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  1. This car is no drama queen
  2. Well, I WAS going to get an RX-8
  3. Wanna see an RX8 turbo kit? How about factory race cars?
  4. For those with rattles...
  5. car pulls left with brakes
  6. No suitable place for cellphones, suggestions?
  7. Anyone unhappy with automatic?
  8. Got My Letter: Flooding Covered Under Warranty!
  9. rotary new-Bee's. Heres a nice history..
  10. nvr drive in the snow!
  11. Cup holder or hot box
  12. RX and Safety
  13. The RX8 is NOT A FORD !!
  14. just got my rx 8
  15. Need help removing dummy switch plates on dash!
  16. Smooth Shifting
  17. Custom Car Mats
  18. Where Is My Mazdasport Magazine Thread???
  19. Headlight Washers?
  20. Umm, Like Flooding, What else do we talk about...
  21. Out of gas right at freeway off-ramp
  22. I Got It!!
  23. Help with sun visor
  24. Grill mesh for oil cooler protection
  25. Rust? Hopefully not in our 8s
  26. Curious on the buy back policy of the 8.
  27. reliability poll
  28. What is the torsional rigidity on the RX-8?
  29. Can you add dry gas to a rotary engine?
  30. New Ti grey owner
  31. Steering wheel feels funny
  32. My gearbox....6th. gear will not engage..any known problems
  33. A few questions
  34. Mobil 1 in an RX-8
  35. debit card
  36. 1st UK High Power dyno results!
  37. I'm in the club now! (almost)
  38. I weighed my Rx-8 today....
  39. New 8 in my garage too ... (Belgium)
  40. New Rx-8 soon.
  41. Yep - another pre-order gift! DieCast model
  42. New 8 in my garage . . .
  43. Ya gotta Love It! Rotary Fish Tank
  44. Poor heating system?
  45. Got hit by a DUI driver
  46. Another trivia question: mystery plug...
  47. What is this?
  48. Monster Garage fans: Turn an RX-8 into??
  49. MP3 installed, damn near flooded the car.
  50. mazdaspeed update!
  51. Plug issues?
  52. Rx Tuner, Where Are You??
  53. plastic seat parts broken...anyone else?
  54. Funny story!
  55. How to Track When to Add Oil
  56. Better late than never..
  57. the center console...
  58. ECU resetting
  59. almost new owner
  60. Where does the Ford stop and the Mazda begin
  61. oil in intake system
  62. Rotary Accent: Part of the appearance package?
  63. Fender Strakes
  64. What do you call a Titanium Gray Touring model?
  65. future rx8 owner...but questions.
  66. Reflash? Denied!
  67. Looking for measurments on the nav control opening.
  68. Question about Electric Seats
  69. How can I get my hands on the Stage 1 mod?
  70. Mazda to fix A/C
  71. Are you getting more chips on the bumper or the hood?
  72. Service Anywhere?
  73. Help ! can we get TURNER mag here in europe ???
  74. just a question
  75. How long....
  76. Hearing what sounds like detonation
  77. New owner. What's that burning smell?
  78. would you let the dealer swap out the trunk? (to remove spoiler)
  79. Picked it up tonight
  80. RX8 won! new motor trend
  81. who needs a chiropractor?
  82. Who is/was in my situation with the 8?
  83. Insurance rates
  84. Whats going on???
  85. quick question
  86. sideways for the first time
  87. Iiittsss...ssoooo....ccoooldd...
  88. Free Touch Up Paint from Mazda!
  89. buying an rx8
  90. Rich fuel settings, low mileage, EPA, catalytic converter, ECU
  91. What's the earliest production date
  92. please help with headroom
  93. Upper Vent + Feet Vents on = Defrost Air also???
  94. I found my thrill
  95. unstable front end ???
  96. Mazda Warranty Service
  97. 03 sales and production
  98. worried oil problems
  99. Can some nice RX-8 owner do me a little favor?
  100. flooding policy now official?
  101. Low Dust Front Brake Pads ????
  102. Rotary Tire Valves
  103. What is the weakest link in the RX8?
  104. Floor Heating.. Observations?
  105. Will pedestrians bounce off our cars
  106. Post-Flooding Recovery?
  107. Flooding Problem
  108. door trim peeling
  109. Car Buying CHECKLIST
  110. New 8 Owner!! first impressions
  111. probably early, but what's expected for the 2005 model year?
  112. Getting ahead of the curve
  113. Wind Noise
  114. What color is your rx-8?
  115. How long did the delivery take?
  116. baby seats doable?
  117. CanZoomer Stage I installed!
  118. please help newbie choose his colour!
