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  1. mod suggestions
  2. New person to the club
  3. Engine #3 for me!
  4. Which gauges to install?
  5. aem intake
  6. Sport Suspension?
  7. Totally Strange prob. very different MPG for the 1st 6 gallons and last 6 gallons
  8. Looking to Buy a RX8 or FD
  9. Compression check advice
  10. GT vs Sport
  11. Rear ended by 18 wheeler
  12. wont turn over
  13. Rear end vibration when cold
  14. buying a rx8 question
  15. Rx-8 exhaust help!!
  16. Airbag dash cracked!!
  17. Exhaust system RX-8
  18. Calling all 8s and rotaries in Georgia!!
  19. Help on part choices?Georgia 8s out ther?!
  20. 2005 Engine Failure
  21. Grinding Reverse, rattling noises
  22. Engine Under Cover 2006
  23. Transmission shipment times from Hiroshima.
  24. Series II scale models?
  25. With Winter Around the Corner, How are You Preparing?
  26. Why me..
  27. why no mazdaspeed rx8!?
  28. Where to buy !?
  29. Side mirror hit! Help!
  30. Enough of the RX-8
  31. Check engine light stays on
  32. anti fogs?
  33. Would you still get a 2004 6speed Rx8 GT?
  34. what's that console next to seat heaters?
  35. how do I tell what series my 8 is ??
  36. 2010 RX-8 R3 pace car for sale - what's this about?
  37. Why Premix?
  38. Buying a new 2011 rx8 this weekend. Need advice
  39. Had to trade in the r3
  40. RX8 reliabilty?
  41. Cost of original OEM windshield?
  42. Why no Yamalube system in RX-8?
  43. New 2010 rx-8
  45. Recaro Seat Issue
  46. Check Engine Light Issue
  47. Just bought an rx8
  48. ICE ALERT in Northeast: Tonight, Thursday 10/27!
  49. Who has the most miles on their original RX-8 motor?
  50. synthetic?
  51. What is the small bulb on the headlight?
  52. Stalling and starting problem
  53. Sales numbers
  54. RX8 R3 Horrible Base?
  55. Preparing RX8 R3 for Winter Driving Questions
  56. Warranty and Build Envy
  57. what would you pay for 04 w 35k miles?
  58. Dealership trying to screw me out of my warranty?
  59. Rotary Noob first post!
  60. shinka vs evolve
  61. Purchasing a used RX8
  62. Shifting help for noob
  63. engine mounts
  64. Getting pissed off with Mazda (Calgary)
  65. No power to the stereo and display?
  66. Said goodbye to my 8 after seven fun years
  67. Compare two hoods? VIS OEM hood which is 406.40 and the Carbon Creations which is 399
  68. Grounding Kit
  69. 2004 RX8 In Snow?
  70. just got one what do I do???
  71. Crazy about my 2011 R3
  72. 2005 or 2006 RX8?????
  73. My first project on my RX-8
  74. 5th Gear Grinding
  75. OBD2 Ready Monitors - Can't get EVAP or SECONDARY to read ready
  76. My first RX8-
  77. Instant Horsepower
  78. Premix necessary on 09 R3
  79. What to offer for an '05 6-spd with trans problem?
  80. emergency brake, ABS and TCS/DSC warning lights??
  81. Shifting question
  82. Worth of Used Authentic Mazdaspeed kit ?
  83. S2 guage in s1
  84. what to do to make rx-8 more fuel efficient ?
  85. 40PSI Front Rotor.. holy crap I need a short block
  86. Anyone else hate this?
  87. New Wheels or New hood?
  88. mazda giving me a new engine
  89. bad coils wont make the car smoke right?
  90. Well, that's why this thing has always ran like sh**..
  91. Mizu Silicone Coolant Hoses Review & Comparison to SAMCO silicone hoses
  92. New owner here...
  93. Short Trip concern
  94. Introduction... Again.
  95. New 40th AE Owner!
  96. regulator light is always on !
  97. Engine was misfiring, continuing issues
  98. rx-8 RS
  99. My work in progress.
  100. Idiot Questions..
  101. Mazda to drop production of vehicles with trademark rotary engines
  102. Looking for Delware County, PA repair shop
  103. Cannot redline the engine regularly, use fuel additive instead?
  104. A good deal?
  105. Selling the 8 for a mini cooper s?
  106. Rough first month
  107. radiator problems
  108. mazda
  109. R3 OEM tires?
  110. A few questions?
  111. Documented Engine tear down by Hungarian Mazda dealer
  112. New here, Rx7 inside
  113. Thanks For All The Information
  114. Finally got my dream car
  115. A reader comment of the RX8 in this months C&D
  116. Proud new owner in Oz
  117. Royal Purple's opinion on synthetic for rotary
  118. Dang you jackrabbit!
  119. My 8 is not a DD anymore!
  120. Lightning yellow 6 MT 2004
  121. Engine builder database?
  122. 04 GT car questions
  123. First oil change at dealer. What a bunch of tools!
  124. Any one else ever notice this?
  125. heyy
  126. fuel warning light
  127. New Owner Questions
  128. Wheel Alignment?
  129. n00blet, new owner:
  130. Concerns with future purchase of RX-8
  131. Favorite online stores (rx8 parts)?
  132. Anyone know of any Rotary Mechanics near Birmingham, AL?
  133. Water leak possibly
  134. Getting Car out of Storage
  135. Nearing the end, need your advice
  136. Gentex Instructions Look Familiar...
  137. Advance Auto Parts sells BWD/Intermotor Coil from Poland
  138. Thunderhill Raceway in San Marcos/Kyle
  139. newbie,and potential owner
  140. $2500 to mod, what to do?
