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Worried bout

Hi just wandering if needed one can give me advised bout 3days ago I used amsoil powerfoam to decarb engine put it on airintake and spark plugs hole let it sit 24 hrs before start it started with a smoke coming out for bout 5 mins then did highway driving for bout half hour then I fill up with bp ultimate full tank with premix of amsoil interceptor only bout 30ml for the full tank which always did for last 2yrs except first time I used bp after 8 months coz last time I used bp had engine detonation had to put bottle of octane booster to stop it but I got no choice 3 days ago coz the only open petrol station near me at 2am is bp that's why I used it neway started the car this morning bout 5am whether is freezing car started no problem let it warm before I go to work everything sounds normal drives good then after work the car starts as always let it warm but when I started driving accelerating there's knocking noise then the more I accelerate it gets louder like the car is falling apart but no cell and I'm not loosing any power I drove it till third gear with no power loss or idle issue coz I even stop on stoplight before I can pull over on the side street to get the car towed home next suggestion will be help full
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I'll help you with the car, but please read your post back to yourself and see if you can figure out what it says

One quick thing to check is that a spark plug wire hasn't come loose, since you had handled them to add the powerfoam.

Does the noise increase with speed OR with rpm? If it's rpm, then the problem is in the engine. If it increases with speed, the problem is with the wheels/suspension/brakes/transmission etc. so not related to what you had done. In general, you need to identify what part is knocking.
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I don't think English is OP's native language.
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I believe you're correct. Will delete my post.
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