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  1. rear diffuser
  2. new to the rotary
  3. The Mercy of Mazsport Scott
  4. How much did you spend on your RX8 so far?
  5. Engine Rebuild!!!! Port n' Polish?`
  6. Dealership charging for cat and rear O2 sensor replacement...Options??
  7. Illegal Wing
  8. Power Lock Failed
  9. Rocker panel road rash - experience?
  10. Series-II arm rests
  11. RX8 or Corvette (base)
  12. Is 0 down 429 month 12000 year a good lease price
  13. A young driver with questions...
  14. $968 Car wash?!
  15. Lancer Evo test drive:
  16. Synchro Problems (any one else?)
  17. ... You Own 1 UR in
  18. engine time
  19. Calling all Black with Tan and Black with red/black interiors!
  20. Ok, now down to 3 ACTUAL cars... NOW which one??
  21. A/C Compressor cuts out
  22. I might sell my perfect 06 GT for a Stillen SC 350Z???
  23. 2009 RX8, what ya think?
  24. Falling into the fold...
  25. re-amemiya parts?
  26. Is this phantom Blue?
  27. 50 state emission certified?
  28. No Sport Coat Hook in Front or Back
  29. RX-8 was rear ended.....
  30. Swap Out Cloth w/ Leather
  31. Convince me to get an RX-8
  32. Driver's door not closing correctly
  33. Bose Radio to Sirius radio RX8
  34. Rear fog.. where can i get one?
  35. 2009 Ride and Steering Feel Changes?
  36. Mazda Tuning Must see CHECK IT OUT
  37. Oil, Fuel Line, 12v power
  38. CEL came on this morning...
  39. Down to 3 colors... Which one??
  40. Mazda readies new powertrains
  41. BTW if any buying any mazda seriously soon?
  42. help choosing car
  43. Some pics(camera phone) from mazda reman to share...
  44. 2004 trim options
  45. Local Tuners
  46. have a 95 rx7 now i want a rx8 have questions
  47. Lights
  48. Rotary Engine Naming Conventions...
  49. Someone hit your car....
  50. New to the Rotary
  51. Just making sure.
  52. what to look for in a used 8?
  53. Out with the old.
  54. Considering RX8
  55. Rx8 Winter?
  56. All I can say is... WTF
  57. New RX-8 owner!
  58. Just got my first RX-8!
  59. Radar Detector -1 cop +1
  60. Unveiled: Pioneer AVIC F-Series Car Navigation [PICS]
  61. Are rx8 really that slow?
  62. ::Coming Soon:: beware:: T.L.T.R
  63. How Dangerous is this? Should I be really p***ed off??
  64. An RX8 that's More Than Meets the Eye
  65. Itching to get a new car.... any of you on the same boat?
  66. Love, 10,000 Miles Later
  67. New'09 or New '08 w/ extended warranty?
  68. Break an engine in the way you plan to drive it!
  69. 4000rpm in 6th what speed to you get?
  70. Dealership cracked my windsheild putting in new motor
  71. Are Rx8's Good Cars
  72. Mazda Remanufacturing update...
  73. Tall rx-8 drivers...
  74. Rotary Lotus?
  75. gasoline type
  76. used rx8 as first car?
  77. Starting to smell like a lemon
  78. Emission control system voluntary testing
  79. hydrogen fuel rx8?
  80. Custom License Plate Suggestions?
  81. RX8 Issues
  82. Newness
  83. What Kind of Deal would it take to interest you in an 09?
  84. New to the Site need some advice
  85. Okay Guys. My Basic 3 Year Warranty Up In 2 Months. Dealership Visit.
  86. Complete Debadge?
  87. how many quarts needed for oil change?
  88. 8 performing like shi......
  89. World Gone Mad: Corollas and Civics Priced Higher than RX-8s
  90. So I went for a late night drive...
  91. RX8 In the body shop
  92. any reason not to use mobile 1?
  93. Factory spoiler
  94. Radar Detector +1 cop-1
  95. Opinions on Powdercoating wheels (Hopefully my next Mod)
  96. key issues
  97. sup guys, new to the site
  98. Someone check this car
  99. Shinka for sale -- Need opinions
  100. Veilside Shipping
  101. JC Whitney has great deals on Piston Rings and Pistons!!!
  102. Mazda 'Factory' Warranty Program
  103. audio help
  104. 09 wheels on a 05
  105. New proud RX-8 owner
  106. My observations on mpg using cruise control inside the city
  107. Dependability
  108. why does everyone sweat climate control?
  109. Hail damage! Want to upgrade & need help.
  110. wtk. How to change fog lamp bulbs.
  111. My lucky day
  112. Revised "TSB's"
  113. Went driving today, god I love my 8
  114. HOw bad..
  115. 1st time buyer needs help!
  116. pontiac g8 is a suitable sedan replacement for the 8(razz was right)
  117. Don't turn off traction control if you're a dumbass.
  118. i dont know if im covered by warranty?
  119. 2009 rx8 feedback--oil useage etc
  120. RX8 is gone...replaced it with this
  121. Missing cap?
  122. purchasing the RX-8 saturday
  123. Soon to be owner
  124. What a difference ONE DAY can make!
  125. Retarded Mazda dealership....7K MI oil change!?!?
  126. Is this a good deal?
  127. n00blet question. how to tell if its sport or non-sport
  128. Thinking of buying an rx8, worth it?
  129. extended warranty!
