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War Eagle 04-11-2015 08:10 AM

{FS} -BUBBLETECH AUCTION- Exedy Racing Clutch
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MOD EDIT: AUCTION ENDS AT 9:10AM EST ON APRIL 18TH 2015. HIGHEST PUBLIC BID PRIOR TO THAT TIME WINS. READ THE RULES: https://www.rx8club.com/bubbletech-f...-first-257843/

Category: Drivetrain
Price: $200
Private or Vendor Listing: Private Listing
Part Fits (you may select multiples): Others, Series I, Series II
Location (US State/Canada/Int): NC
Item Condition: New

RX-7 parts auctions to benefit the Resurrection of Bubbletech! - RX7Club.com

I'm David Hayes from the RX7Club forum and the mods here have been gracious to allow the start of this auction forum to benefit Bubble Tech, a big supporter of rotary owners. While BubbleTech focuses mostly on 3rd gen RX7 parts, they are a big producer of rotary t-shirts and other goodies as well, so they benefit us all.

As detailed in the above link, BubbleTech's shop recently burnt down, leaving the owner, Benny, with very little. A number of folks have been very kind and have donated to his you caring fund drive (Phoenix Garage: Rebuilding Bubble Tech HQ From The Ashes | Emergencies & Disasters - YouCaring).

So, if you can't donate directly to him, then how about buying a great Exedy Racing Series clutch, with all proceeds going directly to him? A win-win, right?

Here is what is up for auction. A brand new, still in the box, Exedy RX8 Single Sports Series clutch. This item is model number 10803AHD and is a fantastic clutch. Gets great reviews and is a nice upgrade for RX8 owners that simply need to replace a wearing out clutch or for those who want to do more spirited, performance driving.

A direct OEM replacement fit, here are the details:

- Ultra Fiber Discs provides high heat resistance essential for street performance and mild racing applications.
- The discs have a copper weave that will increase the heat resistance characteristics and burst strength eliminating the need to reinforce the friction material with steel plates.
- Clutch cover designed to achieve clamp loads that are 40% than the OE part allowing a higher torque transmitting capacity.
- Pressure plate manufactured using ductile material allowing for high burst strength in all temperature ranges.
- The unique Ductile material ensures durability and long life.





The MSRP on the clutch is $592 and the selling price online starts at $385.

Let's start the bidding at $200 and buyer pays shipping from 28804. Or, if you are going to be at DGRR next weekend, I will bring this along for you.

Who wants to jump in on this to get a great deal and to help Bubble Tech?

End time on this auction will be ONE WEEK from today, so Saturday, April 18th is the last day to get your bids in!

ShellDude 04-11-2015 07:43 PM

so easy.... $200 it is!

War Eagle 04-12-2015 08:57 AM

Awesome, we have the first bid in! Thanks ShellDude. Now let's keep those bids coming in for a great product with all proceeds going to support BubbleTech.

bwilk 04-13-2015 10:27 AM

Well, I'll probably need a new clutch soon, so $225.

War Eagle 04-14-2015 05:53 AM

Thanks for the bid! Let's keep them coming.

War Eagle 04-15-2015 07:52 PM

Leaving tomorrow morning for Deals Gap Rotary Rally. Internet is sparse out there but I will do my best to check in on the auction. Let's get some more bids in - remember, it's going to a great cause.

ShellDude 04-15-2015 09:11 PM

two fifty

bwilk 04-17-2015 12:13 AM

The clutch, she will be mine! $275!

War Eagle 04-17-2015 05:44 AM

^ :)

Last day of auction! Ends tomorrow morning so let's keep those bids coming in. Spoke with Benny here at Deals Gap Rotary Rally and he really appreciates the support. Great guy and great clutch FTW!

200.mph 04-17-2015 08:33 AM


ShellDude 04-17-2015 06:56 PM

you don't even have an 8 any more!


ShellDude 04-18-2015 11:07 AM

Assuming I won this, please charge me the going rate for this clutch. I don't want to put a reputable supplier out any more than they already are trying to help Bubbletech.

RIWWP 04-18-2015 11:21 AM

Yup, Shell won it, $300

I think this clutch was won for free in a giveaway, but it is of course up to War Eagle how he handles it.

ShellDude 04-18-2015 11:24 AM

If that's the case then I'd still like to pay, at the least, the "internet" price to show support for Bubbletech.

I tried to find some of my own stuff to sell/donate and have come up empty.

Williard 04-18-2015 11:29 AM

Just generally a nice guy huh shell?

When ya think you have people(as a whole, not an individual) figured out, someone like Shell emits hope for the future..

Well done sir, well done.


War Eagle 04-18-2015 06:14 PM

Wow, just back in for the evening from Deals Gap Rotary Rally and wanted to see how it all turned out. First, thanks for the bids and congratulations to ShellDude on winning. I really appreciate it and I know Benny from BubbleTech will put the money to good use.

RIWWP is right, my father in law won the clutch at last year's Deals Gap event. When he found out what had happened to Benny and his shop, he offered up the clutch for this auction. So, I am sure Benny would be happy with the $300 but would be ecstatic with the internet price. Cheapest I found it on the internet was $385 but please, pay what you are comfortable with contributing.

Shell, I'll shoot you a pm with my info.

Again, thanks to all for looking and bidding and to the mods for setting this up.

War Eagle 04-22-2015 05:11 AM

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Transaction completed! Thanks so much to Shell for his generosity. He paid more ($350) for the clutch than the winning bid of $300. Awesome guy.

Here is a record of the monies just sent to Benny at BubbleTech. I messed up somehow on quoting out the shipping which is why the total is a little over $340 versus the $350,


Again, thanks to the mods for allowing this and for all that participated.

RIWWP 04-22-2015 07:42 AM

Thanks War Eagle.

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