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Crazy idea to Protect your CATs, when CATsare required

I just had a crazy idea !

Figured out a way to make it possible to run a STANDARD (cheap) cat on a track / street platform, be able to stay clean for the environment (for those who care), and kinda/sorta be in regulation for tracks/events that require a cat....

a thermal controlled bypass! to control the Cat bypass,

All it would take is a circuit to monitor a thermocouple, and to open a mac valve when the cat was too hot, the mac valve would lead to a vacuum (or boost ... if you're not NA) actuated exhaust bypass flap with a checkvalve (so it could close itself) ... basically the same way boost is regulated. temperature of the cat could easily be regulated. Would cost about $100-140 in parts, so a complete system could be sold for about $250-$350 more than a standard/custom catalytic converter setup!

I was going to do something similar to my diesel, but not to protect anything... I just wanted to control when my car rolls coal on a tailgater

lots of coffee in me, so if this doesn't make sense, shoot me :-p

... I no longer have an 8, just can't afford to own a toy right now...

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