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  1. IMTV Stuck Open
  2. Chatter noise on hard right turns on throttle
  3. Rough Idle and Bad MPG
  4. 2004 Rx8 NEW COILS still rough idle after driving
  5. Rattle Hunt
  6. Stalling at idle
  7. RX8 squeaking noise
  8. Passenger side door won't open from the outside.
  9. Clogged cat or bad fuel pump?
  10. Multiple failures: speedometer, power steering, etc.
  11. Uneven Horizontal fender gap
  12. Not exactly sure waht to make of this
  13. Multiple issues
  14. Gaining oil every week?
  15. O2: what do it do? (O2 delete?)
  16. 300 miles on rebuild and won't start, I'm out of ideas
  17. Oil light came on...again.
  18. chirp or squal from fan behind dash
  19. CV joints
  20. Tail light lamp fogging (2014 thread!)
  21. I can coax it to idle...
  22. rx8 club help my parents in time of need. (CEL, Evap Leak)
  23. Idling, Misfire, Low Power, hiccup at high rpms, gauge issues, CD player broken
  24. Abrupt power cut on/off when feathering throttle
  25. House Routing Help
  26. So my lack off attention resulted in this... now what.
  27. CTP value for TP sweep inspection
  28. Need advice! Cat/Engine Failure and Warranty
  29. Spark plug issue
  30. Sticky, Slipping Clutch: Wont Go Into Gear
  31. No Crank/ Low-Crank
  32. [URGENT HELP] Need to identify this tube
  33. Bad synchro?
  34. Gutted cat ruined 02sensor?
  35. Fuel Pump Overheating - Where are you RIWWP?
  36. Need Help- fuse blown and my brain :(
  37. Oil Light
  38. Replace or Rebuild my Engine
  39. Rough Idle, Over a year.
  40. P0171 after new radiator
  41. Stage 4 clutch for DD use?
  42. Sustained Start Position and Reduced Vapor
  43. Opinion on oil leak
  44. p0335 p0335pb
  45. Battery drain, ig key 15A fuse seems to be culprit
  46. Ground? confused.
  47. Fuel pump, SSV, or bad gass?
  48. Rookie mistake
  49. P2070, Searched, any options before cleaning?
  50. Car dies out on corners (HELP)
  51. 5th time oil in intake and saturating filter
  52. knock from steering rack?
  53. Dash illumination turns on when applying brakes
  54. o2 sensor code and flashing (at times) CEL..?
  55. Car losing power for brief periods?
  56. Airbag light won't go away (it's not the common issue)
  57. Alarm Immobiliser
  58. Broken Driver's seat back
  59. Masked P0420 with COBB AP. Now P0037 surfaces.
  60. Diagnosing a clogged cat or fuel starvation
  61. couple of codes and poor idle/stall
  62. Time to trade in??
  63. 129 miles on a quarter tank?
  64. FIXED: display/head unit flickering, showing gibberish, A/C lights not working
  65. New AC compressor but blows hot air!
  66. Acceleration Issues - NO CEL
  67. Read my plugs and melting coils lol?
  68. CEL on then off?
  69. Very odd starting problem.
  70. CEL at high RPM
  71. Alternator specs
  72. A strange start-up misfire and poor low-end power. Related?
  73. Air bubbles in fuel line
  74. No power to three of four coils
  75. No sound from Passenger 9' Bose, how to diagnose/replace?
  76. Name that part!
  77. Rough Idle, No power on acceleration and stall
  78. Compression test today......
  79. Blown Engine Fuse
  80. my rx is(was) smoking and hessitating hesitating
  81. Taping in the header
  82. issue starting after battery change
  83. Bad wheel bearing?
  84. Clutch bearing engine light
  85. Power cut after hard left on track
  86. Passenger door lock doesn't work.... sometimes!
  87. Extreme difficulty shifting
  88. Engine removal help.
  89. Metering Oil Pump Gremlin Chase!!
  90. tail light issues
  91. Fried Radio from Ipod connection in AUX port?
  92. Are these screws on the Radiator
  93. Help with nicked wires
  94. Wheel speed sensor issue
  95. Hard knock in wheel well while turning
  96. Running slightly hot
  97. Fuel pump like issue?
  98. Clutch
  99. Hot Start issue, low compression is doubtful
  100. another Ignition breakup/ Hesitation
  101. Solution Posting: Car stalls on highway Limp Mode Won't Restart
  102. Odd Revving Issue? Need Help!
  103. Rattling/Clattering Noise By Passenger side
  104. boggs low rpm, stalls at stops
  105. Light Smoke from tailpipe when AC is on
  106. Rattling noise ing Midpipe and straight pipe
  107. BHR coils - can 2 fail at the same time? Plus SSV
  108. Obd2 port not working but has power?
  109. Shifting into 3rd gear from high RPM = GRIND
  110. Running Rich
  111. Strange Vibration Under Specific Conditions
  112. ssv free float
  113. Sunroof opening very rough?
  114. Driving 10 miles with a misfire - very bad idea?
  115. rotor apex seals slots got too wide
  116. Rough on/off throttle response
  117. Is it my coils?
  118. Need Opinions on Rough Idle Cause
  119. SSV, VDI Solenoids part #'s - 0661, 0076 Error codes
  120. 07 Rx8 single tick won't start
  121. Need some advice after catalyst breaks up
  122. unknow overheating issue
  123. 8 is in trouble. Shutting off when I stop
  124. catalytic converter ?
