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  1. Jazzmeson's MazdaManiac Greddy Turbo Kit
  2. adding rotors?
  3. Broke welded nut in the frame
  4. Help with engine stud kit
  5. Greddy Turbo Kit First Start-up
  6. V mount versus trunk mount..
  7. Ethanol blends
  8. Turbo with two stage exhaust
  9. how do I connect to the factory CAN bus?
  10. Does anyone have accelerator pedal pinout?
  11. Zex 55 Shot Question
  12. Anyone know/doing business with RZmotorsports in Orlando?
  13. Greddy Turbo IC Pipes for RHD - Help Needed
  14. Low Mount vs. Top Mount
  15. Full Bridge, Semi PP Intake And Exhaust Engine Set UP..
  16. street port exhaust port owners n/a
  17. Turbo Manifold
  18. Greddy Turbo Oil Restrictor
  19. RX8 Performance Turbo Build
  20. New Custom Porting Template (Graphs included)
  21. Modified turblown top mount dyno
  22. turbo/supercharged Intake Air temps, What is yours running?
  23. i need a rebuild, porting,buikding options
  24. Extreme overheating after GReddy install
  25. Does AxialFlow have any friends left?
  26. K member for an RX8 ?
  27. Greddy install build-Adaptronic
  28. Another REW swap kit? by Rotary-Works
  29. Jimmy’s First Turbo Build (Greddy)
  30. budget 4 rotor question
  31. Another top mount
  32. 13b-running on msp ecu possible?
  33. Nitrous pre turbo?
  34. Fuel Delivery Lag
  35. Brettus turbo 111 (the ultimate Renesis turbo ?)
  36. kg parts fuel rail leaking
  37. Greddy Turbo Build Thread
  38. Mini Twin Scroll roots build 2004 RX8
  39. Jet pump upgrade.
  40. Cryo2 Air Intake vs Meth or NO2 due to local regulations
  41. What is limiting reliable HP and how to get past it?
  42. How does Turbo Turbine map work ?
  43. Centrifugal SC research
  44. Caps Turbo Build
  45. True top mount setup.
  46. What would cause this?? Pettit Supercharger
  47. Phantom Supercharger General Discussion
  48. Faking signals for emissions components.
  49. General Help - Turbocharging
  50. Side and peripheral exhaust ports
  51. 5558 Precision Turbo build
  52. Compressor Upgrades for Greddy turbo - 18G vs 57trim vs H-3 vs GT3076 vs 60-1
  53. I am stuck with Walbro issues
  54. garrett GT3071r (WG) good upgrade for greddy turbo kit??
  55. Help: Intercooler upgrade (greddy turbo kit)
  56. Water Injection controller, Any electronics guys out there.
  57. vlad0691 Build Epicness... and stuff
  58. Rx8 cosmo fuel issue
  59. rev limit and nitrous
  60. WTB Intake Supercharger Turbo Charger Kit
  61. Turbo'd rx8 spotting
  62. Greddy Turbo?
  63. Logalinipoo's Custom turbo build.
  64. Phantom Electric Superchargers (not eBay)
  65. Brettspeed Fuel Pump Solution - FI on high speed corners
  66. Pre-Build Questions
  67. Best Turbos
  68. Not much FI choice in the uk sooooo.....
  69. Where are superchargers in 2014?
  70. MAF maxed at 5volts? Lets fix that!
  71. The End all Turbo Spark plug Thread
  72. just installed int-x. car won't crank
  73. Some Injector Knowledge Straight From Injector Dynamics
  74. Porting Q about 4 Port AT
  75. Interesting article about Turbos.
  76. Fuel for 350whp
  77. Replacement SS Greddy turbo manifold option.
  78. Inside the carbon fiber composite driveshaft.
  79. FD Swap?
  80. Drd8's RX8 Turbo Project
  81. CAI and intercooler?
  82. Greddy Turbo with Mazmaniac Upgrade
  83. FI Top speed
  84. whats up with this UIM?
  85. Highest RWHP 8
  86. Porting problem
  87. Air straightener(honeycomb) How did you install them?
  88. Stay Turbo or Go N/A?
  89. Porting questions
  90. Anyone running nitrous in South Florida?
  91. So my Turbo 8 is back on the road.
  92. Return Fuel System
  93. bryan4140's SFR turbo project
  94. Greddy Turbo Build With MM GT3071R
  95. Turbo Oil Pressure Regulator
  96. Plans for porting need some help about tunes
  97. Fuel pump siphon assembly
  98. Good read about Boost control.
  99. WTBRotary's Drummond Build
  100. Is Cobb Valet tune safe for turbo engines ?
  101. Oil pressure falls as rev goes up once the engine is warmed up.
  102. Mass air flow
  103. Possible Combo for 100% Bolt On GTX3076 Greddy Upgrade NO Grinding/Cutting/Hammering
  104. Returning to Nurburgring---Will my turbo Renesis last ?
  105. JDM pro-M performance chip
  106. how would you install 2nd Bosch 044 fuel pump?
  107. walbro or oem 2009 R3 pump?
  108. DIY: Vacuum leaks and bad oil injectors solution.
  109. Getting engine replaced soon, porting worth it?
  110. replacement wastegate actuator?
  111. If you're running FD transmission in RX8, please help..
  112. Food "4" Thought
  113. what's best sc?
