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canaryrx8 04-17-2007 02:59 PM

Calling all WORK wheel owners
So I joined the Work wheels club this morning, (pics to come later after the rain clears), anyone else out there? why should the Ray's/Volk people have all the fun? :D:

Jedi54 04-17-2007 03:26 PM

(Subscribing to see these on Canary's car)

canaryrx8 04-17-2007 03:58 PM

ack, am I all alone? I don't know whether to be stoked or sad if that's the case :D:

Jedi54 04-17-2007 04:00 PM

I'd be STOKED! Nothin' like being the only guy on a forum to have a certain mod... :rock: Now when's that rain going to be gone???

NgoRX8 04-17-2007 04:03 PM

just get those pics up... :)

im sure there are others, they just haven't seen the thread yet. Im_DANomite has some work CR i believe.

XDEEDUBBX 04-17-2007 04:14 PM

nice canary!!! hurry up and post

lazi 04-17-2007 04:22 PM

i do! but... not anymore =( hahahaha =P hahahaha

RoXanneBlack8 04-17-2007 04:28 PM

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now go open an axis hiro owners thread, run thru the PAGES of that. wtf.

XDEEDUBBX 04-17-2007 04:33 PM

here yo go sir


RA-Eight 04-17-2007 04:47 PM

There's gotta be more! I've seen a few CR, and CR Kai, Meister S2Rs (one of my favs).

turbosa22c 04-17-2007 06:02 PM

heres mine.



lazi 04-17-2007 06:04 PM

what wheels are those? and is that you in the picture? =P haha

turbosa22c 04-17-2007 06:05 PM

xsa 02c

thats my wife

lazi 04-17-2007 06:11 PM

ohh those wheels. nice nice! i like! and pretty wife!

jrb_dakine 04-17-2007 06:13 PM

I like this thread. Very few Work owners.

lazi 04-17-2007 06:14 PM

Originally Posted by jrb_dakine
I like this thread. Very few Work owners.

hey wsup long time! havent seen u on the boards in awhile. dont you have the vs xx? dont rememebr

andylam85 04-17-2007 06:16 PM

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Here are my Work Emotion CR Kai Gunmetal. Will have update pix in about 2-3 weeks.

turbosa22c 04-17-2007 06:20 PM

if i had known at the time i would have gone 18x9 all the way around

XDEEDUBBX 04-17-2007 06:32 PM

Here is JRB's car


he's got some new stuff on his car but these are old pics..

lazi 04-17-2007 06:52 PM

^i love his wheels!

canaryrx8 04-17-2007 09:06 PM

dang, those are some sweet pictures! Well the weather today was awful, drive home was especially bad. If you cn picture driving home in a monsoon with a car loaded down about 100 extra lbs in wheels, on brand new wheels on stretched 30 series tires then that was me! I probably should have gotten a picture of the car all loaded down, in the parking lot at work I could barely get my foot underneath the sideskrts lol But alas, no wreck, no hail damage, no problems, and the sun sorta' came out towards the evening. My car is filthy, but I knew people would want to see pics (even crappy ones lol) so I hosed her down real quick, and got to snapping. Obviously I'll be taking better ones at some point, but since i have a lot of stuff going on with the car that'll be a while :)
Here's a brief review of these wheels:

pros- lip for days, i like how the "Work" stuff is actually stamped into the wheel and not a sticker, I especially love the spoke design. The offset on these is perfect, although I may have to roll fenders if I end up going with bigger tires in the rear.

cons- I'm not sure if I like the no center cap look, may have to rig something to clean that up a bit. I've seen the 2 piece version with centers in them, so maybe I'll see what's out there, maybe at least for the fronts anyway.
I'll probably have to get bigger tires for them, as much as I love the stretched look, I fear driving on these every day and to shows etc. may destroy them, and that would suck, plus I'm a little nervous about pushing them hard on some of the drives we do as there is next to no sidewall which could cause the tires to unbead etc. on spirited drives :)

Thanks again to Lazi for the awesome deal, I'll have better pictures up eventually, these will have to do for now :D:


turbosa22c 04-17-2007 09:15 PM

what sizes are those? by chance anyone know who distributes Work here in the states?

canaryrx8 04-17-2007 09:31 PM

19x8.5 and 19x.9.5

Lazi can hook you up :D: (J-onDemand, site vendor)

pdxhak 04-17-2007 10:52 PM

Those look awesome! What size tire are you running front and back? You still thinking about getting a Mint Blue lip spoiler?

canaryrx8 04-17-2007 10:54 PM

225/30/19 front, 255/30/19 back, biggest rubber bands I've ever seen in real life :D:

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