canteen on top of HVAC blower
  2. Water temp gauge not moving
  3. Oil sender in this location
  4. Recaro to Sport Seats
  5. R3 Recaros Suck!!!
  6. Crooked AutoExe Steering Wheel
  7. Wiring PAC RP4-MZ11
  8. Bluetooth kit for Series II?
  9. Corbeau Evolution X installation
  10. Side crash sensor location?
  11. Detailing suggestions for R3 seats?
  12. Axxess ASWC Steering wheel control Help
  13. Air vent upper+floor mode issue
  14. Oats Audio Log
  15. S2 Bose -- somehow lost some bass response from the rear deck...
  16. front speakers replacement
  17. Bluetooth rarely works
  18. Front Speakers to aftermarket amp
  19. Fried bose amp
  20. R3 radio is not working with bluetooth
  21. Installed AutoExe wheel and knob plus Redline shift boot
  22. Factory radio swap out.
  23. Specs of OE battery?
  24. Ideas to keep engine fuse box lid closed
  25. Lowering R3 Recaros?
  26. Steering Wheel Audio Controls
  27. 2011 Navigation Unit and backup Camera
  28. Is the Series ll dash top same as S l?
  29. Current Draw of OEM Coils and LS2 Coils
  30. Factory iPod connector won't charge iPod!
  31. Radio Part | Help
  32. Just installed an Optima Yellow Top
  33. Fitting large subwoofer box in trunk
  34. Electrical System Upgrade on the Series II
  35. Bluetooth Feature
  36. Canbus triple
  37. Interior Lighting Kit
  38. Satellite radio from Series I to Series II?
  39. New head unit installed (Kenwood DNN991HD)
  40. Need help replacing steering wheel !!
  41. Tapping the cluster for power - question
  42. Keyless Ignition Switch
  43. Display issues
  44. Bluetooth - reconnect?
  45. ''No Disc'' message
  46. Spare tire bar - structural? need answer asap
  47. Factory Hands free Calling and aftermarket headunit
  48. Courtesy Lights
  49. Anyone Know the Shift Lever Diameter?
  50. Recaro Seats and Airbag light
  51. need help picking out a double din stereo
  52. alcantara R3 interior mods
  53. Series II battery fitment question
  54. Metra Kit Help
  55. Time to read up some of our TSBs, S2 Seat Squeak
  56. AUX Port Not Working
  57. Series II Mazda ipod integration module questions
  58. RxDuino Source Code and Schematics, Now Open Source
  59. Parrot Smart vs RxDuino
  60. Fitting S1 front door speakers (separate amp and speaker) into SII
  61. Series 2 Bose Stereo Improvement Build Thread
  62. Series II - Audio/Electronics Question
  63. 2009 RX8 New Head Unit
  65. Any S2 Owners Close To Racing Beat?? - Gauge Fitting
  66. Amplifier dead ?
  67. Mazda iPod kit
  68. JBL MS-8 install guide (2009 R3)
  69. CD Multi changer
  70. Hypertech Programmer
  71. Passenger Seat removal for spacious back seat
  72. Audio Gurus, Help a Brotha out
  73. Cd Player Wont Accept CD
  74. DIY~~AVIC X940BT install ~~2010 Series 2 RX-8 Sport
  75. Bose Amp Wire Gauge
  76. 09' R3 help with audio set-up
  77. RX8 in dash nav kit replacement
  78. VSS in Series II?
  79. Install Series 1 seats in Series 2?
  80. Metra 70-7903T
  81. RX8 R3 bose amplifier replacement
  82. Series 1 Radio to Series 2 Radio
  83. Turbo timer? Anybody have one installed?
  84. Recaro seat back loose.
  85. Center console-stereo area rattle
  86. Recaro Seat replaced under warranty
  87. Radar connection
  88. Kenwood DNX9990HD
  89. Audio / Navigation System installer in the Dallas area
  90. Can you guys post head-on shots of your aftermarket radio with metra kit?
  91. RxDuino: Technical Discussion
  92. Front Door Panel removal?
  93. SickSpeed Shift Knob
  94. Replacing Stock Audio Head Unit with Pioneer
  95. Audio lock out code?
  96. Planted Technology/425 Motorsports
  97. Rear 6x9s Speakers same size as Series 1? and Impedance?
  98. Dash Command
  99. What shape is your Knob?
  100. Auxiliary input location
  101. AUX Input problem
  102. Internal mirror removal
