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FYI: Autolock option for GT models is great

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FYI: Autolock option for GT models is great


In case you didn't know, the user manual states that there is an option to set your doors to autolock when you step out of the car with the electronic key FOB. Unfortunately it's an option that only the dealer can activate with their computer.

I had this feature on my previous car, so wanted it on the 8. Went to one dealer, they plugged their computer in to talk to the car "to see if it was possible," came back, and said this feature is not available on my car. I was like whatevs.

Few days later went to another dealer and they were able to do it. Charged me $30.

I love having it. The way it works is when you step out of the car, it will beep once to let you know it recognized the key has left the vicinity. You can then walk away and a few seconds later it will beep again to indicate the doors have locked. If you simply exit the car and start moving away immediately without waiting for the first beep, the doors will not lock. Not sure why it's designed this way... but it is not an inconvenience to wait for that first beep--literally wait one beat, here the beep, then you can walk.

Works great. Very convenient, faster than pressing button to lock the doors, feels like you save a step. Extra piece of mind. Makes your 8 feel that much more awesome.
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the button works too, or I just reach up and flip the lock just in case, sometimes actuators fail.
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I'm assuming this is only for 06 and up?
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I was considering programming my key to do that as well. The more i thought about it, even if i hear the beep or w.e i would still press the lock button on my key lol. Just to be safe
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My 04 locks itself. No beep but the lights flash. If you leave the key in the car it will not lock. When I park in the garage the key is removed and placed next to the shifter to prevent it from locking.
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Interesting, I wonder if the S2's do this...
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I didn't know this existed, but I'll have to look into it, because, even if it's fairly useless, it's still something that could be like, "That's cool"
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Originally Posted by paimon.soror View Post
Interesting, I wonder if the S2's do this...
if you have the card thing, it should have the function.
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Oh ok, I only have sport so no card,only keyless entry remote
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I wonder if mine does it... hmmmmm, let me check it out
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Old 11-29-2012, 06:33 PM
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Does anybody else have this feature turned on and can confirm that the first beep wait time is a must?

With my advanced key, and access buttons on the handle, My key never leaves my pocket. The access button is really convenient, but the auto lock feature would be even better. However if I have to wait a sec or two, I might as well just push the access button and be on with my day quickly.

And also, does having the autolock function interfere with the access buttons at all?
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Is there a DIY option?

I've been considering getting a tactrix cable with the software that's available now. Does anyone know if this would be something one could do on their own with that? I've called two dealerships and one quoted me $120 and another $57.
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Sorry to thread necro..but..

In lieu of creating another thread, I thought I would share some information with those of you interested in this. Some of this has been mentioned in this thread, but I'm just trying to condense this into one post:

This works on 06+ GT's. GT's from 06+ have the "credit card" transponder key (aka Mazda's Advanced Keyless Entry.) Being as how R3's also have the transponder key, this should apply to them as well. The handy part about this feature is, after the ignition is turned off and the door is opened and closed (assuming you have the key on you,) The car will signify the key has left by returning a callback beep (same beep when you lock it using the request button on the door.) At this point, feel free to walk away. Once the car detects the key is no longer in the immediate vicinity, it will lock the doors and return a callback beep to confirm.

This feature is disabled by default from the factory. Most people (myself included) assumed the only way to have this feature turned on, is by taking the car to the dealer to have them connect the car to IDS and manually enable the auto lock feature. I took mine to the dealer for the fuel pump recall, and asked if the dealer could check in IDS and enable the feature. After the recall the service advisor informed me the feature was already on, and there was some communication error with the system and it would require a diagnostic fee to go further (nope, something didn't smell right.) I went on the hunch that the tech didnt know what he was talking about, or didn't try, so I set out on my own to find a solution. Thankfully, after doing some digging and research, I managed to find a method to activate the feature on my own. Below is the procedure I followed, (you WILL need a laptop, and a compatible OBDII adapter. For me, I used my VersaLink USB --> OBDII cable.)

Typical disclaimer: I am *NOT* liable if you brick your PCM/BCM,cause irreversable damage, or damage period. Do this at your own risk.

Download FORScan (In this case, I am using Windows.)

Register on their forums (requires admin approval, but it did not take me very long.)

Once approved, request an extended license and activate it for your FORScan installation on your laptop. (You might not HAVE to do this step, however, I activated it just in case, as I did not want to drag everything out just to find out I needed the extended license to use the feature needed to enable the auto locks.)

Boot up laptop, launch FORScan

With ignition OFF, connect your OBDII adapter to the OBDII port and then to the computer.

Turn ignition switch to the ON position, but do not start the car.

Click on the Connect to Vehicle button (it looks like two electrical plugs joined together, bottom left of the screen.)

FORScan will prompt you for some questions (in my case it asked me to confirm the model year, and if the vehicle has DSC.) After which, it will connect to the car and display some information about what components it was able to interface with.

At this point it should be under either "Service Functions" (the wrench icon) or "Configuration and Programming" (the "chip" icon.) I can't remember which one specifically, but it lists AKE (advanced keyless entry) one of which when you click on will display a few properties (such as the callback noise for fob inputs, AUTO LOCKS, and one other I cant remember at the moment.)

In this case, you just double click on the auto lock feature (which should be OFF) and select it to on, and have FORScan perform the action. At this point, FORScan will prompt you to cycle the ignition OFF and ON. At this point I disconnected from the vehicle in FORScan, closed out the application, turned the ignition to off, disconnected the OBDII cable, and performed a test to verify the auto lock feature was enabled. Results are I now have the auto locks working!

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