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  1. Replacing my worn out engine mounts, need purchasing advice
  2. Found a MAF sensor o-ring. 2 for $10
  3. DIY over fenders
  4. Help me understand after-market flywheels
  5. DIY: Custom Gauge Pod (with pics/pdf/vid)
  6. DIY AC Condenser Drier Insert Replacement
  7. When all else fails ?
  8. DIY: Programming a new key WHEN YOU ONLY HAVE ONE!! (with FORScan)
  9. DIY: Adding new Parameters (sensors) to OBD2 for logging.
  10. 6 speed V8?
  11. DIY: Maf Cleaning
  12. Fuel pump replacement / swap
  13. DIY: F151-66-830 Flash Mod for LED Bulbs
  14. Engine Rebuild
  15. DIY: Build your own computer-based compression tester for $68 (or $100).
  16. Straight pipe with check engine light on.
  17. potential solution to electrical power steering issue
  18. DIY: Change your transmission fluid and get rid of hard shifts (pictures!)
  19. DIY - Corksport License Plate Frame Install Guide
  20. DIY: Power Steering Wiring Fix
  21. DIY - Center Ashtray Gauge Pod
  22. DIY: fix Fan/Temp knob for $1
  23. DIY WI/Knock/Boost/Fuel Pump control with an arduino.
  24. DIY: Power seat lowering procedure-with video!
  25. Diy: Injector Replacement
  27. DIY: Series 1 Radiator Cooling Fan Operation & Troubleshooting
  28. DIY: Air intake window
  29. DIY: Fiberglass Enclosure for 12" Sub
  30. DIY: Aftermarket (ebay) H.I.D conversion install!
  31. DIY Dash Vent Gauge Mount (UltraGauge Example)
  32. Headlight Oxidation vs headlight Damage
  33. DIY: Footwell Lights (with pics/pdf/vid)
  34. AC-condenser core spacer
  35. DIY - Noisy Airpump Change bearings (both) with pics
  36. DIY: Filtered Det phones/knock indication
  37. DIY Fuel Pump Housing Removal Video
  38. DIY: Hazed/foggy headlight fix
  39. DIY Replace Oil Cooler Lines
  40. DIY: Bolt Restoration Black Oxide Coating
  41. DIY: Basic video camera mounting on passenger seat
  42. DIY: Metra Double Din Kit Install
  43. DIY: How to make braided stainless hoses.
  44. DIY Auto Climate control in a manual car
  45. DIY: Polyurethane front lip install(quick and dirty)
  46. DIY: How to wash a k&n and similar air filters
  47. DIY: Frankie's Terrible Guide to Painting Your Emblems!
  48. DIY: Fix Front Vent Fins not moving
  49. DIY: Front Eccentric Shaft Oil Seal
  50. DIY Mazda Rx8 Clutch Adjustment
  51. DIY: Painting polyurethane front lip
  52. DIY TIP: Oil Filter Removal
  53. DIY: Assembling your Power Window Regulator
  54. DIY: Rebuild Your Air Pump (Noisy Bearings)
  55. DIY: Painting the lower part of the factory bumper to match body color
  56. DIY: KEI Eyelid Painting
  57. DIY: Fix your MAF screw holes for $2.26
  58. DIY: RX8 S1 / S2 R3 Rear Lights & Bumper Conversion
  59. DIY: Gearbox oil change 5 Speed M/T (yes, it's different than the 6 spd)
  60. DIY: Oil Catch Can
  61. DIY - Pilot Bearing Removal From Rear E-Shaft
  62. DIY: Raise Rear Ride Height / Stiffen Rear Springs ($30)
  63. DIY RX8 Illuminated Logo
  64. DIY: License plate tow hook relocation
  65. DIY: Cheap, Simple, Clean SOHN Tank
  66. DIY: How to Block Other Members
  67. DIY: Oil temp and pressure sender install with modified banjo bolts
  68. DIY: Custom Phone / Cobb mount
  69. DIY: Polish OEM strut bar
  70. DIY: illuminate your old gear shift knob
  71. DIY: Cover K&N For Colder Air
  72. DIY: Intake box cone.
  73. DIY: Sohn Adapter
  74. DIY: Replacing front & rear wheel studs (without replacing wheel bearings)
  75. DIY: Reflective rotary accent
  76. DIY: Wheel Alignment.
  77. DIY: Install.....RX8 Performance Motor Mounts
  78. DIY: Cheap RPF1 Center Caps
  79. DIY: Thermostat Replacement
  80. DIY: GM/Yukon LSx wires, coils, installation
  81. DIY: Cobb mount for $15
  82. DIY: Painting Engine Cover(s) and Strut Bar
  83. DIY: Installing Series II Fuel Pump in Series I
