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  1. New here, with an RX8 of course
  2. rx8 colors?
  3. Too much oil?
  4. Any Merit to this Medicine for Good Mechanical Health?
  5. Near fist-fight over my 8
  6. My accidental RX8 purchase...
  7. 08 Question Cold out of 2nd Loss Of Power
  8. 2004 Rx-8 redline warning tone?
  9. Red calipers?
  10. '04 A/T Engine Replacement @59.8k in the NE
  11. RX8 problem can anyone help
  12. heres my 8 guys (pics)
  13. I Hate North Park Mazda
  14. Renesis07 what problems have you had??
  15. A Couple of Issues I wanted some input on
  16. where is the dipstick located i cant find it
  17. Want to keep it in family
  18. Hello all, picked up an RX
  19. New Rx8 Owner
  20. 105,000 miles, motor still lives
  21. Driving standard *smoothly*
  22. Nebie--Thank you
  23. light, question please
  24. Heated Seats
  25. Engine Replacement (My Summary of everything)
  26. How long will a mazda rx8 engine last??
  27. how to program keypad
  28. Did I get a free de-carb?
  29. 2006 RX8 GT loaded for $19900 - good deal?
  30. Buying my first RX8 R3 Trim :)
  31. How Fast Can you Take a turn
  32. Ebay Rimz
  33. Buying a RX-8
  34. hankook ice bear
  35. Got my RX-8 back... and I love it.
  36. Japanese forum?
  37. Lots of body roll? Looked under... oh sh-! LOL
  38. PLEASE HELP: Need spare tire mount instructions / pic!
  39. Anyone seen this Rotary VOLUME KNOB?!
  40. your opinion on this oil cooler protector?
  41. what intake is this?
  42. 1st Time Poster, Redline Question
  43. Need your input - custom license plate
  44. Going to be on vacation through the weekend, a few pics of the 09 test car...
  45. is this a good spot?
  46. Speed Limited!!!
  47. Got pulled over yesterday...
  48. Do you need to drill holes to mount the spare tire kit?
  49. Another vanity plate thread...
  50. Speeding ticket - damn the luck!
  51. $1000 to me out
  52. Starting to second guess, need help
  53. Sirius factory sat radio... antenna issue
  54. Where are the awesome white RX-8s?
  55. Rusty Muffler - Can It Be Painted?
  56. Motor Trend Magazine
  57. fender strakes and rotary accents.. which are the real deal?
  58. Air conditioner knobs
  59. couple of quick questions about the rx-8
  60. Really Psyched
  61. Rant about the RX-8
  62. Finally Did It
  63. Adding appearance package..
  64. New member - New RX-8 owner
  65. Oil and Warranty
  66. sporty cars - consumer reports
  67. Hello all
  68. rotary engine E-REV??
  69. New '09 RX-8 GT Owner Questions
  70. Considering an rx-8
  71. Status -100%
  72. any difference between sport and GT mechanical wise?
  73. Mazda Oem Oil Filters
  74. hello im new
  75. how can these rims fit on rx8?? 4bolt universal..
  76. AC smells like a mix of oil
  77. Leaking liquid inside the Car
  78. Shinka or not?
  79. I think i just screwed up my tranny......
  80. Aftermarket Bumpers for 09 RX8?
  81. new prospective owner
  82. RX8 Auto Shop Inquiry
  83. dsc??
  84. So battery goes bad: what do I do?
  85. Williams technolog is all done...
  86. Just drove a RX8..
  87. Most Awesome shift knob ever!!!
  88. Auction price for RX-8?
  89. heavy rain = loud exhaust?
  90. Need help, low RPM idling and stalling
  91. Finally got my 8! 05 GT 6Spd!
  92. What do I be aware of with my 04 Rx-8?
  93. Car not feeling right after 4 Wheels alignement?
  94. HeadLight questions
  95. MOTORSPORT NATIONAL SUPERSHOW - September 20 and 2
  96. best shipping company?
  97. g/f said it would be better to park on the street to save $8 in parking...BIG mistake
  98. Considering buying an RX-8, Need opinions.
  99. Rx8 Fog Lights!
  100. Some last minute cold feet... GT or 40th?
  101. Does a Rotary engine lug?
  102. starter sounds?
  103. Works Concepts___New Forum Vendors!!
  104. Tips on the Quarter Mile
  105. help, oppinions appriciated
  106. Anyone dyno an 2009 mt yet?
  107. rx-8 lover here.. they shoulda given Mazda6 headlights to '09 RX-8
  108. To my own stupidity: Much harm done?
  109. Where did you get your Clear Bra?
  110. Please Help!
  111. A question.
  112. my clutch snapped
  113. Borla exhaust for 2008
  114. Looking for past thread or help
  115. Regarding Turbo and manifold
  116. TurboXS midpipe
  117. Need some help please odd things happening
  118. Mazdaspeed body kit ground clearance?
  119. No 2009 Spare Tire....?
  120. rear diffuser
  121. new to the rotary
  122. The Mercy of Mazsport Scott
  123. How much did you spend on your RX8 so far?
  124. Engine Rebuild!!!! Port n' Polish?`
  125. Dealership charging for cat and rear O2 sensor replacement...Options??
  126. Illegal Wing
  127. Power Lock Failed
  128. Rocker panel road rash - experience?
  129. Series-II arm rests
  130. RX8 or Corvette (base)
  131. Is 0 down 429 month 12000 year a good lease price
  132. A young driver with questions...
  133. $968 Car wash?!
