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  1. my 04 rx8 with 40k
  2. Any RX8 Members here from Louisville Ky.
  3. Run Flats?
  4. Curse of the silver 8 strike again!
  5. Dunlop tire blowout while on highway!
  6. Picked up a new second ride...for my bro that is
  7. trade in the 8?
  8. What the hell is this?
  9. Opinions on RX8 and questions to be answered (lengthy but please read)
  10. Fng
  11. Curse of the Lightning Yellow?!
  12. No spare tire??
  13. 1 Oil Cooler Or 2?
  14. Frusterations Abroad
  15. How much to re-key my 8?
  16. Coolent light in 3rd gear at 6k
  17. How to keep my head from hitting the roof...
  18. Greensboro, NC Home of stuck up 8 drivers
  19. Cell Phone
  20. Picked up my RX-8 yesterday....
  21. fastest time for RX-8
  22. Help checking VIN for tsb and recalls
  23. Test drove a 2006 Shinka
  24. i think i'm in love
  25. Buyer Beware
  26. Feels good to own an 8
  27. Is this car just too much trouble?
  28. Help on buying a used RX8...
  29. Defective Windshield
  30. Behold The Fishy Smell Has Been Unveiled!!!
  31. 0-60 of an Automatic RX-8
  32. Stealth mode
  33. Not having problems with my 8
  34. Updated RX-8 Production vs US sales
  35. Traction light stays on
  36. AC constantly on affecting mileage?
  37. Oh no I think I got a lemon.
  38. if you unplug your battery do you have to get the ecu re-flashed??
  39. Different personality every day
  40. rx-8 reliability
  41. RX-8 vs. 350Z in the real world
  42. Saying Bye Bye
  43. New 06 RX8 owner
  44. goodbye :(
  45. New Guy!
  46. Rx8 Vs. Evo Viii
  47. Driving Gloves? Yes or No
  48. Nav, should I bother?
  49. Hey! another mpg thread, sort of.....
  50. i dont know what to do...
  51. A lil story for those interested.. (the other mazda
  52. Apparel!
  53. not to happy with the 8...
  54. So someone keyed my LOANER car...
  55. where can I sell these?
  56. My first post! Yeah!
  57. Tinted 8's
  58. Opinion on Audio Upgrades
  59. RX-8 owner at a Porsche dealership
  60. miles per gallon
  61. Im in Love!
  62. Should i get this SpeedStar body kit? Pics Included.
  63. Truth about fuel economy ratings from msn
  64. blow of valve
  65. Car Upgrades
  66. front bumper paint chipping Warranty?
  67. HMM rx-8 vs Galant i see fun
  68. rx-8 or evo viii
  69. Oil Cap - Warning.....
  70. Rotary Chamber Shape
  71. Petrol grade
  72. Clear corners
  73. Grey area ?????
  74. Steering Tilt
  75. In the shop....ugh!
  76. Hi
  77. Zaino Dillema
  78. wind noise
  79. New Owner Observations
  80. RX-8 TURBO in New CAR&DRIVER
  81. Problems about the clutch...
  82. Keys, cards, alarms.
  83. No DSC and TCS on canadian models?
  84. WANTED: KILLS thread please
  85. check engine light on, and wierd sound at WOT
  86. im so excited
  87. curse?
  88. To buy or not to buy an RX8?
  89. Huge compliment this morning
  90. Not governed
  91. Need some educatin'
  92. So, what do I do?
  93. copy cat in the neighborhood.
  94. CD Audio & MP3
  95. Bad smell
  96. RX-8 a good car to learn manual?
  97. My first ding/scratch
  98. BORLA Question
  99. Noise/clank when turning engine off?
  100. Fairwell Friends
  101. Oil changes?
  102. Increasing the Redness
  103. First Impressions (Long)
  104. Posted this everywhere
  105. Trade MT for AT
  106. trunk space and rear seats question
  107. RX8 and E-85 Fuel
  108. How too.. paddle burnout
  109. My 8 and her new big sister
  110. Rx-8 on yahoo front page
  111. My first scratch today came from.....
  112. question about appearance package
  113. What is the wait on the strake and crest
  114. RHD and LHD parts - how many not interchangeable?
  115. New Engine = New Warrenty???
  116. Question on 06 Keyless
  117. Buying an RX8
  118. check out this rx-8!!!
  119. Ford F250 Super Duty vs RX8
  120. Dealer certifications
  121. Does This Actually Work? Is It Worth It?
  122. whats the best freeway speed for maximum gas mileage?
