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  1. AP, EUDM and CAI.
  2. How to Modify idle rpms
  3. Need answers quick, Just had my Compression test done at 98700 miles
  4. Oil Change
  5. remapping without accessport?
  6. Cobb SFR Issues
  7. New mod that will help EVERY RX-8 with flooding!
  8. RB level 2 ecu flash a/f's
  9. 04 RX8 Idle????
  10. CANScan software
  11. Microtech LT-10s EMS Questions
  12. Make my CEL go away with Cobb AP.
  13. Megasquirt 3 on rx-8
  14. Aem fic-6
  15. DIY on tuning?? how to load custom maps (for noobs)?
  16. FI stock ECU and MAF relocation
  17. jdm rx8 drivetrain quick question
  18. bhr ignition system after tuned cobb AP
  19. Couple Idle Questions
  20. Problems with Cobb?
  21. What happened to Mazdamaniac?
  22. No Map, No Gain?
  23. Looking for a pro tuner for an 08
  24. Cobb Datalogs
  25. Possible Racing Beat flash?
  26. New Access Port In The Works ???
  27. MMCCS procedure for fresh turbo install proceeding tune at dyno day?
  28. Int-X Starting problem
  29. AP problem
  30. Public Map Database?
  31. performance chip question?
  32. What is an acceptable AFR Air to fuel ratio
  33. ECU Swap
  34. Noob questions
  35. AP Update Issue
  36. This was actually said to me....
  37. Still Blinking engine light
  38. Max Energy Sport
  39. OBD-II to iPod Touch question
  40. Mazda Maniac remote tuning?
  41. new n need help
  42. I've searched...
  43. used accessport
  44. Engine Light and oil
  45. Stinksause Attempts tunning
  46. Cobb issue!!!!
  47. Cobb accessport tuning Q
  48. Which is right?
  49. MM tune with CAT
  50. effects of ethanol?
  51. Mawnee's Turbo tune
  52. BIG problem tuning with GREDDY EMANAGE
  53. MazdaManiac
  54. AP data not changing
  55. When pushing on the gas, a second or two goes by before the car launches.
  56. Factory PCM knock control discussion
  57. Emanage ultimate wiring eudm - help
  58. Removing Int-X
  59. dyno problem
  60. AccessPort, Hymee Tuner Pro or something else?
  61. Temperamental AccessPORT
  62. map for rx-8 turbo
  63. Help With E-manage Ultimate
  64. Help: E-manage Ultimate Fuel map
  65. Cannot download BETA AccessPORT firmware
  66. Which Engine Oil do I need???
  67. rx-8 turbo boost controller problem
  68. Haltech Platinum Sports now with RX-8 Support!!
  69. Need Help with the interceptor X (HELP PLEASE)
  70. Fuel Trims
  71. COBB issue..
  72. Universal OBD2 to USB compatible with Accessport??
  73. Hypertech ECU programming/tunning ??
  74. Cobb obd dongle sold separately ????
  75. COBB w/ INT-X for CELs
  76. Setting Idle through AP
  77. TCM tuning
  78. management
  79. Miata Renesis Swap: ECU Options and Discussion
  80. Engine Mods?
  81. HELP Mazsport Ignition Solution Ignitor box
  82. Bad AP?
  83. mm base calibrations
  84. COBB AcessTUNER Race for 2004 JDM RX8 ???
  85. Cobb AP and VFAD output
  86. MM tuning and MAC?
  87. Interceptor X
  88. Close call Cobb Access Port
  89. mpg tuning
  90. greddy turbo kit with hybrid 13b engine
  91. To Mazdamaniac - Euro Turbo
  92. Tuning via PC
  93. k&n typhoon intake
  94. Bluetooth OBD II Transceiver Dongle
  95. Hot Start Turbo
  96. standalone
  97. I need my rx8 tuned by pro's
  98. PowerMod Tuning
  99. ecu tuning/engine managment
  100. Tuning question
  101. Turbo trouble
  102. beware Emanage Ultimate timing maps for Greddy kit
  103. Turbo-8 Int-x -- need help.
  104. Spark Plugs turbo rx8
  105. Whats the difference between Fed vs Cali Accessport Map?
  106. Won't Idle
  107. Shipping Time for the AP from MM?
  108. Wahtr is the best setup for re-programming the Factory ECU
  109. Is the base FI map from MM safe for driving?
  110. Haltech Sprint RE Now w/Renesis Support! And ECU Manager 1.07!
  111. Turning off CEL wt Midpipe
  112. Bogging down with every map for cobb ap
  113. COBB acessport SUCKS
  114. 192 hp RX8 Greddy kit turbo
  115. i need tuner
  116. Under what conditions do the P2 injectors start flowing?
  117. Blow Through Tuning
  118. All Zeros Code
  119. Timing, Fuel or more boost?
  120. Healthier Injectors ???
  121. Adaptronic e420c "Piggy-Back" EMS for the RX8
  122. Anyway to have a Car-PC AccessPort?
  123. quick question....
