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A super list

My small and meager suggestion is that a major list be made and created as an editable sticky on the main forum page.

This list should include all the acronyms and the words (names) that correspond.
if this list exists, forgive me, I just have not found it yet, so I will then suggest that it be placed in a more open space where it is recognizable as to what it is.

there are also many things that people talk about such as fixing the NVRAM and resting this or that and some things are simple but a page and sticky on that, again in an easily understood place would be helpful.
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Or just search the acronym in Google....
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Originally Posted by RX8Soldier View Post
Or just search the acronym in Google....
Ummmm, NO! You see, I listed what I did here because I have done that and have spent hours searching for things and through things to better understand. While this (mechanicing and acronyms) may be your forte, it isn't all peoples, including mine.

So for the sake of all the other people that like the RX8 and are willing to put forth the effort to learn and do their own work, a list would be nice. Hey, Perhaps if you start one it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside, one where you say help people and not troll.
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Time for boost...
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Or you could give yourself a warm and fuzzy and research the acronyms and list them down for the benefit of the community...?

FYI a number of acronyms can be found in the new members sticky and the owners manual...
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no agenda
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Originally Posted by RX_4+4 View Post
Ummmm, NO! You see, I listed what I did here because I have done that and have spent hours searching for things and through things to better understand. While this (mechanicing and acronyms) may be your forte, it isn't all peoples, including mine.

So for the sake of all the other people that like the RX8 and are willing to put forth the effort to learn and do their own work, a list would be nice. Hey, Perhaps if you start one it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside, one where you say help people and not troll.
Why don't you do it?
Maybe you'll learn something in the process.

Like what acronyms are you even talking about?
At the very least you could start the list and the items you can't figure out maybe someone would post what it means/definition.
You'll find in this community people are willing to help but they need to see you put some effort in to it ... there is a very ummmmm "no spoon feeding" attitude here.

edit :
LOL Rx8Soldier beat me to ..

I will help out with the link to what I think Soldier is referring .. if not its still a great read.

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Acronyms, acronyms, and more acronyms

This may not be an exhaustive list.
I believe my point was, make it editable and an easily found sticky, a stand-alone if one will.
This list was started and a work in progress well before the two posts above.
I am saddened that there are so many areas where words are written and yet nothing is said. The waste of space...

A - Amperes
ABS - Anti-Lock Brake System
ABRS - Air Bag Restraint System
AC - Alternating Current
ACC: Accessories
A/C - Air Conditioning
ACCS - A/C Cycling Switch
ACCUM - Accumulator
ACCY - Accessory
ACT - Air Charge Temperature Sensor
ADJ - Adjust or Adjustable
ADV - Advance
AFS - Airflow Sensor
A/F - Air/Fuel Ratio
AI - Air Injection
AIR or A.I.R. - Air Injection Reactor
AIS - Air Injection System
Alt. - Alternator or Altitude
ALDL - Assembly Line Data Link
ALR: Automatic Locking Retractor
Amp - /amp/amps: Ampere
API: American Petroleum Institute
APS - Absolute Pressure Sensor
APV: Auxiliary Port Valve
ASCS - Air Suction Control Solenoid
ASD - Auto Shutdown
ASDM - Air Bag System Diagnostic Module
ASV - Air Suction Valve
AT or A/T - Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
ATC - Automatic Temperature Control
ATDC - After Top Dead Center
ATF - Automatic Transmission Fluid
ATS - Air Temperature Sensor
AWD - All Wheel Drive
Aux. - Auxiliary
Avg. - Average
AXOD - Automatic Transaxle Overdrive (Ford Models Only)

B+ - Battery Positive Voltage
BAC - By-Pass Air Control
BAP - Barometric Absolute Pressure Sensor
BARO - Barometric
Batt. - Battery
Bbl. - Barrel (Example: 4-Bbl.)
BCM - Body Control Module
BHP - Brake Horsepower
BMAP - Barometric and Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
BOO - Brake On-Off Switch
B/P - Backpressure
BPS - Barometric Pressure Sensor
BPT - Backpressure Transducer
BTDC - Before Top Dead Center
BTU - British Thermal Unit
BVSV - Bimetallic Vacuum Switching Valve