  141. Slight wiff of burning oil, guessing that's normal?
  142. New 04 RX8 Owner- Requesting Definite Info
  143. rx8 potential issues please help
  144. Auto Vs Manual
  145. Gulf Coast Autocross in Ft Myers
  146. my engine sounds like a table saw
  147. Green valve caps, why?
  148. Rx8 rattle under car?
  149. Do you understand this??
  150. Had to push start my car 3 times before it could hold idle, bad sensor possible?
  151. I did it!
  152. RX-8 40th Anniversary Badge vs Mustang 40th Anniversary Badge
  153. I need help with my Mazda (Problems with Car - SMOG)
  154. I'm fighting Mazda - your input is required!
  155. Test drove a couple of Audis today...
  156. Questions from someone looking to buy an RX8
  157. Test drove a 2011 RX-8 R3 - some questions
  158. New here, got an 04 a few days ago.
  159. Texas Heat? 10w40?
  160. Miata Owner Needs Help From Rx-8 Owners
  161. BHR with DaveSport cat longevity?
  162. engine size debate
  163. Is it time? hard starting rx8...
  164. Which one of these four would win in a straight-road race?
  165. Composite Hoods
  166. New RX8 owner-First mod help
  167. Quick question: Alignment & Drop
  168. So The 2009 GT
  169. Question? New RX8 Owner for 1,200 bucks
  170. Finishline Performance
  171. Wankel Rotary specific books?
  172. New owner
  173. Spark Plug Change
  174. At Carmax Waiting....
  175. You know you drive an Rx-8 when...
  176. Newbie need help: rev to 3k rpm when starting and drops slowly till 750 or so?
  177. ebay shopping advice
  178. rx7 rotor housing on rx8
  179. Checking oil - question
  180. Low Compression Warranty difficulties
  181. Getting charged more hours then the car is in the shop. Please Help!
  182. Massive Power Loss HELP
  183. is this 8 legit?? or even possible?
  184. New member to the new engine club!
  185. Mazda "cant" sale rx8 motors...
  186. Question for Canadian owners RE:BHR
  187. Nooooo... Worst compression test results today
  188. Ultragauge pretty cool
  189. Is the RX-8 becoming "new" again?
  190. RX8 easy to gain road chips?
  191. For those who say Rx8's are slow.
  192. RX8 Gas Mileage
  193. Changed my plugs this morning (pics enclosed!)
  194. Went to the Dragon got a engine light
  195. New member & proud new owner of a '04 GT MT w/24k miles
  196. Intake and tuning valve code
  197. Sweet rotor shaped measuring cup ideas
  198. CEL Cleared Itself ? ? ?
  199. RX8 Trade should i do it?
  200. Tap water in engine coolant tank?
  201. Name that part.
  202. modding my rx8
  203. 60k lifespan + carbon buildup at high revs
  204. Oil light. Please confirm my steps.
  205. AEM vs K&N intakes
  206. Possible new owner, what to look for before I buy?
  207. RX8 and baby strollers. (Need trunk pics)
  208. Really?
  209. New Owner..Question
  210. I am new here and really want an rx8
  211. Is this 2004 rx8 a good deal? Need help
  212. A/C always cycling when HVAC is turned on
  213. I see that most here have springs?
  214. 20 brake stomp worked! 4 months of the CEL being on , now off! YES!
  215. 04 signal light fuse location
  216. Engine swap help!
  217. oil thread. jk...well kina. Castrol gtx smell
  218. Is engine failure really that common?
  219. Tail light question...not about tint.
  220. No longer just a browser, now an owner
  221. Calgary - need help to find maintenance
  222. RX8 upgrade
  223. RotoBoat?
  224. First Mod within 24 Hours of Owning RX-8
  225. Install a backup camera into Factory GPS Unit
  226. New RX-8 Finally
  227. why are rx-8s so expensive to have any help?
  228. stuck like chuck
  229. RX8 Problems Please Help ***
  230. Urgently needs help!!
  231. Burning Rubber Smell
  232. Sell the 8 ???
  233. where to buy RX8 spoiler
  234. Beware of ClearMask Tyler, Texas (warning)
  235. Rx8 uk meet
  236. removing fender strakes..
  237. My Mazda App for iphone
  238. possible problem
  239. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Rx8
  240. Houston Tx Tuners?
  241. All about the gas
  242. Warm up times
  243. Mazda Dealership Problems
  244. Car Wont Start
  245. Problems with the 8. Cat? compression? battery? coils? oh my.
  246. New member with new RX8
  247. Alterntor Help!!!
  248. Brake Pressure Sensor
  249. New Shoes
  250. Help with dash removal