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  1. Bad Ass NA RX-8 video
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  6. dreams
  7. Completely Dead Battery after only 1 week?
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  9. weird flooding/old spark plugs/old starter story (yes I've extensively searched)
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  11. My Rx8
  12. Disconnected bat and now radio wont take regular FM station????
  13. Chirp/squeal during engine revving
  14. Rx8 warranty ending soon
  15. where to plug OBD2 Diagnostic Reader
  16. Ultra-Low Mileage Used RX8(SII) - Good or bad idea?
  17. RX8Club rules!
  18. Should I buy a 2004 rx8
  19. Low Compression - How Long Do I Have? What Motor to Get?
  20. auxilatory port [AUX]
  21. Turboxs Exhaust/Racepipe
  22. My 2004 RX-8 is misfiring and getting TERRIBLE gas mileage.
  23. Engine block number
  24. What gas station for her
  25. Mods installed...finally
  26. What is this icon on instrument
  27. part out, fix, or sell as is?
  28. Track Checklist
  29. Plastidipped wheels!
  30. which way should the slots/cross drilled point?
  31. bought RX8 today
  32. First Post Hello!
  33. 40th Anniversary RX8-ultra low miles
  34. Loss of power
  35. would not start: flooded engine or bad battery?
  36. R3 wheels
  37. Helllpppppp (I have a CEL that I need to have read)
  38. what to do first?
  39. Savannah, GA/Import Alliance
  40. Thinking about getting a RX8
  41. New poster here and need your advice
  42. My RX-8 Is Out of Warranty! (Time, Not Mileage) Doomed?
  43. Ordering Door's for rx8 ?
  44. Hoping to get an RX-8 as first car
  45. WTB 2004 Mazda Rx 8 OEM front bumper cover.
  46. Mazda rx8 2005
  47. New guy from Arkansas
  48. my first rx8
  49. Buying Front Bumper and right fender parts!
  50. The story of my first rx8...
  51. Low mileage RX8?
  52. straight pipe or b&b exhaust
  53. Opening Up Tailights
  54. New RX8 R3 Owner (pics)
  55. Finally, paid it off.. First Mod?
  56. WD40 exhaust leak
  57. GROM Bluetooth
  58. In the hunt
  60. apex accel controler
  61. RX-8 Rear Tow Hook GB Interest
  62. The Search for the chosen one
  63. Central door locking
  64. New RX-8 Owner!
  65. Rx8 pz bilstein shocks
  66. RX8 check engine light issue
  67. Is a compression test affected by ignition health?
  68. '04 130k Used GT engine question
  69. New RX 8 Owner Help
  70. New 2007 Galaxy Gray Owner!
  71. Squeaking clutch pedal: Reinforce or weld?
  72. spyder LED third brake light
  73. RX-Replacement for $40,000
  74. Catalytic converter blown
  75. RX8 Engine Flooding
  76. BG Fuel/Air Induction System Cleaner
  77. Headers or no?
  78. UCONN Car Show - for the New-Englanders
  79. What Happened to Esmeril??
  80. Did all rx8's in canada come in 6 ports?
  81. Not your average fedex delivery
  82. R3 identification
  83. Average cost of ownership per year?
  84. How long should you wait for all the "excess" fuel to be burned when you cold start?
  85. Car won't start... searched for specific problem and didn't find it
  86. 04 rx8 blown water seal
  87. New Owner, 04 Rx8, low power
  88. Is it time to let her go?
  89. Japanese imported rx8?
  90. should i buy???
  91. Is the rx8 the best option?
  92. What to do?I need some help
  93. Relocated to Los Angeles... Rx8's way cheaper?
  94. Where to Find Fender Liner
  95. Winter is annoying
  96. Fixing oem air dam
  97. about turbo conversion......
  98. Just fell in love with the car even more :D
  99. 2006 Mazda Rx8 Advice?
  100. Love this car! Been perfect...And a great auto x run!
  101. Series II Rust
  102. Basic Questions for a New RX-8 Owner
  103. Help! (Engine failed 8 days past warranty)
  104. Uh oh.. (Low compression and less than a month till warranty expiration)
  105. I've been keyed...
  106. gear changing help
  107. Insurance Claim
  108. what offset do i need to look flush?
  109. RX-8 Test Drive for my wife
  110. Best Place to Buy Series 2 Oil Filter in Bulk?
  111. SA, TX Member?
  112. Possible new RX-8 owner...
  113. Need Advice on a 2003 Model Rx8
  114. Whats up with that Phantom BLUE?!
  115. Birthday coming up, suggestions?
  116. What is the most up to date starter?
  117. Rebuild, Yet now lights appear...
  118. Smartnav
  119. Did my first major service inc' coils, Not a virgin anymore!
  120. Mechanical car wash?
  121. Recalls
  122. New to this but wanna get involded.
  123. New RX8 owner!
  124. Hi Folks .
  125. Urgent! Aftermath of a minor accident...
  126. 2004 flip key comparability?