  84. DIY: carbon fiber Intake
  85. DIY: Refinishing/Repainting wheels
  86. DIY: How to get a Moderator Warning
  87. DIY: Disable Trunk and/or Panic Button on 2005 Remote Key Fob
  88. DIY: Vinyl Wrap Your Roof/Hood or Whatever
  89. DIY: Vinyl Wrap Your Roof/Hood/Whatever (Carbon Fiber)
  90. New Sheriff in DIY Town!
  91. DIY: Passing Inspection with a Gutted Cat
  92. DIY: Fitting a Connects2 USB interface to an RX8 stereo (no tools required)
  93. DIY: Flywheel/Clutch Removal and Replacement
  94. DIY: Fixed broken Radiator
  95. DIY: Clean your OMP/MOP injectors
  96. DIY: Reservoir for Richard Sohn Adapter
  97. DIY: LED Halo Tail Lights (S1)
  98. DIY: Power steering connector cleaning with pics
  99. DIY: How to clean black marks of wheels.
  100. DIY: How to fix your fish bowl tail lights.
  101. DIY: Installing eBay Electronic Throttle Control
  102. DIY: Testing GM LS2/Yukon coils and sparkplug wires
  103. DIY: Video: 2005 RX8 Rear Pad & Rotor Replacement
  104. DIY: Oil Cooler Mod Part 2
  105. DIY: Oil Cooler Mod Part 1
  106. DIY: evil or flying M with pics
  107. DIY: Making Custom Eyelids
  108. DIY: OEM Heat Shield
  109. DIY: Headlight leveling sensor conversion to manual adjustment
  110. DIY: Mirror Turn Signal
  111. DIY: Front Bumper Mesh
  112. DIY: Remove Alternator
  113. DIY: Bose speakers in the doors not working? $1.67 relay fix.
  114. DIY: Rusted oil cooler line fix
  115. DIY: DRL repair
  116. DIY: Axialflow Brake Master Cylinder Brace Install
  117. DIY: Lower Steering Shaft U-Joint Replacement
  118. DIY: Side mirror turn signals on the cheap!
  119. Trouble posting IMAGES in this thread?
  120. DIY: Battery relocation to Washer fluid
  121. DIY: Heat / Air Conditioning Quick Fix
  122. DIY: Custom gauge pod (ashtray)
  123. DIY: All Seats Removal + Cloth Removal / Replacement
  124. DIY: Steering Shaft U-Joint regreasing
  125. DIY: Squeaky Seats
  126. DIY: VoltPhreaks Lithium Iron (LiFePO4) Battery Install
  127. DIY: Black out emblems without taking them off
  128. DIY: Fixed my electric power steering. My steps.
  129. DIY Sohn tank under Air Box
  130. DIY: Puddle lights (with pics+instructions)!
  131. DIY: Filling the RX-8 engine (motor) mounts with urethane
  132. DIY: Brake Bleeding/Flushing
  133. DIY: Stainless Steel Brake Lines/ Replacing Brake Lines
  134. DIY: How to flush your brake fluid?
  135. DIY: RX8 Flooded?? Start Method
  136. DIY: The "I got nothing better to do, so I am going to stitch my shift boot" DIY
  137. DIY: Aux-in port install via Grom adapter
  138. DIY: Stainless Steel Clutch Line/Clutch Bleeding
  139. DIY: Another plugs wires coils
  140. DIY: A Pillar 3 Gauge Pod
  141. DIY: Removing Rust
  142. DIY: Moving my accelerator close to the brake to help with heel toe braking.
  143. DIY: Grille mod R8 Style
  144. DIY: Replacing the Stock Radiator is a chore & should be planned in advance.
  145. DIY: Wrap parts in 3M Carbon Fiber Vinyl
  146. DIY: Sway Bar Bracket & Bushing Replacement
  147. DIY: Painting your OEM Rims
  148. DIY: Headlight Restoration
  149. DIY Catalytic converter replacement
  150. DIY: Rotary Rasp's Footwell Lights (LEAKED)
  151. DIY Visor Repair
  152. DIY: You CAN lower the power seat!
  153. Black alternator housing
  154. DIY: Easy footwell light install
  155. DIY: Tips for an easy sway bar install
  156. DIY: The Ultimate Tune Up Compilation
  157. DIY: Install hidden Android phone for tracking of car
  158. DIY: Newbie Brake Job (Pads and Rotors)
  159. DIY: Replace Passenger side airbag cover thats splitting for $150.
  160. DIY: Bench Test Thermostat
  161. DIY: Test Neutral and Reverse Switch
  162. DIY: Replace Door Glass (Video)
  163. DIY :clutch fluid bleeding??
  164. DIY: Custom made dash screen / surround
  165. DIY: Clutch/Flywheel removal/install (VIDEO)