  114. RX8 SP track video
  115. Need 4 rotor builder in Europe
  116. Turbo'd 8's: What type/weight oil are you running? Sohn Adapter?
  117. Boost Leak?
  118. Turbo'd 8 keeps dying and/or misfiring
  119. Turbo'd, cobb tuned, left without battery for over a week...
  120. Cermet Coating
  121. Stupid things the ECU does.....
  122. Running FI - Colder plugs .. yes or no?
  123. Renesis design
  124. Help rx8 not taking fuel (turbo. Won't rev, lots of smoke)
  125. Merc's Turbo Build
  126. Turbo questions Greddy vs. turblown
  127. finally dynoed the car
  128. Stage 4 Pac Performance Low Mount Turbo Package
  129. Nitrous questions
  130. slvrstreak's latest build thread
  131. Electronic Boost Controller
  132. SPS Turbo kit?
  133. Intercooler water sprayer
  134. Swiss Cheese?
  135. What's the most power anyone has put down using the stock ECU?
  136. Mustang Dyno numbers on bridgeported motor
  137. Almost There....
  138. The Time Has Come (Building From Bottom Up)
  139. Temperature Question(s) (turbocharged)
  140. Newbie to RX8's wants a tripple rotor.
  141. help with turbo kit
  142. Experiment Moving the Baro sensor/injector latency
  143. what injectors do I need?
  144. mazsport first TOP mount (old school)
  145. Best Turbo Kit Out There?
  146. Bought my first RX8!
  147. Needs more HP
  148. Haltech engine management
  149. Turbo'd 8 won't rev above 6k
  150. couple Greddy questions
  151. Have a look for racing swap
  152. Engine teardown - 300+ hp with highish miles
  153. Questions and opinions for boosting the 8
  154. Blew my turbo
  155. Pettit PCM-FI Recal kit
  156. 50 trim sufficient?
  157. slash128's Top Mount Build
  158. Carbon8 Build
  159. Looking for a S/C for my RX-8...
  160. Boosting my rx8
  161. Got my new turbo tune, and now my car sounds like a Subaru (w/ video)
  162. rx8 swap
  163. 3.9 rear diff options?
  164. Brettus turbo 11
  165. Alternative to RX8 A/C condenser Unit
  166. Turblown rebuild and port job on my 8 idiocy?
  167. Exhaust and re-tune
  168. I have a turbo, I need you're help.
  169. Rx8 Turbo Choice (Greedy or HKS, or...?)
  170. Superchargers owners please look!
  171. Just some opions on selling a built motor
  172. Harlan's Impossible turbo build.
  173. So it was all good and i was turbo'd.... and then i blew my engine.
  174. Greddy t618z Gasket?
  175. Turbo with dual wastegagte question
  176. Custom Turbo Kit
  177. Boost controller of choice
  178. custom supercharger mod?
  179. Final Build Spec, Opinions please
  180. Diff Cradle for RX8
  181. Need help troubleshooting - Pettit Supercharger and multiple engines
  182. Radiator cover ???
  183. Rx8 turbo lagging help please!!
  184. Baller Boost-gregs new low mount turbo
  185. brand new to this
  186. i need help
  187. I need to get supercharged - best buy?
  188. Tubro Kit or Piece by piece
  189. Greddy Turbo Kit Oil Drain help
  190. Supercharged 2004 AT RX8 Dyno numbers.
  191. Help engine competition
  192. RX8 - Turbo
  193. Proposed build Opinions
  194. Flow test results 800cc and 820cc
  195. Built 13B Motor
  196. full sets turbo kits and extractor for mazda rx8
  197. Wingle's Supercharger Build
  198. ShellDude's 4AT to 6 MT Turbo Thread
  199. just a thought
  200. Looking for a great deal on a brand new GReddy?
  201. 4 Rotor 26B rotary engine build by Dutch Hoebeke / RX Garage first start up.
  202. RX8 FD conversion by RX7 HEAVEN
  203. Dondo's Second Supercharger Build
  204. Dondo's Turbo Build
  205. Throttle issue on boosted RX8
  206. esmeril standard turbo kit
  207. installing a s5 turboII in an '04 rx8
  208. My Himni Racing GT35R Turbo Kit Powered RX-8
  209. Nitrous on 4 port?
  210. HKS SSQV Re-circulation kit?
  211. battery light
  212. can too much engine oil be bad in my specific case?
  213. Greddy Coldside ... making it flow better
  214. Turbo Help!
  215. BNR Turbo rebuild (pics)
  216. Pettit Normally Aspirated Engine Experience
  217. modification of greddy manifold and downpipe
  218. Himni Racing RX-8 FE Turbo kit Sneak Peak
  219. Turbo kit?
  220. fuel system question
  221. BUR9E vs RE9B
  222. The Turblown Low Mount Turbo System
  223. build your own turbo kit
  224. FI 0 to 60 & 1/4 mile
  225. Tracmac Supercharger Kit
  226. Help needed quick! Greddy related ecu issue
  227. Supporting mods for a turbo set-up?
  228. EVO-R RX-8 K27 Turbo with custom throttle body
  229. Stock Dyno 230WHP???
  230. Custom tubular motor mounts anyone?
  231. which turbo to use
  232. did any one take out rx8 OEM ECU?
  233. Best placement for a wideband bung on a Greddy kit??
  234. The building of a BHR monster
  235. the real electric supercharger
  236. Questions for compressor or turbo kit or 20b
  237. Pettit developement project
  238. Electric Supercharger
  239. RX8 Renesis T51R.
  240. questions about 20B platform for track
  241. 20B NA Research Thread!
  242. 80mm throttle body question
  243. Greddy help in hawaii
  244. Hymee Supercharger Owners
  245. New Project Teaser...
  246. L337fpc's Build - Custom Street Port
  247. How much Nitrous, is SAFE Nitrous?
  248. OMP shield
  249. Lightened Rotors and Ported Block
  250. Nitrous vs Turbo