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Rote8 09-21-2015 06:48 PM

Turning the trunk into a bandpass box?
I love bass, love my sub, but it is a heavy sealed box 10 inch sub; it fits in a backseat or in the trunk equally well; always taking up space.

I have an idea!!!!

A single large sheet of particleboard with a sub (or even two) installed, with the angled board starting at the front edge of the trunk/bottom of the rear seat area, and the board would angle up to the trunk hinge area, while being formed/cut to fit the width of the opening side to side; this would divide the trunk itself into a large bandpass box.....

I could still use most of my trunk and all of my backseats, the sub(s) would be in the front side of the trunk and mounted up higher than a sub enclosure sitting in the bottom of the trunk
I could also use a 12 inch sub instead of my 10, or two 12s....

The downside would be the rear deck 6x9 speakers would still need to be isolated from the thump of the sub, maybe two small boxes to stop the sub/bandpass from moving the 6x9's woofer..

Has anyone tried something like this before?

D13 09-22-2015 03:43 PM

Free-Air maybe...

The trunk is not well sealed with many places for air to escape. Free-Air drivers may work, but must be stiff enough to dampen themselves. You will also have a higher -3db with a free air configuration.

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