  123. Traded the 8 for a 6...
  124. I miss my 8!
  125. KUMHO tires!!
  126. New FI kit for RX-8?
  127. Weird request from my dealer
  128. Removing the Numberplate holder
  129. Wait Time for 2007 RX-8
  130. New member!
  131. What's the damage from grinding gears? (long)
  132. Can anyone help me to upload pictures that are to big
  133. need help from BORLA owners
  134. Spare Tyre Required?
  135. My 8 Sounds like a hamster!
  136. 1st Flood this moring.
  137. Keyless entry auto door lock
  138. So I Did It.
  139. Does a moutain bike fit into the trunk?
  140. Need to repaint car...
  141. first time talk tome
  142. Guys Check This Out!
  143. Renesis for Sale! Know Anyone?
  144. Following Proper Warm Up Procedures
  145. reccomendations for painless dent repair in D/FW Texas?
  146. Help! Locked myself out
  147. newbie ??: rx8 13b vs rx7 & Turbo II
  148. Wierd - rx-9 rpm only goes between 2 and 3 thousand rpm
  149. why wasnt this model available to the US?
  150. Ever been subject to an envy crime?
  151. really ticked off
  152. Possible Reason for Late 2006 Models
  153. A year in...
  154. 06 Dyno #s
  155. Just bought an RX-8! A question about Sirius.
  156. Why not to test drive the RX-8
  157. Fellow Nav owners, u ever hear this Q...
  158. rx8 or 350z or rsx-s
  159. production question
  160. Red Cars More Likely To Crash!
  161. Great Quality Videos I made: Rotary Performance Super CAT (before and After)
  162. ?s on Winning Blue & White 2005-2006
  163. Track Times!!!! I know Many posts Already
  164. Can it really seat 4?
  165. Who was this.....NC RX8?
  166. Goodbye to the 8
  167. busted up 8
  168. need subwoofer inputs
  169. Clutch Slip???
  170. Proper way to drive tipronic
  171. How do I identify what options I have?
  172. I'm Finnally In The Club
  173. Well, I did it
  174. Looking to get an RX, but..
  175. Weird noise/rattle
  176. future rx8's
  177. Couldn't stop laughing
  178. How many times did you take your RX-8 to the shop and why?
  179. apex seals Q.
  180. Is my clutch gone?
  181. Dyno chart of bone stock 6MT RX8 for your pleasure and mine.
  182. Can I absolutely demand that my dealership remove their dealer rear decal.........???
  183. I lost
  184. Already needed a new transmission PLEASE HELP
  185. damage from dealership
  186. ATTN: New Flash = New Engine!!!
  187. City Mileage
  188. fender strakes kinda heavy yeah?
  189. Would you RX8 owners...
  190. "Abuse" Mazda's scapegoat
  191. DSC/TCS Saved me!
  192. Hail Storm
  193. navigation help
  194. low the car??
  195. Where to buy clear corners
  196. The New Guy
  197. Some Yellow Picts
  198. A/C isnt cold when coming to a stop
  199. Think ahead! What will you do if you get a flat? (long)
  200. It's 'normal'...
  201. Question about running rich
  202. max gear speeds
  203. problems after getting car back from body shop...
  204. Ragnarok has arrived!
  205. Stupidest Question Ever....
  206. Just got an 8
  207. Curious about my spark plug change tomorrow
  208. is he pulling the wool over my eyes???
  209. What Exhaust Is the Best For an RX8???
  210. Rotary on Modern Marvels
  211. Driver Seat Vibration?!
  212. door dent AGAIN - insurance question?
  213. more DINGS!
  214. how fast
  215. Newbie
  216. Kabura
  217. the heat melted my visor!!!
  218. devry commercial..
  219. Test drove black Type S yesterday...couldn't sleep properley
  220. Heres how i got my 8, gather around kiddies,
  221. rx-8 pricing these days
  222. AEM Intake Weird Sounds
  223. Finally my RX-8
  224. whoop! schedualed for a dyno run this friday at RP
  225. Question about warrenty
  226. Problem with my emergency brake indicator
  227. car wont start..need help
  228. A question on the break-in procedure
  229. Advice on RX8 Needed
  230. Alarm System
  231. Maryland & DC Area
  232. What do I want to do with my car??!!
  233. realllly concidering an rx8
  234. Kabura video footage - very sweet - you guys see this yet?
  235. Got my RX-8 Friday!
  236. Cigarette burn in seat
  237. Fender Bender Advice...
  238. Online Owner's Manual (in English)?
  239. if you reset your ecu do i have to get my car re-flashed.
  240. Got my first one!
  241. Help me decide...Is the RX-8 worth it?
  242. Quick help - bumper question
  243. If the RX-8 came with a 300hp V6 would you be happy or sad?
  244. 800miles Brake rotor??
  245. Anyone see this link
  246. I got the RX8 Transformer
  247. Aluminum Hood & hail bad mix
  248. hot oil temp
  249. The Buzzer and I Thank You.
  250. Need Wiring Help Immediately