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lperdido 04-28-2017 02:14 PM

RX8s at South Florida Junk Yard
Just a heads up to anyone in the South Florida area. It seems that 8s are starting to pop up at U-Pull it in Davie. Which is just about the cheapest junk yard there is. There are a total of 4 in the yard as of this morning. I believe an 04, 05 and a couple 07s.

Engine and front bumper are gone from all of them but one of them still has the six speed tranny. There are lots of interior bits and two of them have the trunk with spoiler, rear bumper... bunch of stuff. It is worth checking out if you are in the area.

I was able to get both visors, entire center console to remove and replace my Nav console, including center dash. Complete factory mats (with plastic still on them). Metra kit... complete and the auto up and down window thingy (dei 530t).

Someone beat me to the Red and Black complete interior... He said he paid $2?? for the complete set.... which were in real good shape.

Anyways... this announcement is my good deed for the day.

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