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  1. Maybe someone can explain this to me.
  2. I was on my way to look at a 135i...
  3. Part Numbers?
  4. Deerpark AVE
  5. Short Trips
  6. How to remove ECU cover?
  7. Nooo =[
  8. Garage in Toronto
  9. Side Door Light Cover..
  10. CEL/ ECU reset help!
  11. Philip DeFranco's car got broken into
  12. Vibrating Brakes after sitting in the cold
  13. RX-8 I.C.E ideas
  14. PCM Flash
  15. so confused. can some one help.
  16. lol...mustang owners crack me up
  17. Motor shakes at stops.
  18. Lowering springs + CAI voiding engine warranty?
  19. New to this forum
  20. Picture request
  21. used rx8. no oil invoices?
  22. Rev to 4k Then Shut-off?
  23. Renisis oil consumption
  24. high-pitch sound when starting engine, what can it be?
  25. Body parts swap
  26. New Exhaust
  27. Light came on?
  28. Sorry this might be a dumb question.
  29. Just bought a 2010 RX-8 GT(R3 is US)
  30. First Time Post
  31. good buy?
  32. Any Good Local Sacramento garages?
  33. Went to buy an RX-8 today....
  34. Looking for black plastic surround under shift boot
  35. About to take the plunge...
  36. 05 Mustang or 05 Rx8
  37. Replacement tire kit cost?
  38. honest opinion please!
  39. Cel
  40. automatic shift knob
  41. Finally bought an RX8
  42. Questions about 2009+ RX-8
  43. Major Clutch or Transmission Outage. Solve this mystery!
  44. Problems problems
  45. First mod's
  46. AF short shifter questions
  47. Is the dash under warranty?
  48. Advice on 2 simple questions please
  49. BHR Ignition Kit - read on
  50. High Power RX-8 with average of 500KPA in one rotor
  51. (daytime running)?? lights flicker...
  52. Interior door panal rattling
  53. summer is coming
  54. Help deciding on buying an 8
  55. Synthetic oil voiding warranty!?
  56. CEL throwing off these error codes??
  57. Opinions Before Purchase
  58. Only front aftermarket bumper?
  59. Best Pricing on R3s
  60. So considering buying a 2nd hand RX8
  61. 1/4 quart of oil spilled in trunk
  62. I went dealership in this morning
  63. Spoiler Vs. Spoilerless
  64. new kid on the block...
  65. photo hosting
  66. Road trip!
  67. 323 or 303 ?
  68. Which year 6MT rx8 should I buy?
  69. Need Help Choosing Brakes
  70. Anyone know where Race Roots went?
  71. my 8 wont start?
  72. what's the value of my 8?
  73. luminics pure blue lights (halogen)
  74. luminics pure blue lights (halogen)
  75. what should I do to my rx8?
  76. 2005 RX8 Headlight assembly
  77. Clutch slowly getting soft......
  78. "Purple R8in"
  79. G37
  80. New guy with a ?
  81. help
  82. Can I go with out my intake flex pipe
  83. Any suggestion for me if I wanted to get Mazda RX-8 for a new sport car driver?
  84. Does the gas mileage of the RX-8 ever make you contemplate selling?
  85. I think this is absolute BS, what about you ?
  86. Anybody in Wyoming?
  87. Might be getting an RX8
  88. BHR Service
  89. Summer rims and tires caused this?
  90. Flooded engine
  91. Wait a minute...!
  92. OEM cd player doesn't read mp3 CDs?
  93. New to Me 2004 RX8
  94. Quick little help
  95. 100K service
  96. side-skirt
  97. another 8 owner
  98. Ford and the RX8
  99. DIY automatic to manual-look??
  100. 2009 Bose stereo questions
  101. Personalized Read out
  102. Should Mazda give the 8 60/40 fold down rear seats?
  103. (Another) new 8 owner from VanCity
  104. how do you carry pets in an RX-8?
  105. Finally, I am a RX8 owner
  106. to buy or not to buy
  107. Is there no DIY for alternator replacement?
  108. Vote for my RX-8!!!!
  109. please help, car stops running
  110. buying an rx-8 ASAP and have few questions!!
  111. Plastic underbody shield?
  112. Anybody within 50 miles of boca with a dual 12" sub system?
  113. Newbee Questions
  114. A redline a day ????
  115. Scheduled oil change under warranty
  116. Please help with a (hopefully) small problem
  117. hasepro!
