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  1. Strange Transmission Issue Started Today
  2. What can I expect a Mazda dealer to tell me about my cars issues?
  3. Shifter issue
  4. over heating after high revs...water pump?
  5. ESS (NVRAM) will not reset, why?
  6. Is She Dead?
  7. AC knob came out. Doesn't seem broken
  8. Compression Test Results Help
  9. Cat Converter Hole - Have a look!
  10. Fuel gauge not reading correctly/consistently/at all (engine-swap content)
  11. Rx8 Not starting
  12. p0302 misfire
  13. White mystery smoke. Happens intermittently with no real rhyme or reason.
  14. S2 and S1 PS Module Compatibility
  15. AirBag Code 21
  16. Could it be Coils, Plugs, Wires?
  17. 2004 rough idle
  18. Would a broken key fob cause my 05 MT to not crank?
  19. Help with new noise on throttle blip
  20. Car Hesitating at 6-7k rpm
  21. Freshly Rebuilt Engine Overheating
  22. Anyone have any rear interior creaking noises?
  23. Keyless entry not working
  24. No crank
  25. 2004 RX8 Auto Dies In Reverse or Drive
  26. Temporary starting problems
  27. Unusual ODBII codes not long after engine replacement
  28. Hum From Oil Filler Neck
  29. 8 Died At Speed, Will Not Start/Hold Idle
  30. After a round of troubleshooting im left with..
  31. P0171, P2096, car dead, then next day car is fine
  32. Upper Intake Manifold will not line up
  33. Upper Intake Manifold will not line up
  34. Flywheel end play?
  35. 101.000KM first engine, sudden compression loss and recovery. Stuck apex seal?
  36. Gas removal with broken pump
  37. Why wont my car start?
  38. Is My Starter Not Disengaging? Hot Start Issues [Video]
  39. RX8 Won't Start - Coils vs Fuel Pump
  40. Clutch Issues?
  41. Is this normal?
  42. Blinking CEL, no power, white smoke...
  43. 2 (inner core) broken NGK spark plugs on 2nd rotor after 30.600 mls (incl. pic's)....
  44. Suspected Fuel Delivery issue?
  45. Do I need a new catalytic coverter
  46. Coolant seal blown? (photo)
  47. Another 8 with low RPM power loss and occasional rough idle
  48. Engine Knock (with video)
  49. Mazdaspeed front brake pads squeel
  50. Is this rattlesnake sound normal?
  51. P2259, but air pump is woking
  52. 109k miles and down for the count...
