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Ive had the same issue now, I believe that its just condensation from sitting for a while. I've been working on mine now and its been sitting for roughly 3-4 days and it shows the cloudiness on the dipstick as well. My coolant levels are staying the same and its only on the dipstick so i wouldn't worry too much.. plus its about 30 degrees here so I'm sure that doesn't help it too much
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Originally Posted by JTtheDude View Post
Ok lets just start with I am furious right now and I am hoping to god my 8 is going to be ok. Last Thursday I went out of town and just got back tonight to find the car won't start. Nice. I assume it's flooded. It gives all the characteristics of a flooded engine. All my electrical is working so I wasn't really thinking of it being a dead battery issue. Well before I went out of town I had my oil changed at a Goodyear shop nearby. I specifically told them 5w-20 non synthetic. I get the car from goodyear and it drives home fine which is only about 3 miles away from home and parked the car in the garage and hadn't touched it since. So since it wouldn't start I decided to check the oil level to see if these fools screwed up and you wouldn't believe the nasty [email protected] that came out on the dipstick. It literally looks like baby food/ runny crap I don't know what it is but I know it's not oil!! I have posted some quick snapped pics I took I'll try to get some better ones up. Please take a look and see if you can tell what the hell this crap is! I'm sorry for the blurry photos but you can tell from the color of the junk on the stick that it's not oil. If anyone thinks they may know wtf this is please please let me know!!! Oh one last thing, this junk went all the way to the top of the dipstick it was not just at the bottom where the oil level guage is at.

I am currently haveing the same problem and just bought this car (about a week ago) I was wondering how this ended up for you. Was it ok? Thanks

ps: it is not at all cold here (California) and I checked a couple hours after using.
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Milky substance on dipstick mixed in with the oil

I just recently had my oil changed and of course we were hit with a bad freeze for 2 weeks straight. Now my check engine light is on and my dipstick is covered with that milky crap. Is this bad
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The milky stuff is fine (did you read the thread?). The check engine light is not, get it checked out before problems.
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I have had the same issue. Thanks for the help.
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