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Mazda has pushed the red button...article from the Aussie's

The RX-8 - arriving in Australia in 2003

Styling cues are reminiscent of Honda's S2000

184kW @ 8,500rpm = loss of license...

A true four-seater sports car

A cross section of the rotary engine, RENESIS

The next big thing in sports cars, the rotary-powered, four-door RX-8, has been given the go-ahead for manufacturing and will go on sale here by June 2003, with Mazda Australia management hoping to price it below $70,000.

Mazda confirmed that its new sports car flagship, which embodies the Zoom-Zoom brand message to the maximum, was approved for production this week, with the car starring at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show.

The final version of this ground-breaking car differs in detail from the production prototype, which was seen recently at the Sydney International Motor Show, with it coming with a new and more aggressive front and rear-end design.

The nose of the RX-8 features a low bonnet complete with a power bulge that is shaped like a rotor, while the bumper fascia has a sharper, more powerful appearance.

This aggressive look is topped off by the wheelarches that stand high and clear of the bonnet, providing another muscular styling cue.

The rear has been designed to create a vivid impression as the car drives away Ė an important consideration for a sports car. This has been achieved using a short rear overhang, while the lights have received a mechanical look with the addition of chrome highlights.

A rotor-shaped rear fog lamp is now located in the centre of the bumper, flanked by an exhaust pipe on either side.

Inside, the cabin layout is just as stunning, with Mazdaís Emotion In Motion styling philosophy again shining through.

The interiorís basic framework is of strong, contoured surfaces flowing from the power bulge on the bonnet, though the dashboard and the centre console to the rear parcel shelf.

The two-tone color scheme employs black and the carís body color for the seats and trim, with aluminium used for areas within the driverís reach such as the centre console, transmission tunnel and shift lever.

In addition the shift lever, front seat headrests and side-sill covers feature a rotor motif.

In developing the RX-8, Mazda strove to realise conflicting goals: to deliver a vehicle with striking, sporty styling and with superior performance and handling, while providing ride comfort and accommodation for four adults.

Access to the spacious cabin is by Mazdaís "freestyle" door system that provides conventional front and smaller, rear-hinged doors. With no centre pillar in place access to the rear seats is just as simple as gaining entry to those in the front.

Providing room for four adults would not have been possible without the RENESIS engine, the next-generation rotary powerplant, which is even smaller than previous compact rotary engines.

The RX-8 incorporates an ideal front-mid ship engine layout, with the engine adopting side-intake and a side-exhaust layout for the first time, helping to expand air-intake port area.

Itís now 30 per cent larger than in conventional rotary engine Ė an important factor in reaching the engineís 184kW @ 8500rpm power peak and its maximum torque output of 216Nm @ 7500rpm. The engine has also been designed to pass the worldís toughest emission standards.

To provide the rigidity a true sports car demands, a strong, high-mount backbone chassis links the front and rear bulkheads and functions as the main frame of the chassis. Exceptional ride and handling are delivered by a long-arm double wishbone front and a sophisticated multi-link system at the back. The car rides on huge 18-inch tyres front and rear.

Braking, which is controlled by a latest-generation ABS anti-lock system, is provided by massive 17-inch ventilated discs front and back, while a DSC anti-skid system helps the driver correct any unwanted slides.

Secondary safety standards meet and exceed the toughest international standards with the mid-mounted engine providing a large crush zone at the front.

Side impacts, despite the large, pillarless door opening, is also first class thanks to many measures including a reinforcement structure built into the door frames that forms a virtual centre pillar. In addition, a safety lock mechanism allows the rear doors to open only if the front doors are open too.

Sure, it's a good way off yet, but the fact that Mazda has put its money where its mouth is, is great news for sports car buyers. With a serious chassis and brake setup, a sophisticated rotary engine configuration that spins to almost 10,000rpm, ensuring copious amounts of power, the new RX-8 is going to make waves in the motoring industry. That much is assured.


Overall length 4425mm

Overall width 1770mm

Overall height 1340mm

Wheelbase 2700mm

Track (front/rear) 1500mm/1510mm

Seating capacity 4 adults

Engine Type RENESIS rotary

Transmission Type 6-speed manual

Suspension Type (front/rear) Double wishbone/multi-link

Brakes Type (front/rear) Ventilated disc (17-inch)

Wheels/tyres (front/rear) 18x8JJ

Tyres (front/rear) 225/45ZR18
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Every time I read another article about this car I get more and more excited about the prospect of owning one. Thanks for posting!!

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aussie article

evrytime i see a new article i get excited too. but i seem to lose that once i read the article because there is never anything new in it. it seems like everyone is just rearranging mazdas press release and the info at don't these reporters actually try to find out any info? it's really kinda annoying to me. when is mazda finally going to let someone test this thing so we can get some actual figures. i mean what does a "low yaw-inertia moment" translate into for me. and when they say "improved fuel economy" , improved to what? i need more info before i go nuts!
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how much is $70,000 AUS? I guess that is around $30,000 US? Oh well, it is sounding better everytime I read about it. Can't wait!
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70,000.00 AUD = 39,165.00 USD
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Originally posted by Narflar
70,000.00 AUD = 39,165.00 USD

This does not look promising. How much of a chance is there that this car will come in under $30k? I mean it would pretty much have to considering the 350z right? *Crosses fingers* Cmon....
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ok, lets look at this from Mazda's point of view. How many RX-8s do they expect to sell in Aus? How many do they expect to sell in the US? How many do they expect to sell in the UK? Each country has their own Pricing and Sale's pitches. The US is probably going to sell the most RX-8s so the price will probably be cheaper for us.

Also, you still got still spring of next year. If you want your Z then go buy it. I already know I'm getting an RX-8.
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I'm not insinuating that I'm going to buy one...not at all. I just want to make sure that the price of the rx-8 won't be too far out of my reach. I'll wait for the 8, no doubt in my mind.
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