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  1. Hot Start issues
  2. OMP Lines - Is there a check valve or should they flow freely?
  3. How to properly clean oil nozzles?
  4. Help Identifying what this part is
  5. Loss of power and loose engine note when hot
  6. Gas Pump Overfill leads to P2402
  7. *URGENT* Please help! Having issues on a road trip
  8. Excessive Oil Use for RX-8
  9. Do you always replace intake manifold bolts?
  10. Strange grinding noise issue above 5k rpm
  11. 3rd Brake Light bulb?
  12. Oil Cooler Steaming
  13. Car won't start, list of problems
  14. Broke a @%#$! intake manifold bolt. Aaaargh!
  15. When to use gasket sealer?
  16. unscrewed the wrong nut during radiator replacement
  17. Horn/Steering Wheel Control Problems
  18. I am one step away from either burn my car, or get it running " immobilizer"
  19. Melted O2 Plug
  20. Urgent help please
  21. Is my clutch fork shot??
  22. Dying engine?
  23. Flooded
  24. *Multiple issues with my 8. See if you can help! :Caution Long:
  25. engine died at 8k rpm and woulnt start?
  26. Fans Not kicking on
  27. a few questions
  28. Ventilation making groaning, moaning sound
  29. Power window issue
  30. Extreme decrease in MPG
  31. Troubleshooting a nonworking clutch
  32. Help! Think she's dying...
  33. Defloooded my RX8
  34. Driver side door not opening fix!
  35. heat shield problem
  36. Rx8 turns off if I don't give it gas?
  37. New RX8 Startup Video
  38. Can't figure out where my leak is coming from!!
  39. SSV or compression?
  40. Help!!! Again enthusiasm has scuppersdme!!!
  41. I have been driving without AC belt for a long time!
  42. Pulling fuel injectors to fix the seals?
  43. Found random grommet under seat. What is it?
  44. Pop/Clunk from front right?
  45. Before i buy a new front/rear o2 sensor...
  46. Rattling noise in driver side when engine is hot
  47. Stuck calliper slide bolt
  48. My P0302 Misfire experience and solution
  49. Nothing ever goes as planned.
  50. Fuel rail/blown injector/fuel leaking
  51. Differential leaking, what do you guys think?
  52. CAI Throttle Response
  53. new battery, starter, coils, wires - still won't start.
  54. oem exhaust removal
  55. APV MazdaCleaner, Seafoam what does it clean
  56. Fuel trims out of wack
  57. Power Steering stops functioning while on track
  58. TPS problems?
  59. Snapped Clutch now car wont start.
  60. CEL code and slight loss of power
  61. noise above 4k rpms
  62. Front brakes rattling and loudly clicking
  63. Door mirror assembly rattle question
  64. Can't get the boot open, no power, rear lock damaged.
  65. AEM CAI issues
  66. Water Noise HELP
  67. Heater trouble
  68. Belt brands
  69. Fuel Pump Harness Ground
  70. Engine smoke and bucking
  71. RX8 died after long time and problematic idle occasionally
  72. p0076 and p2004
  73. Loss of Power Above 5k-6k RPM
  74. 0 power after going from 40A boost to 200A boost attempting to cold start.
  75. Tire + Wheel blowout on highway
  76. Post compression test plans
  77. No Power! New Battery HELP!!!PLS
  78. New Brake Sounds-Issues or Normal?
  79. Changing stock spoiler into mazdaspeed spoiler
  80. Misfires, slightly glowing cat, and a few questions. I'm out of ideas.
  81. Spacers stuck to wheel hub!
  82. Where's my power!?
  83. Misfire and a lot of codes
  84. Anyone have any pictures of what is behind the APV gear?
  85. Problem starting
  86. Engine noise on startup, goes away as it warms
  87. Highway overheating
  88. Bloody Lincoln Memorial
  89. Fuel tank breather blocked?
  90. STFT at -25%?
  91. Hard shifting
  92. Sick of this problem !!!!
  93. MisFire Bang Bang
  94. Clutch stiffness in winter?
  95. First post and electrical issues
  96. flooded my Baby rx8
  97. 2004 RX8 Automatic Diagnostic Codes
  98. What is this?
  99. Power loss after highway driving.
  100. Check engine light ***videos included***
  101. Codes Codes and more codes, Opinions appreciated!
  102. Before I pull my hair out and buy a new MAF, need opinions.
  103. Starting problems
  104. Flashing CEL, no noticable misfires (after engine rebuild/install)
  105. Passenger airbag light misbehaving
  106. rx8 wont start, video posted. HELP.
  107. Midrange Rpm Brick wall (searched)
  108. Compression Check Measurements
  109. Neutral switch on gearbox- BAD IDLE
  110. Rough idle got worse
  111. Car died while driving.
  112. 2004 4AT lost power...
  113. "redline" at 6250rpms? p0076
  114. Won't hold idle
  115. Rough cold start but normal after like 3 minutes ? HELP!
  116. RX8 Warmup issues when starting in the Great White North
  117. P2070 and P0076 but SSV works perfectly every time.
  118. Whirring sound
  119. Running on one rotor?
  120. Help-I'm so dumb Mixed Up Plug Wires
  121. A little loss of power between 4,300 and 4,500 RPM
  122. Idle Constantly Surges
  123. Intermittent power loss-SSV?
  124. Abs/Dsc Problem
  125. Broken wires on fuel pump assembly
  126. u0155 code
  127. Important Noob question about Transmission and Differential Oils?
  128. injectors problem help!!