C - Celsius or Centigrade (Degrees or Temp)
CAI: Cold Air Intake
CAN - Controller Area Network
CANP - Canister Purge
CAS - Crank Angle Sensor
CARB - California Air Resources Board
CAT - Catalytic Converter
CB - Circuit Breaker
CBD - Closed Bowl Distributor
CC - cubic centimeter
CCC - Computer Command Control
CCD - Computer Controlled Dwell
CCM: Comprehensive Component Monitor or Continuous monitoring
CCOT - Cycling Clutch Orifice Tube
CCW - Counterclockwise
CDI - Capacitor Discharge Ignition
CEC - Computerized Engine Control
CEL: Check engine light
CID - Cubic Inch Displacement
CM: Control Module
cm: Centimeter
CMP - Camshaft Position Sensor
CO - Carbon Monoxide
CO2 - Carbon Dioxide
Cont. - Continued
CONV - Convertible
CP - Canister Purge
CKP - Crankshaft Position Sensor
COP - Coil On Plug Ignition
CPI - Central Port Injection
CPU - Central Processing Unit
CSSA - Cold Start Spark Advance
CSSH - Cold Start Spark Hold
CTS - Coolant Temperature Sensor
CTVS - Choke Thermal Vacuum Switch
Cu. In. - Cubic Inch
CVC - Constant Vacuum Control
CVR - Control Vacuum Regulator
CV - Check Valve or Constant Velocity
CW - Clockwise
CYL or Cyl. - Cylinder
C3I - Computer Controlled Coil Ignition
C4 - Computer Controlled Catalytic Converter

D - Drive
dB - Decibels
DC - Direct Current Or Discharge or Drive Cycle
DDD - Dual Diaphragm Distributor
Def. - Defrost
Defog. - Defogger
DEFI - Digital Electronic Fuel Injection
DERM - Diagnostic Energy Reserve Module
DFI - Digital Fuel Injection
DFS - Deceleration Fuel Shutoff
Diag. - Diagnostic
DIC - Driver Information Center
DIS - Distributorless Ignition System
DIST - Distribution
DLC - Data Link Connector
DMM - Digital Multi Meter
DOHC - Double Overhead Cam
DSC: Dynamic Stability Control
DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code
DOT - Department of Transportation
DRB-II - Diagnostic Readout Box
DVOM - Digital Volt-Ohmmeter

E2PROM - Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EACV - Electronic Air Control Valve
EBCM - Electronic Brake Control Module
EBD: Electronic Brake force Distribution
EBL - Electronic Back Light
EBM - Electronic Body Module
ECA - Electronic Control Assembly
ECM - Engine Control Module (sometimes referred to as PCM powertrain control module)
ECT - Engine Coolant Temperature
ECU - Electronic Control Unit
EDIS - Electronic Distributorless Ignition System
EEC - Electronic Engine Control
EECS - Evaporative Emission Control System
EEPROM - Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
E2PROM - Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EFC - Electronic Fuel Control
EFCA - Electronic Fuel Control Assembly
EFE - Early Fuel Evaporation
EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection
EGO - Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor
EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EGRPS - EGR Valve Position Sensor
EGRT - EGR Temperature
EI - Electronic Ignition
EMI - Electromagnetic Interference
ELR: Emergency Locking Retractor
EMR - Electronic Module Retard
EOS - Exhaust Oxygen Sensor
EOBD - European Onboard Diagnostics
EPOS - EGR Valve Position Sensor
EPS: Electric Power Steering
EPROM - Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (chip)
ESA - Electronic Spark Advance
ESC - Electronic Spark Control
EST - Electronic Spark Timing
ETC - Electronic Throttle Control
EVAP - Evaporative Emission System
EVIC - Electronic Vehicle Information Center
EVP - EGR Valve Position
Exc. - Except

