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Should I buy the rx8

Hey everybody I just joined the club today, still havenít bought an rx8 but would love too. Iíve heard a lot of good and bad things about the cars rotary engine and would like your guysí opinion. Iím thinking on buying an auto rx8 just because I could save money from renewing the clutch every now and then but also I think I could take care of it more than a manual trans. Do you guys think that auto is safer mechanically wise than a manual transmission?

Also so the bigger question is should I buy the Rx8?
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Do not buy the auto. For one, it's slower, for two clutches last longer than transmissions and engines if you're gentle. As for whether you should buy one... if you have to ask the answer is no.

But if you're serious, have a read through this
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Do not buy an automatic RX-8 unless you have some disability or medical condition that makes it difficult for you to drive a manual transmission.
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^Exactly, especially when the manual transmission in question is really, really good. I was converted from driving AT only and I am very glad I learned to drive a stick.

In general, AT for RX-8 is really just an afterthought so they can sell a couple more of them, and it shows. You forgo the carbon fiber driveshaft, a better intake, an extra oil cooler, etc.

Another problem is that the AT is not very good value for what you get. Aside from the performance(04 and 05 4-port 4AT is probably slower than a 06 Civic Si) penalties, most AT RX-8s I have seen are the low trim ones, so you don't even get the comfort features to make it a proper Grand Tourer.

If you have to have an AT RX-8, get a 06+ one. At least those use the same engine as the MT ones, but they still miss the goodies MT RX-8s have.

Also, RWD transmission work is cheaper and easier to do than FWD transmission work, and if you are not stupid with the clutch, it should last a while.

If you can afford the fun and you know how to take care of cars, RX-8 can be for you. Read through the link Loki provided and decide for yourself. Otherwise, I think something Honda could be more for you.
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The RX8 requires constant attention/preventative maintenance, has many quirks, and is known to have issues with the AT. That being said... It's a blast to drive, it's unique, and you will smile every time you get behind the wheel. I have friends with 500+hp cars and they still smile when they take corners in my car. I wouldn't trade mine for anything in the price range!
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Go for a spin in an RX8 and you'll know what to do! Especially if its the manual one!!
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Listen to Loki. His advice is sage.
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