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  1. Is this the future?
  2. Clutch Bracket SNAPPED!
  3. Major hesitation in low rpm
  4. Sheesh, whats with the flood of '04's for sale?
  5. DSC and TCS
  6. stock rims
  7. Dealer NOW says; prob is intake manifold
  8. Hey all. Just Joined
  9. vote for my car!!! zoo real cars 08!
  10. Easy Mileage Increase....
  11. New Info on front end "TSB"
  12. 2004 RX-8 Driving Stategies anyone?
  13. Looking for Alignment Shop NW Chicago Suburbs
  14. looking for a '08 silver
  15. Stock 2004 RX8 6speed alignment in autoX
  16. front/mid-engine unique?
  17. Help with mystery breakdowns
  18. Top milage
  19. Bonneville Salt Flats
  20. Brutal 1-2 missed shift
  21. RX8 Good Bad and Ugly?
  22. Rear Seat Belt Extender
  23. No flashing light when locking or unlocking door
  24. Hey all, just got my first Mazda ever, 04 RX8
  25. New member!
  26. 30,000 Mile MPG Report
  27. RX-8 Buy advise
  28. adding fog lights
  29. How long do you think...?
  30. another win for the castrol syntec rx8!
  31. Its Rationalization time!! How many of you have two sports cars?
  32. Barber Motorsports Park
  33. New model info release dates?
  34. Where to buy FP Plus?
  35. AutoCross Events in the Area
  36. Hey guys, new ride after 8 passed on
  37. Grand Touring AT or R3?
  38. Just got new tires, staggered
  39. InvisibleMask Issues
  40. Which wears better? (stock) Leather or the cloth seats?
  41. Instant Gas Cap
  42. My baby has a dent ;(
  43. SS with license plate S3Pxxx (in mid-michigan)?
  44. Your advice is requested...
  45. Question bout RX8(plus a lil favor)
  46. intake duct
  47. For RX-8: what happens if you pour in too much oil?
  48. aint no lie..Bye, bye, bye!
  49. Winter driving
  50. How to pour in Premix?
  51. Made the long term committment
  52. SI owner buys and RX-8, then trades back
  53. I've read so many different articles
  54. Racing an automatic...
  55. How Do I Remove The Headlights???
  56. Why doesn't the RX8 have this?
  57. opinion
  58. Going from turbo to stock, my comparison
  59. 05 switchblade key on an 04
  60. How long will you keep your RX-8?
  61. Help me identify this part!
  62. Buying an 04 rx8
  63. where can i get some good yellow h11 fog lights
  64. headroom in 2009 R3?
  65. new member...few questions
  66. How many people here have a beater?
  67. Look at these Pics of my Headlights!!!
  68. Keep my '05 GT or buy a '08 Anniversary or '09 R3?
  69. Time to de-lurk: new member
  70. Dealership Wants to buy my car?
  71. Should I buy my rx-8 now?
  72. Borla exhaust and AEM cold air intake...think I should?
  73. What do you think of the preformance chips you can buy on ebay?
  74. City Driving
  75. Damage / Insurance Advice
  76. RX-8 40th AE
  77. Lights...
  78. New guy :D
  79. WTK How to opperate the rx8 tv
  80. installing Turbo on rx8
  81. w00t
  82. Nitrous installed!!
  83. Problems About The Rx-8 !?
  84. Chips on ebay
  85. Mazda Kazamai Concept to Premiere at Moscow International Automobile Salon 2008
  86. how about marvel mystery oil instead of premixed?
  87. Different Years
  88. Suggest My Next Mod :D
  89. Ethanol Rotary
  90. Is redlining a good idea?
  91. The Good, and the Bad
  92. 1k warranty
  93. Problem with Clutch? Transmission? Forks?
  94. New User, just bought an '06 Shinka
  95. Dealer says Ignition Coils F&**C
  96. New to the rx-8 forum
  97. YES! i bought a new 350z and Im trading it for a RX-8
  98. custom rx8 vynil logo installed .. have extras
  99. custom led light install under $30
  100. anyone compare 06 auto to 04 auto ? (AT bashers disregard)
  101. To all who own a 2009 Rx8
  102. Has anyone been able to sell his/her RX-8 (private party) after engine replacement?
  103. Help please!!!
  104. MY 5000th POST!!!
  105. First CEL - loose gas cap
  106. Grand Re-Opening! Polak Graphics!
  107. One of those moments...
  108. Sand Leather interior anyone??
  109. The ugly truth of RX-8 club
  110. Hp?
  111. Test Drove a new RX-8 R3
  112. triangle
  113. What about reflashes?
  114. Ugh. Whoa. Someone help.
  115. New Rotary web site!!
  116. It's arrived.
  117. test drove an MT 8
  118. Finally got my car
  119. Is this a good deal on an exhaust setup?
  120. How quick does stock suspension go SOFT???
  121. rx-8 changes
  122. Mazdaspeed Intake/exhaust - real power gains??!!
  123. RX8 immobilizer system
  124. 04' AT Paddle shifter shifting rough? is it me or
  125. Might be buying one but need opinions...
  126. Is there a difference
  127. Car Died On Highway! Now Im Offically a Pissed RX-8 Owner
  128. New engine getting installed today, anything I should know?
  129. Part Number for advance smard card keyless entry??
  130. This = FAIL !
  131. How do you drive other cars, when you own an 8?
  132. Aftermarket sunroof?
  133. Rx8 : You either get it or you dont.
  134. Strength of passenger wiper nozzle spray stream?
  135. Replacing rearview mirror under warranty?
  136. Rotary Engine Book Cover Shot Needed!
  137. Thinking of getting an RX-8
  138. arggh i need to vent
  139. 2004 Switchblade (Flip) Key?
