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Who are we (Bios)

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Who are we (Bios)

Ok, time for the SE forum to get on the bandwagon with what some of the other regional forums are doing. Tell us about yourself!

Desmo996: Jorge

Why you chose your forum username: I ride a Ducati with a desmodromic system (996 cc)

AGE: 35, but according to my wife behaving like a 21 year old

LIVING SITUATION: Married, with 8 month old daughter (Also known as the cutie-patootie)

LOCATION: Orlando, Florida

JOB: Aerospace/Systems Engineer. MBA. Worked on simulators, but currently working the the JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) program (Lockheed Martin).

HOBBIES: Motorcycle racing (dirt and track), F1 (just came back from Indi), Crashing (Not by choice), Fencing, traveling, lately obsessed with cars, painting, House remodeling (Just enclosed my patio), Wood Ship models, Plastic models, Golf and Life in general.

Anything else about you: Aggressive driver that hate "leftists". Please, slower traffic keep right. Speak four languages: Spanish, English, German, and Italian.

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evot23: Eddie

Why you chose your forum username: initials/profession/MJ

AGE: 29

LIVING SITUATION: engaged...indefinitely...

LOCATION: Gainesville, Florida

JOB: Burn Unit Occupational Therapist

HOBBIES: The car...what's left after that?

I'm the ricer of the Gainesville crowd so they say. Fortunate enough to have really good rotary friends all within 5 miles of me. If it were'nt for them, I would have never gotten this far.

Also the MRCCFL has become my outlet for rotary meetings both for racing and just hanging out. Since owning this car, I have gotten to meet sooooo many people.

Rotary love.
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I choose my forum name because it's my name. Not too original I guess! I'm 25, married and living in Charleston, SC. I'm in the Navy, so I move around a lot. Let's see, hobbies? my cars, running, traveling.

I've become a rotary lover. I used to have no interest in cars. That all changed when I got mixed up with my car-freak husband. He created a monster!! :D I currently have a 94 fd and my rx8. My hubby has a 350z that he bought to replace his 93 r1. I'm returning the rx8 and if all goes well will soon be purchasing my neighbors tt Supra. I guess my biggest vice is that I get tired of cars too quickly. I've had 4 in the last year and a half. I have never and will never get tired of my fd, though!

That's about it. I guess I won't be frequenting this forum too much after I give the 8 back today. I'll probably pop in every now and again. This forum is so laidback and (almost) troll free that I really enjoy reading it.

Take care,

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Who I be?

I be Yuri.

Nickname origin: Pretty silly. It's the name of a company that produces killer mutating robots in a old japanese anime I like a lot. Been using the same nick for 15 years or so online.

Location: Sunny Miami for the past 6 years.

Age: 30

Marital status: Engaged to be married next year. Had to buy the car now while I still could! :D

Job: I am the everything guy for a small company that builds and sell's high end video post production equipment as well as broadcast equpiment for TV stations into latin america, southern Florida and the caribean. I also do all the tech support, repairs and training. It's a lot of work usually, but I get to travel a lot (was just in P.R. for a week or so doing demos and training for 3 TV stations as well as a university).

Hobbies: Mainly computers, video games and electronis in general. I built my own arcade cabinet and stuff in some computer gear so I could play emulated arcade games (full size jobbie, I have pics for those that know what Mame is), and usually build my own little projects such as a LCD info display for my computer, a home built PVR, etc. Never much into cars until I started to learn about the rotary when I was looking for info on the RX-8 6 months ago. Now I am reading as much as I can on the stuff. Love my car and am having great fun with it so far.

Also hate lefties like desmo does. Speak 3 languages (English, spanish and portuguese) but can read another 2 (french and italian). I am also a avid Sci-Fi reader and movie fanatic (got to see Kill Bill 1 day early in P.R.)
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I thought that was where Genom was from...sparked something in my old anime brain files.
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Damian is the name...

Forum name dvls-7....combo of everyone making Omen referernces and i own a RX-7

age: 28

Marital status: engaged to wed this year to someone who supports my craziness with cars....:D

Job: in between right now....also in process of setting up own business.

hobbies: Eddie there anything else... Im also part of the MRCCFL.
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o_town_racer: Tom

Why you chose your forum username: I've always been a car nut, and I needed a screen name when I started using Yahoo! many moons ago. I was autocrossing quite a bit at the time and live in Orlando, so it seemed to fit.

