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  1. No spark
  2. RPMs Sticking (Like Rev Limiter Kicks in Early)
  3. P300 Misfire White Smoke From Exhaust
  4. Acv removal issue
  5. Misfires, rough idle, vibrations
  6. Ssv problem?
  7. P0411 code ????
  8. Dilema about Towing to Home or Shop or Bye Forever
  9. Post Rebuild Issues
  10. Starter Pinion Cover?
  11. CEL But No Code
  12. Steering torque sensor cap
  13. Engine clanking noise.
  14. Rough idle and surging
  15. Window stuck...Gear?
  16. Reverse switch leak and short
  17. Misfire at high rpm
  18. want to borrow compression tester
  19. Rock Auto fuel pump won’t seal
  20. Running on one rotor
  21. P0171 and P2259 codes, plus noise
  22. Clutch pedal whiring sound when depressed
  23. CD Player Trouble
  24. Weird ssv, misfire and oil problem. Need help tracking it down.
  25. Rear brake calipers seized
  26. Engine is ignoring ECU set idle
  27. Bumper clip specifications
  28. Sometimes lean, sometimes rich, hesitation/power loss [DATA LOG]
  29. AC not cold, Compressor failure
  30. Heat soak issue after sitting on grid?!?!
  31. Radiator fan
  32. Partial Cluster turns on
  33. new engine compression is a weird number?
  34. Bouncing RPM's
  35. Rx-8 Down
  36. Oil line busted, or something else?
  37. Washed the engine and now....codes are !!1
  38. Smart coil harness?
  39. Can a blown fuse cause rough idle ??
  40. New clutch line or transmission?
  41. 2005 rx8 washed the engine car runs like a tractor!!!
  42. P2102 Code Help Please
  43. Code P0133
  44. rx8 power loss
  45. Do I need a new radiator?
  46. Codes and Issues after Maintenance Items
  47. you were right
  48. Engine stalls after replacement: tip
  49. Is there a link between OMP and ignition via limp mode?
  50. RX8 will not start
  51. Used Remote Keyless Entry Module
  52. Coolant Leak & Disconnected Vacuum Hoses?
  53. from po301 to po302
  54. 2004 AT shifts erratically and stalls
  55. Hep with rough power curve on new engine, please
  56. Help with throttle body/limp mode
  57. Rear End Shocks or Springs to fix bottoming out
  58. Won't rev past 8300.
  59. Car intermittently shuts off while on track
  60. P0302 cylinder 2 misfire
  61. P0327 knock sensor
  62. Upstream O2 Sensor Data Issue?
  63. Coolant Leak
  64. n00b question here about fuel line
  65. Head scratcher: starts then dies
  66. Electrical woes
  67. Rear Lateral Link Lower Ball Joint Spinning
  68. No Power Under Load
  69. Fake spark plugs
  70. Clutch/shift issues
  71. Hazard lights
  72. Help! Cold Start Loud Rattling engine sound
  73. My mazda rx8 MISFIRE
  74. P0302
  75. Compression Numbers... Rebuild?
  76. Engine dies suddenly after running for 20 minutes
  77. Codes P0171 and P2195 - Help needed
  78. Stumbling through 2000-2300rpms
  79. What's this noise?
  80. RX8 Died while driving and won't start or make any starting noises.
  81. Thoughts on this, instead of a catch can?
  82. Idle fluctuates between 500-1000 for a few seconds, then smooths
  83. Serious Blowby, or Other Issues?
  84. Bose speaker feedback/whine (Isolated to single speaker)
  85. P0328 cel
  86. Secondary air injection pump
  87. What’s that noise on my 8
  88. Pilot Bearing Question (searched)
  89. ECU replacement?
  90. Next step: fuel injectors?
  91. 6 Port Aux Sleeves
  92. Stalling at Idle and P0171
  93. Brake bleed problem
  94. Clutch pedal has a wobble feel to it when the pedal is depressed. What could cause it
  95. Spyder Auto Led tail lights
  96. Center dash vent: louver slats unhooked
  97. Eccentric Shaft Position Plate Orientation
  98. Unique Power Steering Situation
  99. Weird sound after transmission fluid change
  100. Phantom problem...Datalogs included Help appreciated!!
  101. Partial power steering problem.
  102. Fuel Related Issues
  103. RX8 Starting Issue
  104. 4port with 6port ecu.