  53. Starting issue after coils wires and plugs replaced
  54. How much coolant to drain when replacing thermostat?
  55. Where's the coolant sensor connector male end?
  56. Bog down at takeoff
  57. Front Suspension Popping Sound
  58. Down stream 02 sensor
  59. No coolant light and no DTC means no coolant leak?
  60. Rough Start
  61. PPF adjustment bolt on front tunnel member
  62. Rough start and white smoke, but no coolant smell in exhaust
  63. press fitting failure
  64. Help, I can't figure this one out, does not run smoothly
  65. RX8 performance after flooding
  66. Electrical system suddenly completely dead.
  67. Help Diagnosing Throttle/Starting/Electrical Issue
  68. Rear rotor lead plug fouling
  69. DIY Remove eccentric shaft bolt
  70. Side/ Corner Seals flush against rotor
  71. Dash Vibrates @1200K , motor mounts?
  72. New Metra kit - now mixed temps thru vents.
  73. Need some help narrowing down a bothersome noise in the engine bay.
  74. Is it my starter?
  75. Rx8 Overheating, please help.
  76. Lumpy Power Steering
  77. Changed ignition coils, did not fix cutting out
  78. Rebuild.... wont start
  79. Blew oil line - Bypass 1 cooler as temp fix? 6MT
  80. Unknown Problem
  81. 1st gear sluggish RPM climb when warmed up, quick when cold
  82. Replacing SI fuel pump...Anyone tried the Airtex?
  83. Problem with steering?
  84. P0441-Brand New Gas Cap
  85. Won't start, electrical issue
  86. Hesitates after 4500rpm 03 5MT 4Port
  87. 2003-2011 Mazda RX-8 Floatless Coolant Level Sensor Kit
  88. Fuel Injector Grommets
  89. SSV Stuck Open. Car Rumbles and Dies. No power.
  90. Wheel Bearing noise while under load in a turn/transition
  91. Fuel injectors and rpm
  92. Electrical Issues
  93. Wheel Hub - 07 with DSC
  94. Weird noise when driving in the "even" gears.
  95. 2006 Running rough, feels like its missing, gets slightly better when warmed up
  96. P0139 and P2096 CEL correlated?
  97. Weird Starting Problem
  98. ABS and Traction Control Lights Turning On Randomly
  99. Starter to blame?
  100. immobilizer issue
  101. My RX-8 is dumping coolant
  102. Idle issues, stalling and bucking under acceleration
  103. 04 Starts, Revs to 1k, Dies
  104. Exhaust leak? Or ignition issue?
  105. Stalls at idle, vacuum leak?
  106. Serious of problems
  107. Race roots midpipe issue
  108. RX8 idling issues
  109. Flooding: ECU pedal-to-floor fuel cut vs. installing a fuel cut switch?
  110. ticking/slapping sound while in gear only, please help!
  111. Yet another LTFT diagnosis...
  112. Weird sound/trouble getting into gear
  113. Looking for Oregon backup to get at a coolant leak
  114. Interesting Idle issue (RPM Jump) P0507
  115. a/c compressor issue
  116. Power issues, coils need replacement?
  117. Car stalls at red lights. TCS/DSC lights won't turn off. Help!
  118. Reversed the polarity of battery, car won't start. Fuses blown?
  119. LED Strip As DRL/Turn Signal Wiring
  120. Weird idle then fine with cold start
  121. Clutch required to start??
  122. Need help resetting Oil Metering Pump
  123. P0302 w/ freeze frame data
  124. Center A/C Controls Not Working
  125. Undertray PAdding
  126. Bent Spark Plug Tip
  127. Fuel Injector resistances
  128. OBD scan tool preferences for misfire troubleshooting
  129. flex-a-lite 30186 installation
  130. headlight & honk when you arm the keyless
  131. Headbanging Electrical Problem
  132. Parasitic drain on ACC fuse..
  133. Starting issue Cold start.
  134. PCM Issues/Missing/Low Temp readings
  135. Key Fob Issue
  136. Rear lug stud snapped
  137. Smoking only at idle
  138. Clutch Bite Point & Engagement
  139. Walbro Fuel Pump Question FC->RX8
  140. Still having issues with car
  141. Oil Cooler Line Leak; Fitting type needed
  142. TCS Light On
  143. How to fix a door lock cylinder?
  144. Possible bad fuel pump?
  145. Broke a part need help
  146. Faulty oil level sensor diy repair
  147. PO638, just bad ground or TB?
  148. Squeaking/chirping with clutch out
  149. P0410 code fan good fuse good no power?????
  150. Front left brake caliper stuck
  151. Car alarm goes off for no reason
  152. Clutch Pressure Variance
  153. When is the last time you flushed your brake fluid?
  154. My 2005 RX8
  155. stalling at idle on startup
  156. Need help: Fresh rebuild won't start
  157. Coolant Smell
  158. Fresh rebuild won't start (no spark)
  159. A/C issues please,help. overcharged system....
  160. P0300 Lean Misfire HELP!
  161. Overheating after BHR Ignition
  162. New engine and a testing a Sohn Adapter
  163. Stuttering problem 2500 to 3500 rpms.
  164. Dies at idle
  165. High pitch sound.
  166. Help please, nothing working
  167. Parasitic draw through headlight washer circuit
  168. EGI and BTN in Fuse Box?
  169. Clutch Chipping Noise
  170. What happened to my engine?
  171. Heat on passenger side, cool on driver side
  172. Ignition problem/ Opinions Wanted!!
  173. Cataylst incomplete - Smog Check Not Ready
  174. Won't start, only clicks...
  175. 2006 vs 2011 Rx8 Catalytic Converter the same?