  127. Need advice/help
  128. idling and cooling fan issue
  129. Healthy hot start time?
  130. selling RX8, worried if its a scam
  131. Interested in getting an RX8 as a first car
  132. 2007 mazda rx8 problem
  133. New owner of mazda rx8 (192) looking for answers to a few worrys i have!
  134. Are these the proper/updated parts for the RX-8?
  135. just want sum advice here about to buy one
  136. What do you guys think...
  137. new owner, TONS of questions!!
  138. Failed engine replaced with 09' newer?
  139. Help! aem intake install!
  140. 6MT edition, What's the right output at 1st Gear, 600RPM?
  141. Changing exhaust and intake
  142. Hot Start Fix
  143. RX-9 Concept Car?
  144. Engine
  145. Clutch weird noises (again)
  146. What is Seafoam cleaning?
  147. Oil level checkup + dip stick
  148. Which to purchase?
  149. Test drove rx 8 today!
  150. New member from Fort Knox
  151. Short Block Warranty Questions
  152. Got it home...My new to me 05' Sport. Some pics...
  153. 5000rpm rev?
  154. New Owner Fun
  155. :O Someone selling an rx8 that rolled over (pics)
  156. Oh dear, I'm hooked!!
  157. Which body kit is this?
  158. fuel problem
  159. may trade rx8 for 350z, opinions please
  160. RB non-resonated mid-pipe vs. RB resonated mid-pipe
  161. Underbody rust pictures, what you think?
  162. Spark Plugs and tracking
  163. blacked out emblems?
  164. Finally got my 231!
  165. RX8 Steering Wheel parts interchanable?
  166. P0038, the O2 Senser died, any impact?
  167. new to the RX8 so wondering if what I have is the norm
  168. new guy
  169. Is buying an 04 rx8 with the original engine a bad idea?
  170. Market value of 07 GT
  171. New Member saying Hi
  172. hey all, new to the forum
  173. 2004 engine w/ low compression - is it covered by warranty?
  174. I'm FURIOUS!
  175. installing RB ram air duct, raspy check
  176. Bad alignment or wheel bearing?
  177. iPod adapter?
  178. Good price? 2005 GT with 21K miles...
  179. is this good to buy for the RX8?
  180. Question regarding warranty for engine
  181. 18" wheels on 2010 R3?
  182. RX-8 Hot Start (I've read and searched this whole site but still need suggestions)
  183. Someone slap me, my mind is thinking about selling!!
  184. How many water hoses
  185. New to Club
  186. Potential Owner Here...
  187. Grinding noise from front passenger wheel
  188. Rx8 0-60 fastest?
  189. RX8 Performance Undertray
  190. Is this a good deal??? (Complete FD engine, transmission, and components)
  191. 2004 rx8 build
  192. Help with fixing or buying my rx8
  193. RX-8 Production numbers, awards, Comparison
  194. Thinking of buying an RX again...
  195. Mazda rx8 new owner!
  196. MazdaSpeedStore
  197. New member/owner
  198. New rx8 owner
  199. Headers
  200. Potential Rotoary breakthrough!!! [video]
  201. Hydrogen Decarbonation ( Like seafoam but with water ) ?
  202. New Owner - Intro and 1 Question
  203. Can I get your Opinion? (Hit and run while parked, bumper and insurance options)
  204. Rustproofing?
  205. New Owner
  206. deceleration issue
  207. A Sad Day.
  208. New rx8 owner exhaust mod question
  209. Soon to be owner! Question
  210. Dont know what to to?? DGRR or IA
  211. Went to Roar today. Only 1 8 on track
  212. First time bleeding/ss line replace question
  213. My dealer, my warranty and BHR ignition
  214. If piston engines show low compressionů
  215. Does elevation = Power Loss??
  216. Help! (Can't get into car)
  217. Rx8 Engine Recall?
  218. RX-8 Fuel Door Compatibility
  219. Below 0 club; any one driving in negative temperatures?
  220. RX-8 owners in Aurora or Newmarket Ontario?
  221. Oil Cooler Lines? Which One?
  222. Driver side door will not open
  223. Question that needs an answer
  224. Questions about reliability.
  225. circular scratches on rotor
  226. Power steering is gone !!! HELP PLEASE....
  227. First car blue rx8
  228. 2010 rx8 crank no start
  229. Poll: Gold or Red Calipers on Silver Rx8?
  230. New RX8 owner from Chicago
  231. Dover, DE........ Anyone near by??????
  232. Stock cat or dual resonator midpipe
  233. 3D ASCII File
  234. Paint or sell?
  235. Proud new owner 2008 rx-8
  236. Rx8 key lanyards for sale?
  237. Winter advice
  238. 9krpmrx8's rims
  239. S'long traded my 09' for a Miata MX5
  240. Hey guys I'm new here, just bought a 2004 RX-8 Auto..
  241. Bizarre airbag warning light
  242. Lost locking Wheel nut!!! :(
  243. Crashed my 8 :(
  244. Mazda Tire Totes
  245. Total loss - any tips with the Amica insurance processes?
  246. RX-8 Round 2?
  247. Will these wheels fit?
  248. New RX-8 Owner
  249. RX8 vs S2000
  250. Oil Tubing Corroded?