  129. Deflooding just went horribly wrong
  130. interresting MS Strut Bar on customers car
  131. Occasional Engine Problem
  132. A little help Im at a loss
  133. Crazy hesitation problems
  134. Esps sensor wiring
  135. P2096 after 1 hour of driving
  136. keyless entry, semi works
  137. Serious power loss
  138. engine code 2096 and Torque app Help ME!!!
  139. Limp Mode Issue Resolved
  140. Rattling near front at 750 RPM
  141. Coolant reservoir
  142. Strange P2004, P2010 CEL Codes
  143. Brake light noise Filter location?
  144. System Running Too Lean
  145. car 'jerking' between 3-4K rpms
  146. Won't start after replacing coils.. flooded? or battery issue..
  147. Bad Coils/Cat failure
  148. New Engine stuttering
  149. Display isn't working.HELP!
  150. Got my first misfire code P0302 (Now won't start)
  151. Compression test failed, Mazda refusing new engine
  152. Crank Seal Leak, will Warranty cover it??
  153. Engine cranks, but won't start
  154. Radiator cracked at upper hose connector
  155. Engine Blown On Way to Law School Exam?
  156. Advanced Keyless Entry System
  157. Heat damage to shocck sensor?
  158. confirming oil ring control failure
  159. Failed ECU any help appreciated
  160. Cat Location Question
  161. No power to injectors won't fire
  162. Stalling under heavy braking
  163. Injector Problem after engine replacement
  164. Excessive inner tire wear- rear
  165. Aftermarket stereo and smart key
  166. Repeat ignition coil failure, 3rd time replacing in 7 months
  167. Small Leak
  168. Grinding noise when turning right.
  169. '04 really slow at times
  170. 05 Weird headlight aiming issue.
  171. constant/ intermittent p2906 CEL
  172. Clutch Noise after PPF Correctly Aligned
  173. Coil PIC
  174. SSV works sometimes
  175. Shifts harder with hot tranny - grinding
  176. (SMH) Need help passing smog
  177. Never thought I'd be here... Need advice on what to do. Fix or Sell.
  178. Could the 7 years old starter be failing?
  179. hello what is up(Spark Plug Pic) Take a look
  180. 2004 RX-8 Hard Start hot or cold
  181. Coolant Loss & Overheat after 116k Miles on Original Engine & Too Many Autox to Count
  182. Glowing red catalytic converter: CA smog soon!
  183. MT, 6 speed, stuck in gear, came loose, OK?
  184. Lean cel and ap problem?
  185. Advanced Keyless Problem
  186. rx8 alarm wont work
  187. Neutral and Reverse Switch
  188. (Searching for hours) Car still Shaking(idle)
  189. Already searched this... Help please.
  190. Does this catalytic converter look okay?
  191. Engine fans at idle
  192. My 2005 Mazda Rx-8 wont start
  193. Glowing red O2 sensor on cat
  194. BHR Mods
  195. RX-8 is back from the shop...
  196. Engine flooded, then misfire on way home
  197. What to use to clean SSV
  198. 04 With Newly Rebuilt Engine Won't Start
  199. Rough idle and misfire
  200. Security light flashing
  201. Chattering noise under intake and rough idle
  202. $1500 dollar service from dealership? Good deal?
  203. Idle Air Control Valve
  204. new midpipe. check light on
  205. Aftermarket Radiator Fitment Issue
  206. P2270??
  207. Light ping in six gear after new engine
  208. burning rubber smell went away turning off ac
  209. AT to MT abs reprogram
  210. Oh snap!! Literally... engine subframe stud advice needed...
  211. Rx8 fail while drifting
  212. What is the HEAD fuse and the ST fuse?
  213. Secondary air pump question
  214. Whirring sound, accessory mode, cold start
  215. Sudden engine problem
  216. Clutch Issues after warmup
  217. Automatic Shifting
  218. Spark Plug not getting fuel
  219. Reading Body DTC (B prefix codes)
  220. Car not starting, memory reset
  221. bucking while cornering
  222. Traction and CEL came on, other weirdness
  223. (Nearly) Complete Electrical Failure
  224. Dash gauges giving error code
  225. In Denial About the Faith of My Engine
  226. Hard start after decarbing engine.
  227. Misfires and intermittent power loss
  228. High rpm stutter flashing cel no cat
  229. Blinking TPMS Light
  230. Ride Height
  231. Sunroof won't close
  232. Rattle, 1,500 to 2,800 RPM, All Gears
  233. SSV Switch
  234. Load resistor on LED third brake light
  235. Loud whining noise while driving
  236. Battery Harness Issues
  237. emissions test triggered p2070
  238. Lumpy start up
  239. help - ssv vs P0301
  240. Intermittant Brake Vibration With Light-Medium Pressure
  241. So I hit something.....
  242. Knocking when reving
  243. Irradic Spark from trailing coils?
  244. Weird AFR Readings OEM vs aftermarket
  245. Power loss past 7K RPM
  246. u0100
  247. Front Brake Dragging?
  248. P1688 & Passenger radiator fan not working...
  249. can coolant clogg cat?
  250. Steering rack alignment