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SBG: RX-8 Plug and Play IGN-1A Ignition Coil Kit

Hey everyone,

We just shipped our first batch of orders out, and are eagerly awaiting feedback from everyone that bought them! We've been playing around with these on our new shop RX8 test mule for a little while now. We've had such great success with these coils on the FD3S that it only seemed fair to adapt it to the RX8, especially considering the coil issues that plague this car

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The RX8 kit will be very similar to our FD3S kit. Weíve put these coils through the ringer with at least a couple hundred setups out there over the last few yearswith absolutely fantastic results. These are running on everything from stock cars with stock ECUís to 700+HP 13b FD turbo e85 builds. These coils were basically built for the rotary and are dead on reliable. The RX8 kit will come with:

- RX8 specific mount (in stock coil location)
- Full plug-and-play standalone wiring harness (RX8 specific harness, plug and play connectors, direct power from battery, high amp relay, milspec wiring, and high-temp silicone abrasion/ heat resistant cover).
- Ultra-low resistance custom spark plug wires
- Mounts 4 IGN-1A/AEM smart coils.

For those not familiar with the IGN-1A coils, they were specifically designed for two-stroke marine racing engines, designed to be extremely high output with extraordinarily fast recharge times. Since rotaries fire twice as often per revolution compared to a piston engine, LS coils or other piston-engine specific coils have a really hard time recharging fast enough. While the LS coils are capable of high output they've been designed with a 6,000rpm redline. 9,000rpm on a rotary is the equivalent of 18,000rpm on a piston engine. The LS coils were never built do do that... the IGN-1A's were

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These will work with the stock ECU dwell time settings (we run them on stock FD ecu's as well with great results), but for high HP builds or forced induction on an aftermarket ECU, they really shine. The IGN-1A are hands down THE coils for rotary applications and we haven't come across anything that can keep up yet.

Here's our FD kit for reference: Complete Package - IGN-1A Ignition Upgrade Kit + LHD Mount (FD3S RX-7) - SakeBomb Garage LLC

And now from some information on our coil mount. We designed a completely new bracket specifically for the RX8 to allow you to mount your coils in the stock location. We'll be honest, it's a bit cozy in there once everything's installed, but then again you're replacing your stock coils with new ones that take up literally three times the volume.

These use the bolts for the AC compressor, so you will need standoffs if you don't have AC. It'll be hard to find bolts long enough since it's a bit of an unusual size, but you should be able to make do with a pair of studs and threaded hex standoffs the correct length. Please message us if you have any questions and we're more than happy to help out

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We're still doing an introductory sale on this kit ($650 now, price goes up to $725 at the end of September) so if you're interested in preemptively fixing a common failure point on your RX8, make sure to grab it now before the price goes back up.

Product link: Complete Package - IGN-1A Ignition Upgrade Kit (SE3P RX8)

That's all for now, feel free to ask any questions and we'll be happy to answer them!

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2nd batch in progress now, we sold out of the first batch of coil kits. Thanks everyone!
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Well it seems the group buys never really materialize, but: The coil kit is on sale through the end of this month as we wait on yet another run of components to arrive! $645 for the full plug and play kit! 10 days left

CLICK HERE -> IGN-1A High Performance Ignition System (SE3P RX8, LHD Mount) - SakeBomb Garage LLC


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Well the wiring harness is certainly a professional masterpiece, but perhaps a bit overkill. You can just about locate the coils anywhere in the engine bay and the harness will reach. Iím building custom coil mounts to locate a pair of coils using the threaded knock sensor boss on each rotor housing. So I needed a little extra wiring to get to those positions, but not an engine bays worth. My goal is to keep the spark wires short and i already had the coils and spark wire materials, so this saved me from fabricating my own harness. It was worth the money for sure, but Iím debating shortening it up rather than having a big coil of extra wiring laying around.

The ecu grounding advice in the instructions is spot on too. Appreciate that.
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My kit came quickly and only took about 30 minutes to install. The only hitch I had was not plugging the last coil in before I bolted them down. Because the coils are so big there was no way I was going to be able to fit my hand in there to plug it in with them mounted. Quality is great and the harness was impressive. The instructions they included were very detailed as well.
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