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before I buy an 8

long time view, 1st time thinking about buying an 8 ....before I do I have some questions....

1. This car will most likely be used in the winter ( ) isnt this car rear wheel drive? how does it drive in the snow? will getting snow tires make a difference?

2.from my house to my new job, it will be about 25mins away (highway) 21 miles...will this car eat away alot of oil/gas even though it will be highway miles?
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1. yes, I don't know about snow I live in CAli, and yes.

2. I drive about the same distance to work, I fill up about once a week and for my oil I fill her up about every 1,000 to 1,200 miles. Just to give you an idea.
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1. If your going to drive it in the snow yes snow tires are highly recommended. Long as snow isn't to bad it drives fine.

2. If you don't drive like a maniac ( like me ) then gas/oil shouldn't be a problem.
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i live in CT, we get all kinds of snow storms, before i buy the car im trying to future situations.....i want the 8 so bad, but just the winter concerns me.....i drove a friends bmw when there was just alittle snow and forget it , the car was going all over the road.......dont want that happening to me with the 8 ........then again he didnt have snow tires on
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He's as bad as Can
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A set of snow tires on 17" rims can be found for under $1,000 new or even less used from a board member. Do you have that money to spend and a place to keep the tires? That's what I do and it also helps keep the winter miles off of the nicer summer tires.
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One more couldn't hurt
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The car is basically undrivable on snow/ice with the stock high perf. tires, whether Dunlop of Bridgestone. But given proper snow tires (Blizzak is one of many possibilities) it's a whole different story.
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Where are my Hypno Rims?
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eeps, I just bought an RX-8 and I live in Wisconsin. Even though our winter is for the most part over I believe that a good driver can beat the winter conditions in this car. You'll find it extremely stable.

I also live about the same distance away from my work and I will say that the gas does go down a bit faster than my previous car, but I think it's a small price to pay for such a damn cool car. (that and I have been driving it fairly hard)

I'd just suggest many many test drives to make sure that the car fits you.

One more thing, when i was buying the 8, the dealer was just about jamming winter tires down my throat. If you think the stock tires are loud, just try putting on winter tires! I think all-season tread should work fine.

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I live in MA, so we get worse winters than you, and I didn't let that stop me. I did get snow tires for it, as everybody here recommends. Didn't have too many drive-in-the-snow occasions this winter, but had zero problems in those I did face.
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I put 4 Blizzaks on 17" wheels....Wonderful in the snow/ice here in Albany NY... Dont even try it without snow tires....
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wtb F/I
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I'd assume too that you'd need to be sure to get the DSC / Traction control. Think you have to get the sports package to get it.
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I have a base 8 manual with no DSC or TSC. I live in MN and we get plenty of snow. I drove my 8 most of the winter with snow tires. As long as I kept the RPM's below 4k or so it was fine.

The car handles very well on snow and ice WITH snow tires, better in fact than a number of front wheel drive cars I've owned.

Again, you HAVE to get snow tires. Please don't buy the car without them.
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I live in Ontario just north of Toronto and decided *not* to winter drive it. By the time I bought winter rims and tires, it was just as cheap to buy a winter beater.

I was not concerned about my driving or the way the car handled. I was more concerned about the idiots drives that should not even be on the road in the winter, you know, the kind that slide into the intersection on red lights.
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I drive in Chicago, they keep the roads pretty clear so I get away with Avon all season ultra performance tires. I put 245/40/18 on the stock wheels. Looks great and quieter then stock. In the snow they are OK, very good in rain. They would run you about $580 shipped, they give you about 90% of the OEMs and winter driving in one tire plus you can sell the OEM.
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