  124. Questions about COBB AP and installing a midpipe
  125. tuning advice needed
  126. Cobb AP Price Drop!
  127. Can the cobb ap be used on seperate cars
  128. New rotary shape intake Manifold
  129. engine doesn't want to rev past 6500rpm
  130. pettit racings anp tune
  131. Injector swap AP, double check my math and method please?
  132. Cobb Accessport Recommendations?
  133. AccessPort-Post your OMP rates
  134. Help: Turbo Tune?
  135. Racing fuel in the rx8
  136. Cobb Stage 1 Tune Unsafe?
  137. Re: Fuel trims on the RX8
  138. Wideband 02 sensor/AFR gauge
  139. Will cobb tuning a stock 8 increase hp?
  140. AT to MT conversion (PCM only)
  141. megasquirt II in rx8?
  142. 15k Service / fuel injection service question
  143. No Horn, No remote trunk release??
  144. How Kane Tunes an FI Renesis - Turbo, Ported, Ceramic Seals
  145. AP-Open source Turbo tune?
  146. important information about OBD II readiness monitors
  147. man i need help
  148. Can the AP do this?
  149. ECU update (download)
  150. Two Step with Cobb Access Port
  151. Best NA Power Mods
  152. Ignition Timing Worksheet
  153. SII Injector Latency Tables
  154. Accessport Auto 4 Port Tuning
  155. Converting a Mazsport T3 Turbo kit to a Cobb AP
  156. interceptor-x
  157. ECU Download
  158. 16 volts to ignition coils?
  159. greddy turbo
  160. e-manage ultimate and the speed limiter
  161. anybody got a .csv log of an n/a with stock MAF scaling?
  162. Accessport, sample tuning software
  163. CAI and tune
  164. European emissions laws...
  165. E-Manage Ultimate Base Tune Map?
  166. WBO2 sensor [for AFR gauge]: where to put it with the stock mid-pipe?
  167. RB Reflash VS. Cobb AP
  168. Exhaust Gas Temp readings?
  169. Buying Accessport
  170. help...ap question..quick and easy
  171. What to get to extend the live of your wankel engine
  172. Experienced tuner for Hymee Protuner needed
  173. How to tune your Electronic Boost Controller
  174. any way of resetting a cobb and uninstalling without having the vehicle?
  175. Turbo- what kind of Cruise AFR are you running?
  176. HELP: AFR too lean
  177. Idle Control WIth Interceptor-X/Microtech
  178. How do I properly uninstall the Cobb AccessPort?
  179. How do you actually tune with Nitro?
  180. Oil Metering Pump Tuning with Interceptor-X/Microtech
  181. Interceptor-X/Microtech Ignition Timing MAP Calculator :)
  182. Interceptor-X/Microtech Staging Problem /w Esmeril kit
  183. Unmarry Cobb
  184. Cobb AP and DTCs?
  185. Spark Duration
  186. Reading CEL with AccessPort with other manufacturers
  187. Cobb Beta AP Manager/Updater for Vista and 64 bit
  188. Quick COBB Economy Mode Question
  189. Cobb AP question.
  190. Any Canzoomer owner...still?
  191. Engine Managments for 2009?
  192. Stage 1 rotor upgrade
  193. Mazsport?
  194. Fluid Motorsports Dyno Results!
  195. Cobb AP, Logs show wrong date?
  196. Accessport wont connect to vista?
  197. Coil Dwell Settings with ProTuner & AccessPort
  198. fluid motorsports AP tunning who's using them?
  199. From experience: Cobb AP stage 1 vs. aftermarket bolt ons
  200. 2 step?
  201. motec DBW4
  202. AP Mapz U Can Haz
  203. Intermittant OBD2 connection with cobbdongle
  204. To those of you with the RB RX-8 PCM Flash
  205. Hows this look? base turbo
  206. List of ECM logging/flashing tools?
  207. protech performance austin, tx
  208. Cobb- Speed density tuning ?
  209. Cobb AccessPORT AT
  210. Is the COBB AP for a stock RX-8 worth the $
  211. ap with cobb stage 1
  212. Relative Throttle Position
  213. Kane Tunes My car
  214. A Bosch guide to tuning theory (link/pics)
  215. Problem by idol
  216. Need help with my AP.
  217. DeTuning
  218. AP map MS intake?
  219. CarPC Tuning?
  220. COBB Tune Worth the Money?
  221. Turn around time for Calibrations service from MM
  222. car needs reflash
  223. Mark Warner's Street Rotary Releasing May 5th
  224. help cant connect with emanage
  225. wanted: base map for greddy e manage ultimate
  226. Ignition timing for turbo or supercharged renesis - post your maps
  227. How to install greedy e-manage blue?
  228. How to get manual book for greedy e-manage blue?
  229. Aftermarket IAT sensors?
  230. ecu requirements
  231. r0tor's AP Tuning Thread
  232. Accessport 2005 stage 1 CA problem... help
  233. Need Greddy Ultimate CD
  234. What kind of spark plugs do I need to Buy?
  235. Mazmart thermostat and Interceptor-X: would this cause engine to run richer?
  236. Banned from COBBforums.com
  237. Point in getting stock rx8 tuned w/ AP?
  238. Microtech on renesis !!
  239. I cant get my AccessPort to connect to Access Manager
  240. How to Scale your MAF for Flash Tuning (Cobb, Hymee)
  241. Racing Beat race reflash
  242. Fluid AccesPORT Tuning Discussion
  243. Post your AP "dyno" results
  244. Interceptor X and Innovate LC1: how well they adjust AFR to temp change?
  245. Canzoomer
  246. Increased Engine Idle
  247. Hymee Pro Tuner Discussion
  248. Map definition explore and information sharing
  249. Int-x
  250. 2009 Fuel Map Reset