  105. Mice in the fans
  106. Help with hunting at idle
  107. Are these reusable/repairable?
  108. Too many issues - need help asap
  109. Help with spark plug diagnosis, failed after 1 week
  110. Need help with idle/stalling issue on a new engine.
  111. Post-lower control arm recall brake clunking
  112. Spitting on crank and loss of power until warm
  113. Stop leak
  114. Did something break or?
  115. Car started, turned off, now just the security light
  116. O2 Sensor connected but no cables attached
  117. Reman injectors
  118. CAN bus diagnostic port problem
  119. Erratic Vacuum readings
  120. Misfire Help
  121. Blown spark plugs, repeating issue
  122. Coils getting power but no spark
  123. Freezeframe data for P0171 in a new engine
  124. New engine or fuel pump?
  125. series 2 fuel pump
  126. Dx Engine Flooding
  127. New Reman engine, still having running issues, no CEL
  128. Some issues shifting
  129. Rx8 died driving down the highway.
  130. having issues with idling, occasional missfires and running lean
  131. My clutch is chirping.. HELP
  132. Motor won't spin past 5800
  133. Any auto electricians out there ? help please !
  134. P0076 and leaning out
  135. Strange color when draining coolant
  136. UIM Removal Problem P22
  137. Oil Cooler Line Leak?
  138. Dumps too much fuel after warmup-closed loop issue?
  139. Is this MAF reading during cranking normal?
  140. Did my mechanic killl my engine?
  141. Need help, car has no electrical power
  142. Bad injectors - running rich?
  143. Clutch play
  144. Power loss at high RPM
  145. Things Wrong
  146. Shifter won't push down
  147. Misreading Air temperature and bad staring
  148. Where's my stereo wiring plug??
  149. Weird sound 3-4 rpm
  150. How to check if your SSV is working properly
  151. CEL Combo what does it all mean?
  152. What goes here?
  153. Transmission chirping after new throwout bearing
  154. Can't make this thing Start!!
  155. Power loss/stalling while cold?
  156. 2009 RX8 R3 (P0300,P0410,P0411) huge power loss solution
  157. Quick OMP question
  158. Engine Dies at Idle and slight power loss at low RPMs when hot
  159. No heat in winter, no can't stop the heat in summer
  160. Dealer service manager blew my engine
  161. Rear bumper aero flares coming off
  162. Engine fuse blows repeatedly at the same turn
  163. High amp draw
  164. Sunroof wind deflector guides broken
  165. Start up issues. Possible coil failure?
  166. extra pcc line on intake manifold
  167. Radio Issues After Recall Service
  168. Hesitation/raspy sound/power loss?
  169. Mazda broke another one
  170. Stalls at low RPM (but idles fine)
  171. Yet Another P2096 Thread
  172. New to rx8 finally getting to know my car
  173. Took my car to Crown Mazda dealer for recall now I have a new problem
  174. AC compressor cycles even when HVAC system is off
  175. Stalling at idle
  176. Dead Car
  177. Noise from Intake?
  178. power loss and surging
  179. Negative Fuel trims, no idle
  180. A/C diagnosis/Advice
  181. Rx8 Hesitation and Idle issue. HELP
  182. Horrible gas mileage
  183. MIL Light With no Codes Stored or Pending ???
  184. Garbled Radio LED and Low Power
  185. Most of the exhaust comes from one side
  186. Possible air flow problem
  187. Moving keys and remotes from one RX8 to another RX8
  188. ABS / DSC randomly pops on
  189. DSC scanner
  190. RX-8 Won't Start ( No crank)
  191. TCS DSC flashing
  192. Help with a misfire
  193. Central locking. Clicking but not locking or unlocking.
  194. 3rd gear crunch when downshifting, not every time
  195. Exhaust smell in cabin when engine is under load
  196. Power loss and noise over 5000rpms
  197. Cooling issues
  198. Repeated SSV Solenoid Failures
  199. Ignition sound
  200. Misfire... after swap
  201. 02 sensor harness plug
  202. Car vibrates violently and stalls out after driving for a while
  203. 500 miles on rebuild and... Injectors?
  204. Rotary burning no Oil?
  205. Rebuild warranty issue
  206. Destroyed Spark Plugs... WTF!
  207. p2070 code ssv valve
  208. Misfire with new plugs, wires and bhr coils
  209. Clutch Sound
  210. This can't be good... (green residue around exhaust joint)
  211. Strange Transmission Issue Started Today
  212. What can I expect a Mazda dealer to tell me about my cars issues?
  213. Shifter issue
  214. over heating after high revs...water pump?
  215. ESS (NVRAM) will not reset, why?
  216. Is She Dead?
  217. AC knob came out. Doesn't seem broken
  218. Compression Test Results Help
  219. Cat Converter Hole - Have a look!
  220. Fuel gauge not reading correctly/consistently/at all (engine-swap content)
  221. Rx8 Not starting
  222. p0302 misfire
  223. White mystery smoke. Happens intermittently with no real rhyme or reason.
  224. S2 and S1 PS Module Compatibility
  225. AirBag Code 21
  226. Could it be Coils, Plugs, Wires?
  227. 2004 rough idle
  228. Would a broken key fob cause my 05 MT to not crank?
  229. Help with new noise on throttle blip
  230. Car Hesitating at 6-7k rpm
  231. Freshly Rebuilt Engine Overheating
  232. Anyone have any rear interior creaking noises?
  233. Keyless entry not working
  234. No crank
  235. 2004 RX8 Auto Dies In Reverse or Drive
  236. Temporary starting problems
  237. Unusual ODBII codes not long after engine replacement
  238. Hum From Oil Filler Neck
  239. 8 Died At Speed, Will Not Start/Hold Idle
  240. After a round of troubleshooting im left with..
  241. P0171, P2096, car dead, then next day car is fine
  242. Upper Intake Manifold will not line up
  243. Upper Intake Manifold will not line up
  244. Flywheel end play?
  245. 101.000KM first engine, sudden compression loss and recovery. Stuck apex seal?
  246. Gas removal with broken pump
  247. Why wont my car start?
  248. Is My Starter Not Disengaging? Hot Start Issues [Video]
  249. RX8 Won't Start - Coils vs Fuel Pump
  250. Clutch Issues?