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Originally Posted by RotaryMachineRx View Post
What you really need to do is get a decent OBDII reader and give us information like Mass air flow, fuel trims (LTFT & STFT), AFR, MAF voltage, coolant temps, etc etc all at idle.

Have you cleaned the ESS at all? Its prone to getting metal gunk stuck to it as it is magnetic (Essentric shaft sensor located below crank pulley)?

It doesn't sound like a compression issue but that doesn't mean much. Rule number 1 when buying an rx8 or an engine for it, get compression test results before purchase!
The all of the sensors are clean. I'll pick one of those readers up, but I can't really give you readings at idle because it doesn't idle :p
And yeah no doubt about getting proof of compression! I thought I did but looking back on it, the pictures he gave me could have easily been old or just plane fake since I didn't ask for a timestamp and the motor was all ready pulled when I bought it. Owell, live and learn. My dad's buddy at the Mazda dealership might be able to get us a working rotary compression tester it it comes down to it bit hopefully the data I get will get to the bottom it

Edit: what would be the best way to gather readings since there is no idle? Just try to hold it at 2krpm?

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^ That's a good question. Any information would be better than nothing but I'm not entirely sure how skewed the results would be by holding an RPM with the gas pedal. If you could hold it around 1000rpm that would be better (closer to idle RPM).

Unfortunately it being an engine installed by yourselves throws a wrench into things making it really hard to determine the underlying problem.

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