F - Fahrenheit
FB: 1st Gen RX-7
FC: 2nd Gen RX-7
FD: 3rd Gen RX-7
FB or F/B - Fuse Block
FBC - Feedback Carburetor System
FBCA - Feedback Carburetor Actuator
FCS - Fuel Control Solenoid
FDC - Fuel Deceleration Valve
Fed - Federal
FFD: Freeze Frame Data
FI - Fuel Injection or Forced Induction
FIPL - Fuel Injector Pump Lever
FP or F/P: Fuel Pump
FP1: Front Primary 1 Fuel Injector
FP2: Front Primary 2 Fuel Injector
FPR-VSV - Fuel Pressure Regulator Vacuum Switching Valve
FS: Front Secondary Fuel Injector
FLS - Fluid Level Sensor
ft.lb. - Foot Pound
FWD - Front-Wheel Drive

G - Grams
GALS - Gallon
GDI - Gasoline Direct Injection
GEN - Generator
GND or GRND - Ground
GPEC - Global Powertrain Engine Controller
GPM - Grams Per Mile
GPS - Global Positioning System
GVW - Gross Vehicle Weight

H20 - Water
HAC - High Altitude Compensation
HC - Hydrocarbons
H/D - Heavy Duty
HEGO - Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor
HEI - High Energy Ignition
Hg - Mercury
HGT - Height
HLDT - Headlight
HO - High Output
HO2S - Heated Oxygen Sensor
HP - High Performance or Horsepower
HSC - High Swirl Combustion
HSO - High Specific Output
HT - High Tension
HTR - Heater
HU: Hydraulic Unit
Hz - Hertz(Cycles Per Second)

IACV - Idle Air Control Valve
IAT - Intake Air Temperature
IATS - Intake Air Temperature Sensor
IC - Integrated Circuit
ICM - Ignition Control Module
ICS - Idle Control Solenoid
I.D. - Inside Diameter
ID - Identification
IFI - Indirect Fuel Injection
IG or IGN - Ignition
In. - Inches
Inch Lbs. - Inch Pounds
in. Hg - Inches of Mercury
Inj. - Injector
IMRC - Intake Manifold Runner Control
INT: Intermittent
IP - Instrument Panel
ISC - Idle Speed Control
ISO - International Standards Organization
ITCS - Ignition Timing Control System
ITS - Idle Tracking Switch
IVSV - Idle Vacuum Switching Valve

JAS - Jet Air System
J/B - Junction Block
JTEC - Jeep Truck Engine Controller

KAM: Keep Alive Memory
KAPWR - Keep Alive Power
k/ohms - kilo-ohms (1000 ohms)
kg - kilograms (weight)
kg/cm - Kilograms Per Square Centimeter
kHz - Kilohertz
Km - Kilometers
KM/H - Kilometers Per Hour
KOEC - Key On, Engine Cranking
KOEO - Key On, Engine Off
KOER - Key On, Engine Running
kPa - Kilopascals
KS - Knock Sensor
kV - Kilovolt
kW - Kilowatt

L - Liter
LF or L/F: Left Front or Leading Front Spark Plug
LH: Left Hand
LR or L/R: Left Rear or Leading Rear Spark Plug
lbs. - Pounds
lb./ft. - Pound-Feet AKA Foot pound torque (inch-pound too)
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display
L/D - Light Duty
LED - Light Emitting Diode
LHD - Left-Hand Drive
LSD: Limited Slip Differential (AKA something that kills elephants in scientific study)
LTFT - Long Term Fuel Trim
LWB - Long Wheel-Base

mA - Milliamps
MA/MAF - Mass Air Flow
MAFS - Mass Air Flow Sensor
MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure
MAT - Manifold Air Temperature
MCS - Mixture Control Solenoid
MCT - Manifold Charge Temperature
Mem. - Memory
MEM/CAL - Memory Calibration Chip
mfd. - Microfarads
MFI - Multiport Fuel Injection
MIL - Malfunction Indicator Light
mm - Millimeters
MOP: Metering Oil Pump
MPG - Miles Per Gallon
MPH - Miles Per Hour
MPI - Multi-Point (Fuel) Injection
MPV - Multi-Purpose Vehicle
MSP: Multi Side Port
ms - Millisecond
MT: Manual Transmission
mV - Millivolts