  140. 2009 RX-8 R3 S-Plan Price?
  141. Prospective Buyer...should I?
  142. Test Drove Evo X tonight...
  143. First mod suggestions?
  144. Black Camaro Vs Black Shinka
  145. sooo rx8 year?
  146. RX-8 Owner After 4 years turning in car
  147. Dimensions of RX8 trunk w/ spoiler
  148. Beware Of Wantagh Mazda NY
  149. 2-wheel or 4-wheel alignment?
  150. Carbon Fibor Engine Cover Weight?
  151. A New Low!
  152. hybrid RX-8 idea
  153. Should I replace coil set, wires along with spark plugs?
  154. quickest, easiest, safest way to disable the 8
  155. Time for new tires...
  156. Eccentric Shaft Pulley Seal Leak
  157. seat belt problem!
  158. Tire NO squeal and tire NOW squeal?
  159. Does your radio stay on after you've taken the key out?
  160. Test drove an RX-8...did I miss something?
  161. How packed have you had ur RX-8?
  162. Need help with insurance..couple questions.
  163. newly bought rx-8 highpower hmmm
  164. 2004 vs. 2005...What's the big stink all about?
  165. possible to download new maps??
  166. help!!! long drive ahead
  167. Potential RX8 owner
  168. Has anyone seen an R3?
  169. low mileage on rx8?
  170. tune shop anywhere?
  171. Color Coordinated Accessories
  172. What Could I Possibly be Doing NOW?
  173. Gas Mileage Savings Calculator
  174. Newbie vs Experience
  175. One Year Later
  176. Engine cover: do you need to keep it on the engine?
  177. Cheap Interior Questions?
  178. Broke my Driver Side Sun Visor -Need New One
  179. 3m Clear Sticker on car - Could I wax?
  180. Use of the clear plastic chip guard
  181. What is the consensus on dead battery?
  182. soooo. i let my uncle borrow my 8
  183. have some problems with the clutch!need help!!
  184. Rx8 with stripes and air conditioning probs
  185. good bye rx8
  186. At what rpm will the engine not be damaged?
  187. Some Mazda scans for you guys if you care...
  188. how to tap into fog lights
  189. Arrgh! Upset-just Notified My 04 Rx8 Needs New Motor @22kmiles
  190. Best speed for optimum rotary mileage?
  191. Installing MS intake today got some questions
  192. People are really pushing me to NOT get an RX8 :(
  193. N00b Question: How do I drive this car!!
  194. IVE been Gone and stiil Nothing NEW
  195. Noob question about the spare tire.
  196. Where to get replacement Hazzard Lights button?
  197. Confused "Bout to be RX8 member"
  198. Whats OEM secondary Fuel injectors CC?
  199. Help me friends! rx8 or not
  200. dealer won't replace under warranty...
  201. Where do i get parts?
  202. Im new, just browsing!
  203. my baby is back!
  204. Test drove a 2009 RX8 and now got a problem...
  205. numerous small items to buy
  206. I hate Jelous people
  207. New Rx-8 Owner
  208. best turbo for my needs?
  209. New RX8 Owner
  210. are raceing stripes too ricey???
  211. hellllpp!!! big mistake tinting lights
  212. Road trip, RX-8 or civic?
  213. flat spot in the rev's
  214. This is it... Thanks guys!
  215. Oops! Overdid the oil!
  216. what do you think of these wheels?
  217. RX-8's speed
  218. Advice on tires
  219. New Member Here
  220. Opinions on what i should do to a 2004 RX8?
  221. !! PLEASE!!!CARB legal header/exaust system for 04
  222. Q for engine breakers...
  223. Sunglass Holder?
  224. Noob RX8 Owner
  225. 6-speed manual RX-8 VS automatic version
  226. Regrets?
  227. New RX-8 Owner
  228. Need Some Advice plz~!!!
  229. 1 Quick Question!
  230. Well I did it. No one here at home can believe it.
  231. I think I have to sell my RX-8. :(
  232. If the engine could run at more than 9000 RPM, why not....
  233. Stay put or buy
  234. I can't, for the life of me, figure out 100% why the Rotary Engine gets 'poor MPG'
  235. Considering an RX8 next year...
  236. MAP Warranty is worthless - Do not purchase!
  237. Shipping my RX8 to the USA
  238. When not to admire an RX8
  239. calling all aftermarket side vents
  240. Engine light on
  241. Craftsmanship of the 8?
  242. import shop tells me...
  243. Ok, down to the wire.... '08 or '09
  244. Clean up the black tailpipe part
  245. modified grill on 09 with MS paint
  246. Looking for first RX8
  247. RX-8 dieing issue
  248. North Park Mazda
  249. RX-8 sales are increasing
  250. MS / AEM CAI owners, got a question