  176. Safe to Remove every components until VFAD Actuator?
  177. engine problem
  178. please help, I miss my baby
  179. Intermittent oil warning light
  180. Cooling fans troubleshooting-what feeds the ecu?
  181. Leaking spark plug hole leaking
  182. 2007 RX-8 started then stalled after replacing ignition coils / plugs / HT wires
  183. coolant system problems. need help!
  184. Brand new engine: lots of white/gray smoke
  185. 04 problem
  186. Flooded
  187. Limp Mode, TCS/DSC Indicator, CEL P2112?
  188. P0171, but...
  189. New install - Oil cooler hose rubbing AC pulley
  190. rx8 steering wheel issue, did the mechanic broke it?
  191. Engine idle issue/hesitation
  192. A little TS before yankin the Wankle
  193. Loosing clutch fluid
  194. Sound issue
  195. Compression numbers and starting rpm question
  196. Strong Vibration @ 2000 RPM
  197. Tranny Issue will not come out of reverse, BUT.. (searched)
  198. Battery or power issue, take a look
  199. Quetion About Revolution 6-Speed Gear Long 0.795 - SE3P RX-8 Zenki
  200. How to open window motor plastic housing?
  201. Won't start after transmission install
  202. High RPM CEL - Still Here After MAF Swap
  203. Diagnosing clunking front suspension/steering rack issue
  204. LCD issue - not radio or HVAC
  205. Metallic rattle when revving under load. Pinging?
  206. Shaking noise.
  207. Exhaust got loud out of no where?
  208. Drive through car wash now clutch squeeks.
  209. P0300 Lean Misfire?
  210. new radiator. Won't start
  211. Mystery Chatter/Rattle
  212. DIY full tune-up/decarb (rotor decarb too)
  213. Please advise ssv switch bypassed?
  214. Pretty sure it's blown/blowing up...
  215. Tcs and solid red key
  216. Please HELP Mazda 2006 Rx8 taking long to catch when starting
  217. Lack of power/rough running/stall when stopping
  218. Transmission help.
  219. Rattling noise wtf is it
  220. Engine completely cut off after a few minutes, won't start. Everything else is ok
  221. We've seen this before, Starts right up, runs, dies after 5-10 minutes, won't start..
  222. lights flicker and clicking noise on door close
  223. My 2003 rx8 wont start
  224. Water Temp Gauge Sensor Location
  225. Coolant Light
  226. Help me diagnose clutch master/slave cylinder issue
  227. Chirping noise at idle and low RPM
  228. Does turning the wheel all the way right then left "Reset" the power steering?
  229. So frustrating! Help diagnose me.
  230. Problem with car....died and won't start
  231. Compression Test Results
  232. Help
  233. 2 issues (car alarm & starter)
  234. Odd shifting behavior and possible culprit? Picture inside.
  235. Installed 2nd hand 13b engine into my 2007 rx8, engine cranks, donesnt start!!
  236. All conditions required for crank?
  237. Headlight leval warning light
  238. Misfire w/ Usual Fixes done
  239. Rx8 clutch assembly issue?
  240. Broke one of my coil mounting bolts, advice needed
  241. P2259 code on startup-not while running - replaced soleniods
  242. Compression test failed
  243. Strange screw like sound when driving
  244. Purge valve solenoid
  245. 04 Automatic stalling issues
  246. Stereo Receiver Problems
  247. 08 RX8 Misfiring
  248. Rear wheel flange and bearing replacement
  249. BTN fuse and earth
  250. Knocking noise