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A/C and Overheating.

Hi, I'm new to this forum and to owning my RX-8.
I have a 2007 Mazda RX-8 Manual. 126k miles.
I just moved to Arizona and Its really hot here.
When im driving and I have my A/C on the Temp Gauge need starts to go up so I turn off my A/C. Just got a fresh flush to the radiator. Any ideas? Ive searched the forum and there no exact answer to my problem. And if there's anyone in AZ that can help or knows a mechanic that is fair let me know. Thanks
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Check your undertray, and check the foam around your radiator.
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^above will help when the car is moving. If it's happening when the car is still, the problem may be the fans - check they are working - both low and high speeds. Also make sure they are properly seated against the radiator, and if it is a modified/aftermarket radiator that there are no big gaps around the edges so the fans suck air through rather than around the radiator.

This car does get hot with the ac on in traffic/at low speeds though.
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When I was running into issues with mine due to the undertray and foam I actually had very little issues while moving. It was only an issue stopped in traffic. Once it hit 100 degrees outside, my temps started jumping into the 235F range. . There was a post I read somewhere on this board that explained how without the foam, a large portion of the hot air being sucked through the radiator is recirculating around it.

The undertray I believe was a major contributor to engine bay heat soak. With the bottom of it not completely secured air was blowing right under the engine.
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I can attest to the heat - I've never seen a car have its brake fluid change color so fast (moisture and heat). I have upped my reservoir fluid change interval to every 4 months (and I bleed the brakes once per year).
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^^^ Fluent in snark.
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Get a Bluetooth OBD-II adapter (~$15 on Amazon) and download a phone app to monitor actual temperatures. The temp gauge in the dash is useless.

The fans should come on full speed ~207*F coolant temps. If yours don't come on by that point, then there's a problem with the fans or electronics controlling them.

If they are working and your cooling system just can't keep up then you should get an upgraded radiator. The
CSF 3164 CSF 3164
Koyo V2695 Koyo V2695
are both good choices for improved cooling that won't break the bank.
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