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  1. Tuning potencial??
  2. Tire pressures?
  3. Deal on Michelin Pilot Super Sports
  4. Seasoned Veteran
  5. Fuel Question: Can't Find a Good Place for this
  6. New Konig Wheels and Mods!
  7. So I ran over a huge raccoon today...
  8. Love or hate?.... Hate!!!!!
  9. TIRE DEAL! Michelin Pilot Super Sports 245/40-18 on sale!!! $688 shipped!
  10. Oil Question
  11. Bye bye rx8club!!! Have to move on to a gas saver car!
  12. Wheel lock key.
  13. I'm back!
  14. What needs to be done for 99,000 mile service?
  15. Eyelines, yes or no?
  16. Car lurch when brake pad released?
  17. GM Power Steering Recall Linked to 13 Deaths - Any in the RX8?
  18. Series 2 to Series 1
  19. Inside colour of exhaust manifold?
  20. Problem with stock radio!
  21. midpipe???
  22. New R3!!
  23. HELP!!! Car Won't Detect Key Fob
  24. radiator/coolant
  25. Should I stay stock this year?
  26. Is it ok to use fuel enhancer on rx8?
  27. T shirts get them while you can!
  28. R3 Suspension
  29. High-centered in a parking lot
  30. Help! Possibly blown rear diff? Car being towed now.
  31. Totaled 2004 GT rx8 - opinion?
  32. Value of a 77k 2004 with bad compression?
  33. Spacer Installation Problem
  34. Throttle body connector (engine harness side)
  35. My car wont start
  36. Please Help... Intake - Missing Part?!?
  37. Replica MS spoiler
  38. Repaint: Electric Blue Pearl!
  39. Proper downshift?
  40. In a couple of days - I'll have owned my 8 for 5 years.
  41. RX-8 Front Bumper Bumps? What??
  42. Pics from ARRCC meet February 2014
  43. Anyone know where I could purchase a seat track position sensor?
  44. Does NA 2006 pedal shiters has PCM up date issue?
  45. RX-8 value
  46. Glove box won't open
  47. So I Made an Exhaust Video
  48. Anyone Seen This Steering Wheel? Thoughts?
  49. The Invetiable
  50. Towing eye thread size
  51. Black R3 For Sale That Doesn't Show Up Anywhere......
  52. quick question
  53. A few questions on Mazda Rx-8
  54. Going to Buy Another R3... Red or Blue?
  55. Bad but SO good
  56. Noob looking for best place to buy parts
  57. Dead battery Alarm Crazy.
  58. The Things We Do for Love
  59. OEM Navigation Not Working
  60. Repost of Wikipedia on RX8
  61. The worst thing the stealership has done
  62. Does any vendor have Tokico D-Spec?
  63. 10 Years old!
  64. Need ya'lls help real on spark plugs
  65. Minnesota Mechanic
  66. abs/tcs lights
  67. Happy Birthday Wankel Engine!
  68. How long do you plan to keep your RX-8?
  69. undercarriage cover
  70. How does your right foot work when you up shift on a pedal shifter 8?
  71. fix a flat
  72. Want back into an rx8!
  73. So what does a garage actually know....
  74. Chillin' at the Rolex
  75. Cobb accessport v2
  76. WHY!? (Misfire)
  77. Heater has very long warm up time
  78. Mazda RX-8 Lawsuit??
  79. Apex seals
  80. Fitment of Fan on Griffen Radiator
  81. ABS/DCS Light Deactivate? Pulled fuse.
  82. RX8 catless in the winter
  83. Extreme price for brake job
  84. Coolest rx8s
  85. Parts you would like to see made?
  86. Normal Coolant Leak?
  87. 4400km troublefree road trip
  88. Engine swap or FD? Which do you prefer?
  89. Need your votes
  90. Goodbye RX-8!
  91. Runs like a champ
  92. How much is it worth? 2005 RX-8 GT 6M needs new engine
  93. Vendetta Movie RX-8
  94. Original Owners
  95. check engine light
  96. 2004 clutch issue
  97. Yep, anothing plast dip thread.
  98. BHR Griffen AT Radiator
  99. How do you start your 8?
  100. "Fatlace" slammed society coverage
  101. Thought this was funny & Very nice!
  102. Hilariously good YouTube Find. [Mazda Commercial]
  103. Drivers seat causing sore leg
  104. Confusion about the leading spark plug's code: RE8C-L vs RE7C-L
  105. When to replace spark plugs
  106. How to open credit card style remote to take out it's circuit
  107. Do you wash your RX-8, or take it to a car wash?
  108. BHR products (motr mounts)
  109. An RX8 Christmas
  110. my 8 is needs help
  111. Is it possible I blew out a chunk of Carbon?
  112. Interesting Morning - Is my battery to blame?
  113. single vs dual
  114. Our First Accident...
  115. Instrument cluster squeak
  116. Quick CEL Question
  117. Compression Test Results
  118. Researched; conflicting info: Will Chevron Techron Concentrate thin oil film too much
  119. Aftermarket alarm/keyless entry
  120. Spark plug and wire question?
  121. Pure Conjecture As To How To Keep Renesis Healthy (YMMV): KISS Method
  122. Length of ownership
  123. Help with Selling Price
  124. Engine rebuild
  125. RX8 Engine price increase
  126. 12-14 mpg?
