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Radar/Laser Detector

I don't like the Radar/Laser Detectors on top of the dashboard, it just doesnt look good, especially when driving through a state where they are illegal to use.

Hopefully, there will be a place and/or method to hide it in the RX-8 without losing the efficacy of the unit.

Furthermore, I think the dash mounted location looks . . . well . . . unfinished and added on (as it is).

Also, I'm not sure what units are best for Radar, which aree best for laser, and which single unit gives good protection from both.

After all, while I try not to exceed the speed limit, if I can help it, you can never have too much protection in case of an unintentional heaviness of the foot.

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Cool Radar Location....

There is a healthy radar discussion going on in the Audio/Electronics forum, please read, lots of info, including my picks.
As to location, off the dash, my favorite is up between the mirror and the roof.....
You can fab up a small 'U' type mount that fits under (on top of!) the reading lamp mount up there,with the very important benefit of being able to tap into some power from the lights!.
The real benefit though, comes when you crest a hill - the detector sees the beam long before you do, while you still have a very small radar 'profile' with just your roof visible over the hill.(Much the same trick as those tank-busting helicopters use, only the radar showing above the ridge of the hill.) Absolutely the best location, even if an officer stops me, he is unlikely to look up above the mirror. (Not that there is anything wrong with that!)
Radars are legal here, I just don't like to antagonize police further than necessary!

ANYHOOO..check out the Valentine fan club in the other forum!
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Duplicate thread, closing...

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