  125. Help! Problems since changing air intake
  126. Car dies 3 seconds after ignition (pos MAF)
  127. Oil leak from OMP.
  128. Multiple codes after 3 month lay up and injector replacement.
  129. fuel pump not getting power?
  130. is there any 4 ports 6-speed AT rx8 ?
  131. Your judgment call - Engine warranty
  132. Da Hail!
  133. Hard Starts and Battery Light Issue
  134. rpm loss/hesitation over 7000
  135. major lack of power
  136. Squeaky clutch pedal
  137. Clunk Clunk u Joints?
  138. Still not working so I need actually advice
  139. Power loss on the interstate (long drive)
  140. Bad MPGs, Smells like it's running rich, no CEL
  141. Low power above 5000rpm
  142. Broken Eccentric Shaft? help!
  143. Sounds like my cat is gone :(
  144. Which key do I need?
  145. Spark Plug Analysis
  146. Rev problem after 7000
  147. Clutch not fully engaging?
  148. Code: P0037 Ho2 Bank 1 Heater circuit Low
  149. New engine codes( p0139, p0076)
  150. P0335 troubleshooting
  151. Car won't start after bleeding brakes & clutch
  152. White smoke/noise at high rpm etc.
  153. torque converter question
  154. Clogged lower intake manifold
  155. Battery Drain "Room" Fuse
  156. My 8 is shutting off
  157. Code P0410 - air valve stuck?
  158. Leaking oil!! What is this?
  159. Weird Noise
  160. Broken under panel
  161. some difficulty shifting
  162. my car sound so rubbish...
  163. Help!! (Body Electrical stuff not working)
  164. Clutch Adjustment Rod not enough Thread?
  165. acceleration problem
  166. CEL, P0420 on RX8 series 1 2005
  167. Pop sound from braking
  168. coolant leak after coil replacement?
  169. Stock exhaust sound degraded
  170. Sohn adapter= no fuel on guage
  171. strange noise?
  172. Motor dying? Please help
  173. Time for a rebuild...
  174. Remote Locking not working
  175. VDI solenoid nipple
  176. HELP ASAP PLZ (Shut off while driving)
  177. Unicorn waste gate replacment
  178. omp line sequence / routing
  179. Help! INtake manifold bolt part number has changed
  180. Hot Start issues
  181. OMP Lines - Is there a check valve or should they flow freely?
  182. How to properly clean oil nozzles?
  183. Help Identifying what this part is
  184. Loss of power and loose engine note when hot
  185. Gas Pump Overfill leads to P2402
  186. *URGENT* Please help! Having issues on a road trip
  187. Excessive Oil Use for RX-8
  188. Do you always replace intake manifold bolts?
  189. Strange grinding noise issue above 5k rpm
  190. 3rd Brake Light bulb?
  191. Oil Cooler Steaming
  192. Car won't start, list of problems
  193. Broke a @%#$! intake manifold bolt. Aaaargh!
  194. When to use gasket sealer?
  195. unscrewed the wrong nut during radiator replacement
  196. Horn/Steering Wheel Control Problems
  197. I am one step away from either burn my car, or get it running " immobilizer"
  198. Melted O2 Plug
  199. Urgent help please
  200. Is my clutch fork shot??
  201. Dying engine?
  202. Flooded
  203. *Multiple issues with my 8. See if you can help! :Caution Long:
  204. engine died at 8k rpm and woulnt start?
  205. Fans Not kicking on
  206. a few questions
  207. Ventilation making groaning, moaning sound
  208. Power window issue
  209. Extreme decrease in MPG
  210. Troubleshooting a nonworking clutch
  211. Help! Think she's dying...
  212. Defloooded my RX8
  213. Driver side door not opening fix!
  214. heat shield problem
  215. Rx8 turns off if I don't give it gas?
  216. New RX8 Startup Video
  217. Can't figure out where my leak is coming from!!
  218. SSV or compression?
  219. Help!!! Again enthusiasm has scuppersdme!!!
  220. I have been driving without AC belt for a long time!
  221. Pulling fuel injectors to fix the seals?
  222. Found random grommet under seat. What is it?
  223. Pop/Clunk from front right?
  224. Before i buy a new front/rear o2 sensor...
  225. Rattling noise in driver side when engine is hot
  226. Stuck calliper slide bolt
  227. My P0302 Misfire experience and solution
  228. Nothing ever goes as planned.
  229. Fuel rail/blown injector/fuel leaking
  230. Differential leaking, what do you guys think?
  231. CAI Throttle Response
  232. new battery, starter, coils, wires - still won't start.
  233. oem exhaust removal
  234. APV MazdaCleaner, Seafoam what does it clean
  235. Fuel trims out of wack
  236. Power Steering stops functioning while on track
  237. TPS problems?
  238. Snapped Clutch now car wont start.
  239. CEL code and slight loss of power
  240. noise above 4k rpms
  241. Front brakes rattling and loudly clicking
  242. Door mirror assembly rattle question
  243. Can't get the boot open, no power, rear lock damaged.
  244. AEM CAI issues
  245. Water Noise HELP
  246. Heater trouble
  247. Belt brands
  248. Fuel Pump Harness Ground
  249. Engine smoke and bucking
  250. RX8 died after long time and problematic idle occasionally