  166. DIY: Rear Bumper Removal ;-)
  167. DIY: Throttle Body & Upper Manifold Removal (retitled)
  168. DIY: Spring Install
  169. DIY: Ultimate DIY for Greddy turbo / BHR coils / AEM intake mod / Boost Control
  170. DIY: Self made engine air intake box
  171. DIY: Dry CF console side plate wrap
  172. DIY Injector Swap
  173. DIY: Racing Beat Resonated Midpipe Install
  174. DIY people, base model 8 wants fog lights...
  175. DIY: Fender Grill lights install hooked up to interior door lights
  176. DIY: UHF CB Install
  177. DIY: Climate Control Blower Resistor Fix and Test
  178. DIY: RacingBrake 4-pot caliper & 2-pc rotor front brake kit
  179. DIY: Test Solenoid
  180. DIY: Starter Change Swap (for dummies)
  181. DIY: Repair Seat Warmer
  182. DIY Lo-Tek Pod/ProSport Digital Gauge's
  183. DIY: Removal of Front Wheel Hubs
  184. DIY: Optima Red Top Battery 34R series
  185. DIY: Parking brake adjustment
  186. DIY: Modified my own shift knob/NOT OEM
  187. DIY: iPhone/iPod Charger Mount
  188. DIY: "Alternative" phone mount project
  189. DIY: Remove SSV (beta/teaser video)
  190. DIY: Fixing airbag rattling/vibration
  191. DIY: DSC + Traction Control - Always Off mod
  192. DIY 09+ Series 2 Exterior LED light install guide(possibly older)
  193. DIY: Rear brake Bulb Replacement
  194. DIY: Deflooding ,For the average Joe the plumber.
  195. DIY: LED Puddle Lights on the cheap! (read: $<15 bux!)
  196. DIY: Puddle Lights
  197. DIY: RENESIS Compression adjustment & Rating, Excel Application
  198. DIY: Footwell lights
  199. DIY: Mazda Ignition Coils (with pics)
  200. DIY: Fixing Cracked Coolant Resivoir
  201. DIY: How to Remove Foglight Housing and Bulb Reflector
  202. DIY: Moisture In Your Tail Lights? Quick Easy Fix!
  203. DIY: L.E.D. 3rd Brake Light Resistor
  204. DIY: Where to put jack stands
  205. DIY: Troubleshoot Intake Valves
  206. DIY: Running Light Install
  207. DIY: Replacing Automatic shift plate with shift boot
  208. DIY: Battery relocation to trunk
  209. DIY: Brake bleeding
  210. DIY Passenger side oil cooler
  211. DIY: How to change your rear brake pads.
  212. DIY: RENESIS Rotary Compression Calculator (Mac OSX 10 only)
  213. DIY In-car camera mount using the car seat Latch mounts
  214. DIY: Clutch pedal bracket removal and fix
  215. DIY: Greddy SP2 Tip Cleaning -- Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish
  216. DIY: Making A Better OBD-II Connection with AP Dongle
  217. DIY: INSTALLING the HKS Racing Suction
  218. DIY: OBD-II Relocation
  219. DIY composite fabrication
  220. DIY: How to replace ignition coils
  221. DIY: Auto Up/Down Windows with Factory Key Fob
  222. DIY: Sliding Center console
  223. DIY: BHR Ignition Coils; Throttle Body Spacer PART1
  224. DIY: Dual or Single Purge Kit
  225. DIY: Kill Switch
  226. DIY: Adjust Front Headlights (w/ HID option)
  227. DIY: Eyelids (Custom Design)
  228. DIY: Hella fog lamp install & Oil Cooler screen protector
  229. DIY: IAT sensor for turbo
  230. DIY: Video: Front Bumper Removal
  231. DIY Video: Headlight Assembly Removal
  232. DIY: Oil Catch Can Install (basic)
  233. DIY: Clean the in-tank sock filter.
  234. What Belongs in the DIY Forum
  235. DIY: D.Y.I. tools list for dummies.
  236. DIY: CARPC or CARPUTER Do it Yourself Guide
  237. DIY: GTSPEC Front and Rear Bars
  238. DIY: Offset License Plate Mount, Cheap!
  239. DIY Ram Air Hole
  240. DIY: Brake Caliper seal replacement
  241. DIY Video: Removing Factory Radio
  242. DIY: Rear Aero Flares Info
  243. DIY: No Heat? Repair the Heater Control
  244. DIY: Late Spring Cleaning
  245. DIY: Quick touch up for Sunlight Silver.
  246. DIY: Diagnostic Outputs
  247. DIY HKS Twin Power installation
  248. DIY: Air Pump inspection & repair
  249. DIY: How to make a device mount for free
  250. DIY: Sun Visor Fix