AGE: 39 (so why don't I feel a day over 30?)

LIVING SITUATION: Engaged to be married on Valentine's Day 2004.

LOCATION: Orlando, Florida

JOB: Technical PeopleSoft consultant, Oracle DBA, MS SQL Server DBA, etc, etc.

HOBBIES: Cars first and foremost (Corvette Club member, former Miata Club member, still have a Miata and the Vette in addition to the garage's newest resident, my RX-9). Also enjoy a good online battle or a GT3 race on the PS2. Have to go to the movies at least once every couple weeks.

Anything else about you: Miss those Virginia mountains.....I'm a Hokie through and through.
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aussie77: Glen

Why you chose your forum username: because I am australian, although not living there currently. Was born in 1977.

AGE: Just turned 26.

LIVING SITUATION: Married for 11 months now.


JOB: Currently doing research in physics. Have a Masters in Materials Science from GA Tech but the economy sucks (thanks G.W).

HOBBIES: Tennis, computer games and martial arts. Play tennis pretty seriously so not a lot of time left between training and work.

Anything else about you: Lived in Japan for a year and can speak pretty fluent Japanese.
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miata2rx8: Peter

Why you chose your forum username: Pretty obvious- I love Mazda cars. Made fun of Miatas, then drove one and bought it that day. RX8 is the next step.

AGE: 32


LOCATION: Nashville, TN

JOB: Systems engineer for an IT outsource/ datacenter company

HOBBIES: The Car, working on the house, motorcycles.

Anything else about you: Was in the Peace Corps in Africa before getting into cars. But I did get into motorcycles when I was over there!
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GoodyRX8: Glenn or Goody or Glenjamin

Why you chose your forum username: Nickname is Goody

AGE: 40 today, yes I am the big 4-0 today.

LIVING SITUATION: Very happily married, with 2 boys, 21 months and 3 1/2 years old


JOB: Retired Information Technology Executive, okay I was laid off. Just received verbal offer for CEO position at a software company.

HOBBIES: Tennis, Golf, Cars, Computers, Home Automation, Reading, Watching Movies in Home Theater, learning new things, working around the house, socializing with good friends and especially spending time with my family.

Anything else about you: I grew up in the Boston, lived in both the Orlando and Melbourne Australia before settling here in Atlanta.
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Coming thru in waves...
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Racer X-8: Bill

Why you chose your forum username: Well, I really wanted Racer X. Racer X is Speed Racer's brother. And so you may ask, does your brother race? Why (and I'm glad you asked), yes he does. He races in SCCA GT2 up in the NorPac division (north-pacific, he lives in Seattle). His car was hand-built, it's a fully tubular, 100% racecar RX-7, pictured in my avatar, and it's gotten him quite a few championship seasons already. OK, nuf of him...[jealousy]

AGE: 49 (so why don't I feel a day over 30? That's right, 30! )

LIVING SITUATION: 7-2/3 years into my 2nd marriage. got 2 boys 13 & 15 from my first marriage (the older one is a member in here) who stay with me every other weekend & whenever else I want them (on good terms with the ex). Got 4 stepchildren (2 of each). The youngest is 21 & the oldest is 30! (My wife is almost as old as me, just started much earlier.) So, they're all on their own now, so me & she are living again without kids (except for when my 2 boys are here). They're all still in the area though, & now we are blessed with a newborn granddaughter ( ). My wife is a minister & gospel choir president (s. baptist) & I'm a trustee & gospel choir member (of course).

LOCATION: Lugoff, SC (Columbia area) Stone's throw to the whole SC coast, or to the mountains. Love 'em both

JOB: Mechanical Design Engineer for a kind of a job shop, except, this job shop has its own engineers. Westinghouse Nuclear Fuels Division is our main client. We design & build tooling for making the nuclear fuel assemblies that are used in good old nuclear reactors all over the world. (No, "it" doesn't glow - yet)

HOBBIES: Yeah, right. I guess - this is it. Oh yeah, softball. And travel - when I get to. And drums.