  119. RX-8 Animated Transformer Screensaver on Mazda site
  120. Do you wave or flash other RX8s??
  121. Mmo
  122. Whoops... lost my engine cover
  123. check engine light/oil light
  124. Rusty Brake Rotors?
  125. Questionable Idling...............thoughts??
  126. Lightning Yellow discontinued... NOT!
  127. Is this Renesis really smooth?
  128. Driving lights?
  129. Installing Sparco harness on RX-8
  130. RX-8 to replace E46 M3 Coupe?
  131. City Driving on 6th gear = Save gas?
  132. build date / other observations
  133. Can anyone recommend a good car cover?
  134. Does the seat get more comfortable (does the seat break-in)
  135. Sooo, how may 8's have been sold...
  136. too much idle??
  137. Wheel Locks
  138. Question about paint code?
  139. First Ding
  140. Getting tough
  141. RX-8 as a first Car ???
  142. door flex when shut
  143. roadside assistance phone #?
  144. New Rx-8 Owner
  145. What the heck am I feeling in the center of my seat, feels like a stick up my b*tt
  146. GPS navigation demonstration online?
  147. Aftermarket pedal set
  148. Buying RX-8 - DSC Option Question
  149. Horsepower difference between us and european versions
  150. Rear Seat Covers
  151. Finally bought my RX-8!
  152. General RX8 chat
  153. Yesterday marked 6 months of ownership
  154. rx8's cooling system TOO efficient?
  155. OMG 30.22 mpg
  156. Damn I want to drive my new 8 ... plus I NEED 18" wheels so I could drive in snow :(
  157. Wet Handling
  158. Fifth Gear Review
  159. squeaky steering
  160. Rust spots in the trunk gutter
  161. Comparing Rotary and Cylinder Engines
  162. Auto-lock feature override?
  163. Anybody get a buyback offer from Ford?
  164. Wind noise
  165. body roll
  166. Sport vs GT
  167. Hitting 10,000 miles. An Update.
  168. MazdaSpeed Guages
  169. Yet another rotary-newbie oil question
  170. Which Oil type?
  171. the unthinkable
  172. Dealer Paint protector
  173. Picked up today!!!
  174. what color is this
  175. Won't shift into 6th.
  176. Heated Seats?
  177. Drove it home today!
  178. Everyone! How Many Miles Can You Go On A Full Tank?!?
  179. clutch abuse?
  180. Spec on Mazdaspeed Rx8
  181. RX8 Concept
  182. RX-8 Options
  183. Exhaust Mod Decibels Readings
  184. Tint in San Diego?
  185. interior light
  186. Windshield Wiper Fluid..
  187. Spoiler or no spoiler - that is the question
  188. Maximum speeds in gears
  189. does canzoomer stage 1 mod change mpg
  190. closing front door when back door is still open
  191. Advice for future of my 8
  192. Highly Modified Racing 8 sells on ebay for $73,000
  193. cold weather start update
  194. Obligatory new owner post
  195. Since the moderator was so kind..replying to "Bad Gas milage..BS"
  196. My 8 is beeping at me
  197. RPM going into 1st Gear?
  198. Gas Milage: This is BS!
  199. Won't Idle
  200. hydrogen powerd RX8
  201. RX8 engine light problem
  202. has anyone noticed
  203. Your help needed - updating RX-8 FAQ
  204. Anyone here have a red with black int, it seems everyone with red has black/red int
  205. For all of you who want GT w/no roof!
  206. RX8 Service Manual / Convert Power point to full time 12V
  207. JDM Mazdaspeed RX-8
  208. 8 or 7
  209. So what is you wait like for a scheduled dealer appointment?
  210. Weak Battery
  211. Surging Cruise Control
  212. Suggestions for where I should stick my garage door opener?
  213. RX-8 Owners - We Want You!
  214. leather or cloth
  215. should i get an rx-8 or not?
  216. Anyone drifted with rx8 yet??
  217. Newbie and a coupla questions
  218. Anyone is SOCAL ever have a flood?
  219. Parts
  220. Silly poll - AMB temp switch
  221. Foaming, Gas smelling OIL
  222. flooding
  223. How can all that soot in my tailpipe
  224. Proud new 8 owner
  225. Need parts
  226. DSC ON or OFF?
  227. during idle
  228. eck icy grounds
  229. New owner! Cam3 from a MustangGT
  230. RX-8 Air Filter
  231. Paint chipping on rear lights
  232. Warranty/service saga -- Long post!
  233. Build Dates of Latest Cars in US
  234. New/future Rx-8
  235. Wheelspin at 8,000 rpm!?!?!
  236. Rocky Mountain RX-8 Club!
  237. Has anyone had the dealer mount a rear spoiler, is it going to come out straight ?
  238. Leather E brake handle install
  239. Baby Seats
  240. Do you guys think this interior is hot or not ?
  241. Engine bay
  242. How are your heated seats?
  243. had "non mazda" $240 remote starter installed
  244. Newest member to blown engine club
  245. I never saw Black with black/red interior, how does this combo look ?
  246. OMG, 799 hp RX8!!!
  247. Quick cargo net question...
  248. Auto Door Lock
  249. Engine Fan
  250. plastic piece in front of rear wheel