NA - Not Available or Naturally Aspirated
NGC - New Generation Controller
NGS - New Generation Star
N.m - Newton Meter
No. - Number
Nos. - Numbers
NOx - Oxides of Nitrogen
NVRAM - Nonvolatile Random Access Memory

O2 - Oxygen
O2S - Oxygen Sensor
OBD - On-board Diagnostics
OBD I - On-board Diagnostics One
OBD II - On-board Diagnostics Two
OBD III - On-board Diagnostics Three
OC - Oxidation Catalyst
OD - Overdrive
O.D. - Outside Diameter
OE - Original Equipment
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
OHC - Over Head Camshaft
OHV - Over Head Valve
O/S - Oversize
OS - Oxygen Sensor
oz. - Ounce
ozs. - Ounces

P - Park
P/B - Power Bakes
P/C - Printed Circuit
P/N - Part Number
PA - Pressure Air
PAIR - Pulsed Secondary Air Injection
PAS - Power-Assisted Steering
PCM - Powertrain Control Module (sometimes referred to as ECM engine control module)
PCS/PC/SOL - Purge Control Solenoid
PCV - Positive Crankcase Ventilation
PECV - Power Enrichment Control Valve
PFI - Port Fuel Injection
PGM-FI - Programmed Fuel Injection
PID - Parameter Identification
PIP - Profile ignition pick-up
PNP - Park Neutral Position Switch
P/N - Park/Neutral
PPM - Parts Per Million
PRNDL - Park Reverse Neutral Drive Low
PROM - Program Read Only Memory (chip)
P/S - Power Steering
PSI - Pounds Per Square Inch
PSP - Power Steering Pressure
PSPS - Power Steering Pressure Switch
pts. - Pints
PTC - Pending Trouble Code
PTC - Positive temperature coefficient Additional: This is applied to the way the resistance of a thermistor varies with temperature. In this case, the resistance will increase as the temperature rises
PTO - Power Take-Off
P/W CM: Power Window Control Module
Pwr. - Power
PWR - Power to Weight Ratio

Qts. - Quarts

R/A - Resume or Accelerate
RABS - Rear Anti-lock Brake System
RAC - Remote Accessory Controller
RAM - Random Access Memory
RAM - Ride Air Module
RAM - Remote Anti-theft Module
RAP - Retained Access Power
RAV - Remote Activation Verification
RBC - Rotary Blade Coupling
RCC - Rear Climate Control
RCC - Remote Climate Control
RCM - Restraint Control Module
RCDLR - Remote Control Door Lock Receiver
RDCM - Right Door Control Module
RDM - Rear Door Module
RDS - Radio (broadcast) Data System
RDS - Radio Display System
REC - Receive
RECAL - Recalibrate, Recalibration
RECIRC - Recirculation
RECIS - Remote Entry Control and Immobilizer System
REDOX - Reduction Oxidation Catalytic Converter
REEGR - Rotary Electric EGR
REF - Reference
RESC - Remote Emergency Satellite Unit
REX - Rear Exchanger
RF - Radio Frequency or Right Front
RFA - Remote Function Actuator
RFF - Roller Finger Followers
RFI - Radio Frequency Interference
RFID - Radio Frequency Identification
RFWS - Right Front Wheel Speed
RH - Right Hand
RIM - Radio Interface Module
RIM - Rear Integration Module
RKE - Remote Keyless Entry
Rly - Relay
RM - Relay Module
RMD - Right Mid Door
ROM - Read Only Memory
RP1: Rear Primary 1 Fuel Injector
RP2: Rear Primary 2 Fuel Injector
RPA - Rear Parking Assist
RPM - Revolutions Per Minute
RPM - Remote Power Module
RPO - Regular Production Option
R&R - Remove and Replace
RR - Right Rear
RRD - Right Rear Door
RS: Rear Secondary Fuel Injector (AKA RSFI)
RSA - Rear Seat Audio
RSC - Roll Stability Control
RSS - Reverse Sensing System
RSS - Road Sensing Suspension
R/T - Road/Track
RT - Right
RTC - Real?Time Clock
RTD - Real Time Dampening
RTN - Return
RTT - Reconfigurable Telltale
RTTP - Rotunda Technician Tool Program
RTV - Room Temperature Vulcanizing
RV - Recreational Vehicle
RVAC - Rear Video/Audi/HVAC Module
RVP - Reid Vapor Pressure
RWAL - Rear Wheel Anti-lock
RWD - Rear Wheel Drive
RWS - Rear Wheel Steer