Anything else about you: Nope not a thing. :D Oh, alright. I grew up in Allentown, PA (Billy Joel territory). Also lived, more or less, in the Harrisburg area (college time) (actually, Middletown, yeah, where Three Mile Island is - and, yes, it happened when I was still living in the area. - and, yes, isn't it ironic that I'm making a living off of nuclear fuel assemblies now) & Chambersburg area (worked in R&D for Grove Cranes). I moved down here in '79 & stayed. So, I guess I'm a "darned yankee" (well, you know)...

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nt5k: Nezir

Naming: initials and 5k is better then 2k

Age: 26

Maritals: Single

Locale: Atlanta, GA next to turner field

Job: Data warehouse developer, went to GaTech for CompSci.

Hobbies: A whole bunch, things that keep me awake I guess..
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Naming: Went to UVa, they are the Wahoos ('hoos for short).

Age: 37

Maritals: married

Locale: Atlanta, GA (toco hills area)

Job: Prepress Manager for Vertis/Rock-Tenn.

Hobbies: When I make the time, I like swimming and sailing. For now my hobby is to look at RX-8's on ebay, autotrader, and Haven't bought yet .
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AlexCisneros: Alex Cisneros

Why you chose your forum username: Make a wild guess

AGE: 27

LIVING SITUATION: Married for 2 Years, been together for 10

LOCATION: Miami, Florida --- Kendall

JOB(s): Help run my family's Box Manufacturing Company, Realtor, Mtg. Broker
Have a Bachelors in Business with a specialty in Marketing

HOBBIES: Anything cars, touch my speed vision and I'll kill you... AutoX, HPDE, Paintball, and fenced a while back. Collect Die-Cast Cars, specifically Le Mans winners (yes I bought the AutoArt RX-8)

Anything else about you: Very Aggressive driver that hate "leftists". Please, slower traffic keep right. (<--copied that, but sooo true!)

Need a house or a Mortgage?

oh and most importantly...
Silver GT 6MT, Black/Red interior, appearance pkg., rotary accent pkg., Rear spoiler, cargo net, spare tire... Paid $1000 over invoice 8)
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Stu: Shannon (GUY)

Why you chose your forum username: A nickname all my friends gave me.

AGE: 27 physically. 7 mentally, though I should hit 8 in the next 4yrs.

LIVING SITUATION: With my girlfriend of 2yrs, and have no intentions of changing that to fiancee, or wife.

LOCATION: Nashville, TN.

JOB: Metro Nashville Police Dept. while I finish my last 500hrs of jet time to push over into a real job in the Aerospace field, specifically commercial aviation.

HOBBIES: Well, I ride & used to race motorcycles, both moto X back when I was 10-17, and amatuer street events up until about 3yrs ago. I fly planes for a living on the side. Those are my two safe hobbies, everything else is 'going to kill me.' Cliff diving, sky diving, water dives, and being a complete moron on a motorcycle on the back roads & interstates in every town I can.

Anything else about you: Not really. I'm boring.
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zipdrive: Carl

Why you chose your forum name: kinda what I do. I was MrZippy on the Miata forum

Age 61: why is everyone younger than me?

Living situeation: Married, 6 children between us and 13 grandchildren.

Location: Iron Station, NC (about 30 miles NW of Charlotte)

Job: Retired

Hobbies: RX8ing, fly fishing, staying at our NW Carolina mountain retreat.

Anything else: just traded a 10AE for Sunlight Silver GT. No extras . . . . . yet!
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Chrisbert: Chris

Why you chose your forum name: Nickname given to me by my coworkers years ago. Combination of Chris and Dilbert.

Age: 39

Living situation: Married, no children

Location: Braselton, GA (NE of Metro Atl)

Job: Engineer for Polycom - manufacturer of Video and Audio Conferencing products.

Hobbies: Hunting & Fishing - a high-tech redneck

Anything else: Love my 8
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Gene is lamigre.

Lamigre - clue about my work. The one word yuo do not yell out at a chicken farm.

Age: 45 - I am proud I made it this far.

Living Situation: Soon to be a free man again.

Location: Miami.