  127. Paint Question.
  128. Koni Yellow Shocks Warranty
  129. My RX8, should I sell....
  130. looking for a catalog for all mazdaspeed parts
  131. Mazda OEM touch up paint
  132. Thoughts after a month with my 8
  133. FINALLY THROUGH WITH MY 8: Part 2; the trade in
  134. Anything else like these?
  135. Need help ASAP (warming up the engine)
  136. Long Time No Talkie
  137. FINALLY THROUGH WITH MY 8: need recommendations
  138. Overheated, dumped all my coolant, no leak?
  139. experimental exhaust designs
  140. Have You Had To Replace a Faulty MAF?
  141. What Do you think is wrong with my car?
  142. was there ever a convertible rx-8?
  143. Is it absolutely necessary to do premix for Series I?
  144. Series II 100,000 mile club
  145. 14.5 @97mph 1/4mile
  146. Winter Check
  147. Work in
  148. Engine light...won't accelerate please help URGENT
  149. POLL: How many miles on your original engine
  150. Anyone know what's up with bdcmotorsports?
  151. iSkiddo goes for a ride in his RX8
  152. Constant clicking or ticking noise when engine is running
  153. Finally got a compression test
  154. time has come to say goodbye
  155. Ferrari RX-8?
  156. Retrofit 2013 Mazda 6 steering wheel in RX-8?
  157. r3 front panels on a series 1
  158. 2011 R3 - no HID?
  159. New ignition set bad?
  160. sooo I finally got my compression test done and humph is all i can say
  161. How long did your replacement engine last - pls vote AND leave message
  162. does anyone know this kit ?
  163. Is it possible to get a switchblade key for an 04 8?
  164. Reman engine buggered Mazda may not cover replacement. I HATE MAZDA!
  165. Renesis rebuild I saw on facebook. Take some time to wrap your head around it.
  166. Recommend new clutch ?
  167. Radiator megan racing or mishimoto?
  168. 'Need help ASAP!' is not a good thread title. Gear oil is the topic
  169. What parts from series II will fit on series I?
  170. Cost of replacing the Radiator?
  171. Dear pearl white rx8 that passed my own rx8 on 81 at mile 205 in Virginia
  172. Got my cat converter replaced but now it makes a rattling sound
  173. Price check on Shinka rims.
  174. How to disable RX8 alarm?
  175. Overheating badly, need help!
  176. Air intake break through!!
  177. Zomg, another oil thread?!?!
  178. Newer CC Insert Design? Still as Restrictive?
  179. RX8 Build Plan and Worksheet templates
  180. determining if my engines ever been replaced
  181. windows fogging up when washing car
  182. Hit a deer... I'm sure you know where this is going
  183. Anyone know what this means?
  184. Front Bumper
  185. Still think the rotary is dead?
  186. ATE Super Blue Deemed Illegal for US Distribution
  187. I think it's time I sell her.......(whimper)
  188. 06 RX8 w/ 60K miles needing engine replacement
  189. Is there any special procedure to run the engine which wasn't run for >1 month
  190. Article gives insight into just how many RX-8 engines have been rebuilt
  191. Raceroots Brice and Mazsport/Mindseye/rx8performance back in the saddle again?
  192. Oil Cooler/Banjo bolt question(s)
  193. Coolant splattered all over under the bonnet.
  194. Finding myself wanting a SII..
  195. Thanks for the input! Up and Running
  196. Compression Numbers.. and new battery?
  197. Car washing!
  198. 90 million rotations and going strong!
  199. Recommendation Autoshop to do Clutch replacement in ATL, GA
  200. Rotating out of the Rotor world
  201. Got rid of my renny :-/
  202. Air source, exhaust leak
  203. Weird hot start issue
  204. Is this air filter genuine?
  205. No One Better Hurt That Car!
  206. Got a Mustang. I miss my RX-8...
  207. Looking for an RX8
  208. Oil Pressure & temp sending unit position (Series 2)?
  209. this rx8 i feel bad for
  210. Where can i buy this button?
  211. Where can i get this spoiler?!
  212. How screwed am I?
  213. Gas mileage
  214. The fight for my new motor
  215. idle issues
  216. Engine Failure! The Good Dealership, The Bad Service and the Ugly Incompetence
  217. Any RX8 members from ORLANDO
  218. 60k service
  219. Clutch Pedal Sqeak
  220. Stupid Mazda Dealerships
  221. Update On How I'm Doing.
  222. Why is my car vibrating when I put it on drive?
  223. Finally part of the family!!
  224. TPMS saves me again.
  225. To Carfax or Not to Carfax ?
  226. 2004 rx8 trade in vs private sell
  227. Saw a broken red 8 by salina last nigh!
  228. Quick question about the throttle bottle
  229. hmm (Catback Exhaust Question)
  230. CPO 2011 RX-8 Sport or CPO 2011 RX-8 R3?
  231. Ls1 coils adopters to LS2
  232. Custom rim builders!!
  233. Low Compression, Engine Warranty Denied
  234. I may have found my life-mate
  235. Advance Keyless Entry Issue
  236. my first post as a real member
  237. Share your "Damn! Someone Stole it!" Moments
  238. A little help on installing new brake pads
  239. Big 3
  240. Converting a speedometer to KPH
  241. Should I trade my R3 in for a Porsche Cayman??
  242. Goodbye for now.
  243. Anyone got a pic of........ help
  244. Changing oil for the first time
  245. Red & White Switchback LED in Parking Lights
  246. Woke up this morning and.......
  247. Compression judged by starter strength
  248. Some impressions after 7 months with a 2010 RX-8 Sport (a series 2 US model).
  249. So much rust..
  250. Tune up help!