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  1. Mazda RX-8 a good starter car?
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  14. Compression numbers
  15. Can'o'Worms: Clay Bar -vs- Fallout Remover for rail dust/industrial fallout
  16. Looking for Rotary Engine Specialists (ASAP)
  17. anyone have try clutch F1 stage 2? HELPP
  18. Virtual Dyno: adding the RX-8
  19. Cars and Guitars
  20. Please ID this part!
  21. What kind of RX-8 is this?
  22. New to forums w. a few upgrades
  23. Whats your dream/unusual swap idea for the 8
  24. WHATS MY ENGINE WORTH? 2004 4-port
  25. Andysautosport??
  26. Is this an R3?
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  28. My poor girl
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  33. Hi, new owner
  34. New rx8 owner, checking in.
  35. I'm a new RX-8 owner!! (again)
  36. I'm BAAAAACK!
  37. Test driving used RX8 overnight - need advice!
  38. A rather irritating Low Compression story
  39. New here
  40. What is the "Normal" idle speed?
  41. Rear Facing Baby Seat
  42. new!
  43. Where can I buy the stock front Bumper??
  44. Mazda rx8 rotary engine life? 100k?
  45. Which RX8 to get??
  46. mazda warranty rotary core specs
  47. Replace ExoticSpeed Tips?
  48. Time to say goodbye..
  49. Vin #
  50. Bridged + Tuned =Loving It!
  51. My RX-8 Steering Is very difficult
  52. It's so hard to say goodbye!
  53. Since I'm Keeping My 8 For A Long Time, Undercarriage Cleaning?
  54. water problem
  55. good day gone bad.
  56. interior lights are being weird
  57. thinking about getting an 09 rx8..
  58. Best place to buy OEM replacement (tail lamp)
  59. How strict has Mazda been with replacement engines?
  60. RX9 - Or something to compete with the new Subaru BRZ?
  61. Failed inspections; Bad obd2?
  62. Is it possible to remove the plastic roof rails?
  63. DIY for fender removal?
  64. Quick starter motor question.
  65. Utterly confused
  66. Where to find upgraded starter?
  67. Confused about rear 02 sensor
  68. Torque app and it's avg mpg reading
  69. possible cracked rotor housing
  70. Help with 05 RX-8 it needs a new engine but i cant afford it what should i do
  71. Reprogram Creditcard style Remote.
  72. RX8 Service Question
  73. Another Newbie
  74. Future Rx8 Owner
  75. mazda rx8 anniversary edition wheel
  76. A/C cycling back and forth between cold to warm
  77. Looking for some parts prices?
  78. rx8 noob?
  79. Experience with Rotrix in Pretoria?
  80. Whack MAF readings
  81. Please Help! Looking 4 Cheap Car Shipping
  82. Im a NOOB help please :/
  83. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!
  84. Red & Black E-Brake
  85. 2006 rx 8 headlights
  86. Those Witty Brits..
  87. Seeking advice on optimal engine speed/gear selection.
  88. Replace Oxygen Sensor or Decat?
  89. Hood Dampers and CF Hood
  90. Engine Mount out of warranty?
  91. question about BHR
  92. Rattle under car: Heat Shield corrosion
  93. added weight, possible issues?
  94. Quick starter question
  95. 04 rx8 parts
  96. 2005 RX-8 repair reimbursement PLEASE HELP!
  97. rattle hunt part 2
  98. Locked Keys In The Boot - How I got them out.
  99. Looking for Upgraded DVD ROM Drive for NAV
  100. new guy
  101. Maybe buying 09 22k miles few more ???
  102. Got hit from the rear
  103. Does any1 else hear a rubbing in first gear?
  104. how do i clean my intake?
  105. Test drove rx-8!
  106. Missing my ride
  107. How can I get a lot of power out of my stock rx8 engine?
  108. Clunking Diff?
  109. ABS AND TCS light both on
  110. Part numbers for front and rear camber bolts and bushings?
  111. Seven Years with the RX8
  112. What type of oil to use in the rx8?
  113. 6spd auto 0-60
  114. New Owner
  115. So long R3, I will miss you
  116. Mosport Sportscar Double Header Weekend
  117. Low compression
  118. Starter Motor Advice Please
  119. Future worth of the Rx8
  120. horn honking
  121. Can I jack from this part of the frame?
  122. Looking for a RX-8
  123. CAN-bus OBDII scanner can't connect to RX8
  124. Passanger window does not roll down all the way
  125. 2009 rx8 26k miles wth coil failure and possibly more...