Job: Miami based Taliban Hunter.

Hobbies: Cooking, Sports and keeping my car clean.

Anything else about you:

Speak four languages, lived overseas for a long time.. Wish I could have a device that would disable the cars of the wicked leftists society.

I believe the leftists are part of a plot by the oil barons to insure we burn more gas then is needed.
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Pistons.. What are those?
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Name: Tommy

Why you chose your forum username: Name, Sports number, Last Initial

AGE: 26


JOB: Accountant (hold degrees in Accounting and Criminal Justice, with minors in Chemistry and Spanish)

HOBBIES: Paintball, the car, computers,

Anything else about you: A Paintball Freak!!
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Heroes Live Forever
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ONOFIVEO - Oh no! Five 0...Too many troopers on I-20
40 yrs - and glad to be
Hobbies - cars, reading about cars, esp RX-8
Location - Birmingham, AL

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Why you chose your forum username: well... I like to run fast, and have been blessed in doing so. I'm a national class runner for my age.

AGE: 47 (old man), but running like a 30 year old.

LIVING SITUATION: Married 24 years with 2 kids (boys, 13 and 5). The 13 year old thinks the car will be his in 3 years! Yea, sure.....

LOCATION: Chattanooga, TN

JOB: IT Professional, Olan Mills, Inc.

HOBBIES: Running, and just learning how to drive "fast" cars.

Anything else about you: Owned 3 previous Miatas, but 8 is just awesome compared to the Miata. Needed room for the family, and the 8 works just fine!
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Username: Had to be something I can remember.

Age: 61 (me too, zipdrive).

Situation: Married, 3 kids, 6 grandkids.

Location: Knoxville, TN

Job: Manufacturer's Rep

Hobbies: Cars, Woodworking, Old houses.

Other: Ex-AutoXer (may go back). Past Sports Cars = Triumph TR-6, (2)Fiat Spiders, Lancia Beta Coupe, Triumph Spitfire (autoX car), VW-GTI, & Alfa Romeo GTV6.
Both sons are car-nut clones, and the 3 grandsons (14, 12, & 10) are showing symptoms.
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Username: easy enough

Age: 48

Situation: Married (26 years), 1 fifteen year old son.

Location: Houston, Texas (NW Side)

Job: Ops Analyst (Black Belt, Six Sigma Process Team)

Hobbies: Autocross, Commercial Aviation, Computers

Other: 15 years racing motorcycles (flat-track, then roadracing), gave that up when son was born. Avid autocrosser. Past cars include 99 10AE Miata, 97 Sport Miata, 92 Integra GS-R (back when it meant something) , and 11 other Honda's.
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Real name: Alex

Username: I was watching an old episode of SNL /w the "Bill Swerski's Superfans (Da Bears)" skit. I thought the name was cool so I picked it up.

Age: 27

Situation: Longterm Girlfriend (nearly 9 years) Getting engaged in March/April, Buying a house by June, wedding date 04.16.05... Would have been maried sooner but life has it's little bumps along the way.

Location: Miami, FL

Job: Software Developer (Mostly in C++ on MS platforms)

Hobbies: Rotary powered cars, Firearms, Autocrossing, Computers, and tinkering with all sorts of things. My old man would have me take on all sorts of projects.

Other: Previously owned a 79, 88, 93 RX-7 before the RX-8. My father owned a "Mom&Pops type" autoparts store so I got to spend alot of time in shops. When I was 10 or 11 I first learned of the rotarty and have been hooked ever since.
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Who Cares?
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Name: Mike

How I chose my username: I have been in the Air Force for 15 years and was the first person on my base driving an 8.

Age: 33

Married for 8 1/2 years with three children my oldest lives in MN with my ex and I have 11y/o boy and 6y/o girl. If not for my wife I probably would be driving a GTP...

Location: Robins Air Force Base, Georgia 20 minutes south of Macon.

Job: Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge of Wideband Systems

Hobbies: My 8, Xbox, computer, etc...

Other: One dog a Dachshund named Pfizer. (Pfizer pharmaceutical company makes Viagra and Dachshunds are referred to as weinie dogs...) :p Delivery date for my 8 was 11/06/03.
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