  103. Can someone give me the location of the SRS module?
  104. Interior swap
  105. ignition message change R3
  106. Bluetooth Mic
  107. Anyone know how to remove back seats in R3?
  108. Bose w/ aftermarket subs ?
  109. Bcdjudo7's custom Stereo
  110. Center Console aluminium stripes
  111. Hammer's 2009 Audio Build
  112. RX audio project help
  113. Auto Up / Down Windows
  114. 'H' Pattern Dash Crack Over Passenger AIR BAG
  115. Metra kit part number?
  116. Has anyone put any after market gauges in the s2 yet?
  117. Big 3 Wire Upgrade
  118. Hey all please help heated seat problems
  119. Pioneer AVH-P3300BT 5.8"
  120. Transmission tunnel trim
  121. 12v line when car is on?
  122. Installed my Pioneer x930bt
  123. Totally in over my head, Another question
  124. A/C changes from Series 1
  125. Wiring footwell LED in S2?
  126. Low powered light sub?
  127. Radar detector location
  128. S2 shift knobs
  129. How to get enclosure into trunk
  130. Metra Double Din install issue - "DISP" connection won't fit into Metra box!
  131. Changing head unit?
  132. Neo Gateway
  133. 2004 rx8- 2009 rx8 Bose system
  134. Leather Cleaner-Conditioner...
  135. **STOP** PLEASE READ Before Posting...What is a SERIES II RX-8 ??
  136. Wiring diagram 09' RX8
  137. Broken visors on SII's too, yay!!
  138. Firmware version 1.04?
  139. Bluetooth Audio
  140. Plastic Inserts on Recaro Seats
  141. Rockford Custom upgrade 2009 R3
  142. RxDuino: Development Chat
  143. Ipod and MP3 AUX intergration kit in 09's Models
  144. Anyone figure out the deal with the 70 degree max?
  145. 2009 RX-8 Navi Menus
  146. R3 stock shift knob... Red stitching?
  147. Change Radio/add subs
  148. AND its in!
  149. Folding rear seats
  150. Custom shift knobs
  151. Stereos/Touch Screens for S2?
  152. Lol...just relized
  153. Woofer enclosure setup
  154. RX-8 Theft
  155. Monthly Insurance Cost
  156. Aftermarket harness and radio install for 2010 rx8 with bose
  157. Prosport Gauges, Custom Lotek, S2, Big Pics
  158. Gauge Mounting Solution For S2
  159. Radio won't come out
  160. Dash Light Preference
  161. Just Purchased :) Let me know what you think
  162. Replacing one of the "cards" in the Advanced Keyless Entry System
  163. Back pain ??
  164. Looking For Some All Weather Mats?
  165. Factory Bluetooth
  166. Radio in 2011 R3
  167. My sub/amp combo (all-in-one)
  168. Yet another AUX question (but I searched first!)
  169. Sony headunits?
  170. Ok to bump up headlight fuse from 15A to 20A? HIDs
  171. Series II IPOD Interface Options
  172. Sirus/Sat Radio Option
  173. Recaro vs Cloth Seat
  174. Front seat
  175. Ambient temp sensor not working after HU upgrade.
  176. Hardwiring a Passport 9500ix; need wiring help
  177. Does Series 2 stock deck (single slot CD) also play MP3 discs?
  178. Series I steering wheel in a Series II?
  179. Anyone use Invisicord with their Radar Detector?
  180. Stereo squeaking sound?
  181. GPS Antenna Puck
  182. Speaker Grille removal?
  183. remote wire
  184. wires coming into the rear amp
  185. OEM Nav on Sport Edition?
  186. Can I Do This?
  187. Gauge mounting solutions
  188. How to fix interior problems
  189. How does the RX-8 Smart/Proximity Key System work?
  190. R3 Recaro height issue
  191. Sirius into '09 R3
  192. Meter hood
  193. Pioneer Nav System for Series II (Please Help)
  194. customizing display text
  195. MOMO Shift Knob Swap Out Question
  196. Chafing Recaro Seats
  197. Just replaced stock speakers - how bad is the stock deck?
  198. Digital Oil Pressure Gauge?
  199. My audio build
  200. Metra Dash kit
  201. Series II Nav system
  202. Sirius satellite radio programming issue
  203. Bose rear speaker wires (post amp)
  204. Display change? Auto lock doors?