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ON New '06 Red RX-8 Manual Owner (Questions!)

Hey everybody,

I recently just picked up a 2006 Red Mazda RX-8 (manual) with just about 100,000 KM and so far I've been having a lot of fun with it. A friend of mine who also owns two RX-8s gave some helpful tips, but I figured it's probably best to get some answers / opinions from the forums.
Here's a few questions of mine, feel free to answer if you'd like. Thanks!
  1. What oil should I be using? (I read the guide, but usually it differs depending on mileage)
  2. As a daily driver, what brand of premix should I use and how much should I fill when filling a full tank of gas?
  3. Is it true that revving the car up to 9K RPM every other time you drive it beneficial?
  4. I've seen quite a few RX-8s at 100K kms for sale, mine appears to be working fine, but should I be parting with it?
  5. Is it okay to begin driving the car if the temperature dial isn't fully in the middle as long as I don't shut it off before then?
  6. I have no idea whether mine is a GS or GT, is there a cosmetic difference or an easy way of telling? Ownership doesn't mention.

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1. Oil is owner's preference really. Older rotaries wanted 20w50 and Mazda now say 5w20. I run 10w30 non synthetic
2. If you premix, 1/2 of premix per gallon of gas is acceptable.
3. I don't personally rev the engine to 9k every time I drive it, but I will here and there. I don't think its completely necessary to do so on every drive.
4. I wouldn't part with it. I would research the car and call Mazda to see what parts were replaced under warranty and I would also run a compression test with a rotary specific compression tester.
5. No worries on driving the car if the engine is not at normal operating temperature. Just be easy on it until it is fully warmed up. Do not shut the engine off until the engine is at normal operating temperature.
6. Really quick guide to trim level.... Does the car have leather seats? If so, its a GT. Home link with Bose, sunroof, and cloth seats is a Touring. HID headlamps, DSC, and fog lights but nothing else is a Sport.. Anything below is a base model.
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Put it in "H"!
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There's a helpful New & Potential Owners thread at the top of the new members section. The questions you're asking are the easy stuff, the questions you're not asking should be more of a concern: what is the condition of the engine (compression test) and what is the condition of the ignition coils, spark plugs, wires and catalytic converter.

100k km is peanuts on a well maintained car. It's death on a poorly maintained car.

About the 9000rpm thing . The rpm is irrelevant, what you need is a long period of full throttle acceleration which eventually results in 9000rpm. So 1st is not a good gear for that exercise. Try 2nd or 3rd.

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