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Nice dyno pics. I know I am impressed.
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Woke up early from my 5 hours of sleep to honor my offer and still no reply from Comebackqid.

Gonna go to DNA Garage in my Pajamas now. I've got no beef with them or anyone.. I've met Louie and his wife. I bet they'll think this is funny.

Follow videos on IG story lol.

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Sorry also forgot the run file list.

lol Take it easy guys.
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Would be very interested to know what indicaters you were following to know to stop at 408 whp . You have plenty of fuel and turbo so why didn't you try for more ?
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comebackqid (05-09-2018)
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OH, by passes he meant dyno pulls.
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Guys, his car definitely runs, and it looks sweet doing it!

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You gonna eat that?
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Eyes of the beholder and all.
To each his own.
I don't get the fender flares and penguin wings.

I'll still take my stock LY GT when it comes to appearance.
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Nice job! something of substance!

You misunderstood the post I meant to say you have no validity in this forum as in everything you've done has been done countless times and has failed countless times so for you to come and start saying I did this and that without proof of work people are going to call BS!

*(most don't use IG or follow you there so how the hell is anyone supposed to know anything? Other then a new form member telling vets this works and they done it before with little to no success do you understand?)

There is no competition between those shops no beef etc. So don't know what has you convinced I'm running on either side I've worked with both Fris and Lou many times over the years so you can shut that down! In fact I was going to go there sometime this week just to see who did the rebuild etc. but already spoke with Fris about it so there is no need to be "007 keyboard warrior anymore". I Will gladly meet with you and go over the build this forum turblown the rumors "keyboard warrior" skills etc.

Furthermore I spoke to you before about your build even messaged you on IG "DM" and "Reply" to ask you questions about the build hell I even encouraged you to post everything here! you were very reclusive and didn't share much if anything so how else would one go about getting information other than asking around people are interested in this build regardless of how some may feel about turblown bridged renesis engines etc. but at the time you felt it was a waste share you have your reasons. Anyways DM if you want to meet up, and good luck on the dyno when the time comes!

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Jonnyrx7, thanks for posting more pics/details. Good results. Hope the large turbo helps the engine stay together. It's uncommon for renesis motors running this power level to last, and many of us want to see more reliability with turbo builds. As you develop the build, please keep us posted with any failures/weaknesses you identify with your setup.
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Jonnyrx7, out of curiosity, what did you de-tune the car to for daily driving? PSI/HP. Just wondering as the renny would not be able to hold the 19PSI for long, and if it does, would not mind to keep track of of how long.
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Good job with the 8! Whatever your tastes are, getting 400 rwhp+ out of a renesis is definitely an achievement. If it blows just slap in a defined 4 rotor and scream around at 10,000 RPMs. Problem solved....
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