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Manual Vs. Electronic boost controllers.

I'm wanting to buy a boost controller, but the price difference between manual and electronic is pretty big. Besides having the ability to control boost from within the car, what are the benefits of an electronic boost controller?

From what I understand, the manual version bleeds off air to trick the wastegate into thinking the pressure is lower than it really is. This causes a small boost leak, but makes the same PSI while working the turbo a small amount more to compensate for the boost leak and reach the desired PSI. The electronic version just switches on and off at a certain PSI. Is this correct?

Is the extra stress put on the turbo bad at all, I mean people push 18g turbos way past 10 PSI so the turbo should be able to withstand the extra work.

Also do they affect spool time?


PS: Don't tell me that because I bought a $30k car, I should buy a $500 boost controller.
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A manual boost controller just delays the action of the wastegate.
It will not give you the ability to adjust the boost curve and will actually accentuate any bad habits the wastgate might already have.

An electronic boost controller has the ability to get to your target boost more quickly and stay there more accurately.

The GReddy Profec-B will do everything you could want and very well for only $375.
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I don't mind pistons
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Thanks MM. Thats what I though, but wanted to make sure.

Anyone got some "sweet hook-ups" for a profec-B :D
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I personally own the Profec-S with a wireless remote at steering wheel to switch from LO to HI boost. You can program 2 values (I call them daily driving and aggressive driving) It has1 power button if pressed for more than 3 seconds and to switch boost values if pressed quickly. It has 3 *****, 1 **** is gain which controls the speed which switches from one boost to the other and the other 2 ***** are for the LO boost setting and the HI boost setting. It gives you the feeling of the old manual boost controller Very easy to configure and the price is not that bad, you can get one on eBay for $279 (buy it now) and I saw the Profec-B on eBay for the same price. Your choice both are superb boost controllers. One thing the Profec-S doesn't have is display your boost, you need your gauge or dash display... I am not sure about the profec-b if it has display of boost or not...

*NOTE* that price does not include the wireless remote switch.

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