  126. Front License Plate Holder
  127. Power steering cuts out when being a hoonigan
  128. Lubricants
  129. OEM Floor Mats
  130. buying 2010 r3 but engine light is on
  131. Battery went dead. Reset Everything?
  132. Interior Cleaning?
  133. New Owner
  134. power window breakdown
  135. Finally an owner!
  136. Well it finally let go. :(
  137. Looking for Stock Airbox/intake kit
  138. Interesting Document about 13B-MSP.
  139. H7 Bulb Retaining Clips
  140. A much obliged new owner
  141. Back on the forum
  142. Sokie Tech RX8 Hood Dampers
  143. RX8 Key/alaram & Radio faceplate?
  144. Quality Issues
  145. Weird Sudden Torque Today...
  146. Who to contact in Mazda for this?
  147. I have noticed...
  148. Love
  149. RX8 huge loss of power
  150. How does one put on a bra?
  151. New to Rotary Engine!!
  152. Hi, guys.
  153. Junk yards in So. Cal
  154. What should I know for mine
  155. 20b
  156. rx8 shuddering at idle
  157. Is this considered amphibious RX8 supercar?
  158. Houston TX Area Body Shop Needed
  159. any way to lower the seats
  160. she added a quart of synthetic oil --- help please!!
  161. New clutch question
  162. Front and Rear Bumper Question
  163. Shakes Spear
  164. CAI problems
  165. RX-8 AccessPORT
  166. hanging cable under steering wheel
  167. new engine @50k miles
  168. red line?
  169. Rx8 2004 6 speed shaking at idle
  170. Wana know about rx8's motor before buying
  171. Halo Light Wiring question.
  172. Looking for carbon fiber full front face lift
  173. Problem facing with my rx8
  174. Series I vs Series II RX-8
  175. Urgent help help rx8 flooded ??
  176. What is up w/ the salvage/rebuilt titles??
  177. There are other rx8's in North Dakota.. erhm
  178. aem!!
  179. i found s1 and s2,r3 wheel seller
  180. Uninstall AccessPort for service
  181. Hey everyone. New guy here and ave a few questions!***************************
  182. some quick tips
  183. New Rotary Art
  184. Buyin a new rex (trade 2004 AT for MT)
  185. learning about cars
  186. Crashed Rx8, please help :(
  187. dr1ft r3, pixxxx
  188. Trade in for BRZ
  189. pics - 05 black gt
  190. My new Mazda RX8 2005 Type S
  191. Thanks for the Knowledge and kindness
  192. test driving a car
  193. need help after changing coils
  194. THESE drivers always give me dirty looks
  195. Does anyone have this?
  196. See ya all, and thanks
  197. BHR Glowing orange?
  198. Wanting to buy an rx8 but not knowing if I should help?
  199. Various Pictures of my 04 GT
  200. Oil Pressure Gauge & another question
  201. how long for mazda response
  202. Another new member, help if possible
  203. Anyone else drive this way?
  204. 1000+ mile trip
  205. Compression test results
  206. New member, but not new to rotary
  207. Keyless entry intermittent problem
  208. Selling Rx8 Gt for exige
  209. Future Mazda Sports Cars?
  210. import alliance summer meet 2012
  211. Selling my R3. How much tho?
  212. Finally Picked up a FD
  213. air conditioning problem =(
  214. Whats my FOB
  215. Accuracy of Cobb Accessport
  216. No CEL despite BHR Midpipe and AEM CAI
  217. Very confused about what package my RX8 actually has
  218. New Guy Here
  219. is it true the average life-span of the rx-8 is only about 70,000-80,000 miles?
  220. ATH Front bumper
  221. 300KW RX8 2005 Model - Possible?
  222. Interior leather protection
  223. Hi all!
  224. New Potential RX-8 Buyer
  225. 04 RX8 for sale
  226. Need Help
  227. Back after 5 years
  228. just a little heads up guys ;-)
  229. Go, Stop, Go question
  230. New owner in Delaware
  231. Rx-8
  232. Motor Mount to Frame Bolt Specs?
  233. After a year I found it!!!! The 8 is in the shop
  234. Difficulty of spark plug and ignition coils replacement
  235. New Owner
  236. Belated Picture posting
  237. humming...humming... pam!
  238. The joys of being the 3rd owner
  239. For anyone who has been keyed, bumped, scraped etc
  240. New Owner 2011 GT, Bay Area!
  241. Redlining your engine in neutral will help/not decarb?
  242. CarMax is crazy
  243. Engine swap help
  244. New to forum & RX-8
  245. Stainless steel door sill trim plates worth it?
  246. cracked windshield needs replaced (help with who to do it)
  247. cel blinks without starting engine
  248. is it possible VDI/SSV
  249. 2004 RX8 tunes?
  250. I doubt if anyone can help, but HELP!