SAE: Society of Automotive Engineers
SAS: Sophisticated Air Bag Sensor
SBC - Single Bed Converter
SBD - Strategy Base Diagnostics
SBEC - Single Board Engine Controller
SC - Supercharged
SDAIS or S-DAIS: Sequential Dynamic Air Intake System
SEFI - Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
SES - Service Engine Soon (light)
SFI - Sequential (Port) Fuel Injection
SIL - Shift Indicator Light
SIR - Supplemental Inflatable Restraint
SIPS - Side Impact Protection System
SOHC - Single Overhead Cam
SPFI - Sequential Port Fuel Injection
SPOUT - Spark Output
SPK - Spark Control
SOL/Sol. - Solenoid
SRI - Service Reminder Indicator
SRS - Secondary Restraint System
SRS - Supplemental Restraint System (air bag)
SRT - System Readiness Test
SS - Speed Sensor
SSI - Solid State Ignition
SST: Special Service Tool
SSV: Secondary Shutter Valve
STAR - Self-Test Automatic Readout
STFT - Short Term Fuel Trim
STO - Self-Test Output
SUB-O2 - Sub Oxygen Sensor
Sw. - Switch
SWB - Short Wheel-Base
Sys. - System

T/F: Trailing Front Spark Plug
T/R: Trailing Rear Spark Plug
TAB - Thermactor Air By-Pass
TAD - Thermactor Air Diverter
TACH - Tachometer
TB - Throttle Body
TBI - Throttle Body Injection
TC - Turbocharged
TCC - Torque Converter Clutch
TCM - Transmission or Transaxle Control Module
TCS - Traction control solenoid or SYSTEM
TD - Turbo Diesel
TDC - Top Dead Center
TDI - Turbo Direct Injection (A turbocharged direct injected diesel engine)
Temp. - Temperature
TFI - Thick Film Ignition
TFT: Transmission Fluid Temperature
THERMAC - Thermostatic Air Cleaner
TIV - Thermactor Idle Vacuum Valve
TKS - Throttle Kicker Solenoid
TPI - Tuned Port Injection
TPMS: Tire pressure monitoring system
TPP - Throttle Position Potentiometer
TPS - Throttle Position Sensor/Switch
TPT - Throttle Position Transducer
TS - Temperature Sensor
TSB: technical service bulletin
TSP - Throttle Solenoid Positioner
TV - Throttle Valve
TV - Thermo valve
TVS - Thermal Vacuum Switch
TWC - Three Way Catalyst
TWC+OC - Three Way + Oxidation Catalytic Converter

V - Valve
Vac. - Vacuum
VAF - Vane Airflow
VAPS - Variable Assist Power Steering
VCC - Viscous Converter Clutch
VCRM - Variable Control Relay Module
VDI: Variable Dynamic Effect Intake
VFAD: Variable Fresh Air Duct
VIN - Vehicle Identification Number
VM - Vacuum Modulator
VOLT. - Voltage
VOM - Volt-Ohmmeter (Analog)
VRV - Vacuum Regulator Valve
VSS - Vehicle Speed Sensor
VSV - Vacuum Switching Valve
VVC - Variable Valve Control
VVT - Variable Valve Timing

W/ - With
W/O - Without
WAC - Wide Open Throttle A/C Switch
WDS: Worldwide Diagnostic System
WOT - Wide Open Throttle

Because when I can, I like to help all people. I find it easier to be helpful, kind of a guide from the side.

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Good on your for compiling this list.

It's not that we don't like to help. I just have my methods of helping. I'm more of a "give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for life".
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