  134. Lancer Evo test drive:
  135. Synchro Problems (any one else?)
  136. ... You Own 1 UR in
  137. engine time
  138. Calling all Black with Tan and Black with red/black interiors!
  139. Ok, now down to 3 ACTUAL cars... NOW which one??
  140. A/C Compressor cuts out
  141. I might sell my perfect 06 GT for a Stillen SC 350Z???
  142. 2009 RX8, what ya think?
  143. Falling into the fold...
  144. re-amemiya parts?
  145. Is this phantom Blue?
  146. 50 state emission certified?
  147. No Sport Coat Hook in Front or Back
  148. RX-8 was rear ended.....
  149. Swap Out Cloth w/ Leather
  150. Convince me to get an RX-8
  151. Driver's door not closing correctly
  152. Bose Radio to Sirius radio RX8
  153. Rear fog.. where can i get one?
  154. 2009 Ride and Steering Feel Changes?
  155. Mazda Tuning Must see CHECK IT OUT
  156. Oil, Fuel Line, 12v power
  157. CEL came on this morning...
  158. Down to 3 colors... Which one??
  159. Mazda readies new powertrains
  160. BTW if any buying any mazda seriously soon?
  161. help choosing car
  162. Some pics(camera phone) from mazda reman to share...
  163. 2004 trim options
  164. Local Tuners
  165. have a 95 rx7 now i want a rx8 have questions
  166. Lights
  167. Rotary Engine Naming Conventions...
  168. Someone hit your car....
  169. New to the Rotary
  170. Just making sure.
  171. what to look for in a used 8?
  172. Out with the old.
  173. Considering RX8
  174. Rx8 Winter?
  175. All I can say is... WTF
  176. New RX-8 owner!
  177. Just got my first RX-8!
  178. Radar Detector -1 cop +1
  179. Unveiled: Pioneer AVIC F-Series Car Navigation [PICS]
  180. Are rx8 really that slow?
  181. ::Coming Soon:: beware:: T.L.T.R
  182. How Dangerous is this? Should I be really p***ed off??
  183. An RX8 that's More Than Meets the Eye
  184. Itching to get a new car.... any of you on the same boat?
  185. Love, 10,000 Miles Later
  186. New'09 or New '08 w/ extended warranty?
  187. Break an engine in the way you plan to drive it!
  188. 4000rpm in 6th what speed to you get?
  189. Dealership cracked my windsheild putting in new motor
  190. Are Rx8's Good Cars
  191. Mazda Remanufacturing update...
  192. Tall rx-8 drivers...
  193. Rotary Lotus?
  194. gasoline type
  195. used rx8 as first car?
  196. Starting to smell like a lemon
  197. Emission control system voluntary testing
  198. hydrogen fuel rx8?
  199. Custom License Plate Suggestions?
  200. RX8 Issues
  201. Newness
  202. What Kind of Deal would it take to interest you in an 09?
  203. New to the Site need some advice
  204. Okay Guys. My Basic 3 Year Warranty Up In 2 Months. Dealership Visit.
  205. Complete Debadge?
  206. how many quarts needed for oil change?
  207. 8 performing like shi......
  208. World Gone Mad: Corollas and Civics Priced Higher than RX-8s
  209. So I went for a late night drive...
  210. RX8 In the body shop
  211. any reason not to use mobile 1?
  212. Factory spoiler
  213. Radar Detector +1 cop-1
  214. Opinions on Powdercoating wheels (Hopefully my next Mod)
  215. key issues
  216. sup guys, new to the site
  217. Someone check this car
  218. Shinka for sale -- Need opinions
  219. Veilside Shipping
  220. JC Whitney has great deals on Piston Rings and Pistons!!!
  221. Mazda 'Factory' Warranty Program
  222. audio help
  223. 09 wheels on a 05
  224. New proud RX-8 owner
  225. My observations on mpg using cruise control inside the city
  226. Dependability
  227. why does everyone sweat climate control?
  228. Hail damage! Want to upgrade & need help.
  229. wtk. How to change fog lamp bulbs.
  230. My lucky day
  231. Revised "TSB's"
  232. Went driving today, god I love my 8
  233. HOw bad..
  234. 1st time buyer needs help!
  235. pontiac g8 is a suitable sedan replacement for the 8(razz was right)
  236. Don't turn off traction control if you're a dumbass.
  237. i dont know if im covered by warranty?
  238. 2009 rx8 feedback--oil useage etc
  239. RX8 is gone...replaced it with this
  240. Missing cap?
  241. purchasing the RX-8 saturday
  242. Soon to be owner
  243. What a difference ONE DAY can make!
  244. Retarded Mazda dealership....7K MI oil change!?!?
  245. Is this a good deal?
  246. n00blet question. how to tell if its sport or non-sport
  247. Thinking of buying an rx8, worth it?
  248. extended warranty!
  249. How much trade in on a 05'?
  250. Hit & Run..........