  130. How much trade in on a 05'?
  131. Hit & Run..........
  132. Traded My Original '04 Winning Blue GT for a...
  133. 38,000 miles
  134. Between S2K or RX8 which should I buy?
  135. Retrofit '04?
  136. Best Rx8 review on earth by a bimmer driver
  137. Negative Side of 8 year Warranty
  138. Could it be the CAT?
  139. Sell me on this car...
  140. Got my First "mod" Yay!
  141. Conclusion on Car Issues (I'm part of the New Motor Club)
  142. floating the gears
  143. New RX8 owner. Confused..
  144. MC-Escher inspired RX-8 pictures!
  145. RX8 Engine Light
  146. Looking for a nice set of slotted and/or drilled rotors + brake pads
  147. gotta love the rx8!!!
  148. Buy the Mazda Extended Warrenty?
  149. Will dealer fix my rattles for free?
  150. help convincing the parents
  151. When Dealers Replace Motor Under Warrenty Do They...
  152. Possible motor failure?
  153. Bad Smell
  154. NEW RX8 owner
  155. Ice Cream cruise
  156. Squeaking coming from wheels?
  157. Potential first time RX8 buyer. What do I need to know?
  158. 2007 RX8 GT - clunking noise when shifting into first gear.. HELP
  159. need help with clutch!
  160. New 8 owner and need help.
  161. winter driving
  162. Anyone DRIVE an R3 yet??
  163. Whats up with the lenses?
  164. roughness at 1100 RPM
  165. Is this the future?
  166. Clutch Bracket SNAPPED!
  167. Major hesitation in low rpm
  168. Sheesh, whats with the flood of '04's for sale?
  169. DSC and TCS
  170. stock rims
  171. Dealer NOW says; prob is intake manifold
  172. Hey all. Just Joined
  173. vote for my car!!! zoo real cars 08!
  174. Easy Mileage Increase....
  175. New Info on front end "TSB"
  176. 2004 RX-8 Driving Stategies anyone?
  177. Looking for Alignment Shop NW Chicago Suburbs
  178. looking for a '08 silver
  179. Stock 2004 RX8 6speed alignment in autoX
  180. front/mid-engine unique?
  181. Help with mystery breakdowns
  182. Top milage
  183. Bonneville Salt Flats
  184. Brutal 1-2 missed shift
  185. RX8 Good Bad and Ugly?
  186. Rear Seat Belt Extender
  187. No flashing light when locking or unlocking door
  188. Hey all, just got my first Mazda ever, 04 RX8
  189. New member!
  190. 30,000 Mile MPG Report
  191. RX-8 Buy advise
  192. adding fog lights
  193. How long do you think...?
  194. another win for the castrol syntec rx8!
  195. Its Rationalization time!! How many of you have two sports cars?
  196. Barber Motorsports Park
  197. New model info release dates?
  198. Where to buy FP Plus?
  199. AutoCross Events in the Area
  200. Hey guys, new ride after 8 passed on
  201. Grand Touring AT or R3?
  202. Just got new tires, staggered
  203. InvisibleMask Issues
  204. Which wears better? (stock) Leather or the cloth seats?
  205. Instant Gas Cap
  206. My baby has a dent ;(
  207. SS with license plate S3Pxxx (in mid-michigan)?
  208. Your advice is requested...
  209. Question bout RX8(plus a lil favor)
  210. intake duct
  211. For RX-8: what happens if you pour in too much oil?
  212. aint no lie..Bye, bye, bye!
  213. Winter driving
  214. How to pour in Premix?
  215. Made the long term committment
  216. SI owner buys and RX-8, then trades back
  217. I've read so many different articles
  218. Racing an automatic...
  219. How Do I Remove The Headlights???
  220. Why doesn't the RX8 have this?
  221. opinion
  222. Going from turbo to stock, my comparison
  223. 05 switchblade key on an 04
  224. How long will you keep your RX-8?
  225. Help me identify this part!
  226. Buying an 04 rx8
  227. where can i get some good yellow h11 fog lights
  228. headroom in 2009 R3?
  229. new member...few questions
  230. How many people here have a beater?
  231. Look at these Pics of my Headlights!!!
  232. Keep my '05 GT or buy a '08 Anniversary or '09 R3?
  233. Time to de-lurk: new member
  234. Dealership Wants to buy my car?
  235. Should I buy my rx-8 now?
  236. Borla exhaust and AEM cold air intake...think I should?
  237. What do you think of the preformance chips you can buy on ebay?
  238. City Driving
  239. Damage / Insurance Advice
  240. RX-8 40th AE
  241. Lights...
  242. New guy :D
  243. WTK How to opperate the rx8 tv
  244. installing Turbo on rx8
  245. w00t
  246. Nitrous installed!!
  247. Problems About The Rx-8 !?
  248. Chips on ebay
  249. Mazda Kazamai Concept to Premiere at Moscow International Automobile Salon 2008
  250. how about marvel mystery oil instead of premixed?