  118. key fob programing
  119. Rotary engines are hard to start?
  120. Buying an RX-8 soon - quick question...
  121. Normal everyday driving, What RPM to shift at?
  122. New Owner Here
  123. which is more important???
  124. For those interested in the "RX-8 Club" Decal
  125. New RX-8 R3 pulls left...HELP!
  126. transmission light turned on....? :(
  127. Engine replacement experiences
  128. Soon to be new rx8 owner
  129. To 06+ model owners: anyone had problem with engine?
  130. List of Cars Rotorocket has test driven in last 3 weeks to replace RX8: Will Keep RX8
  131. How to have S3X in the 8 and not break stuff
  132. Compared to G35, will RX8 be much different to keep it?
  133. Seriously, what the hell!?
  134. My Keysss
  135. water in tail lights I KNOW I CANT FIND IT IN SEARCH!!!
  136. New to rotary and rx-8
  137. need motor replaced, denied by mazda
  138. My new car and "introduction" to the forum
  139. What constitutes a "Shinka" RX-8?
  140. triangles on front and rear bumper
  141. any ideas
  142. did i miss it
  143. Need help! Car wont start???
  144. Okay I give up..
  145. stereo problems
  146. My "NEW" 2004 Mazda RX-8.. Need some info thanks.
  147. Headlight Replacment?
  148. Never Flooded Club -- sign in here
  149. Body shop flooding worries
  150. Pre-Purchase Engine Failure Paranoia
  151. Too much fun in our new rx8
  152. Will there be a MY2011 for the US market?
  153. I am considering to buy 06 RX8 for $12k
  154. Knightsports stuff
  155. Any owners of Mazda 6 and 3s?
  156. May Pull the Trigger on a New R3 Tomorrow...Yikes!!
  157. turbo manifold
  158. RX-8 R3 Gas Mileage
  159. Storage For An Rx-8 (Tropical Condition)
  160. Starting Problem...Please help
  161. New to this forum and to the RX8
  162. Had a man threaten to kill me?
  163. Road & Track - April 2010, Page 22
  164. bad day
  165. question about idiot light....
  166. new to the rx8 and just got a couple ?'s
  167. MPG help
  168. Need HELP with MAZDAPARTS.COM
  169. So much junk in series II forum
  170. R3? Why does Mazda even put 23MPG
  171. Help Identifying This Lip
  172. need help!!
  173. New engine costs...any specials going on?
  174. Does anyone have the newest (2009) navigation disc???
  175. Back-up Light decided it's a brake light (video)
  176. New guy about to buy 09 R3, but...
  177. need your guys opionion
  178. About to purhcase 07 rx8
  179. hey guys
  180. Newbie with 2004 rx8 GT?
  181. A howdy do from a possible convert and a question...
  182. My suspension will not have much longer.
  183. RX8 Reliability?
  184. Poor RX8...
  185. Moonroof/Sunroof whatever :)
  186. Engine Replacement
  187. Dealer just recommended $423 worth of maintenance - is this necessary?
  188. New RX-8 driver
  189. I Love This Car.
  190. My First RX-8 restore!
  191. Got my RX8 this morning
  192. Brake & Clutch Reservoir Cap.
  193. Dealership won't perform TSB - Help!
  194. underbody panels...
  195. Extended warranty on 2006 Rx8, Worth it?
  196. Coming from an LS1 Z28 Looking into an 06 rx8 thoughts??
  197. Fear of Buying a Slightly Used RX8
  198. Taking care of your RX8
  199. Drivetrain Loss
  200. not revving past 5.5k rpm??
  201. About to buy an 04 RX8
  202. how many rx8 r3s produced?
  203. New White 07 Shinka Owner
  204. Blackberry Theme
  205. I wanna buy mazda rx8 but need help!
  206. AIr pump - What does it do ?
  207. Questions Before Purchase
  208. 2004 RX8 engine replacement.
  209. Attention: if you drive your 8 in the snow...
  210. Hit by a Drunk Driver in 10/09, Ins Co. wants me to sign a Release, suggestions?
  211. 528,000,000 feet!
  212. Shifting too fast?
  213. weird noise when going into reverse
  214. opinion?
  215. interested in rx8
  216. New rx-8 owner
  217. Bad cat, missfiring, convincing the dealer?
  218. will this key work as a replacement?
  219. Step by Step guide for trans and rear dif oil change?
  220. A.P & RB resonated midpipe or Double din Radio
  221. Button Popping on the Electric Seats
  222. Can I turn off notification horn beep with remote door lock?
  223. My RX-8 has been sitting for the past month.
  224. Anyone Know What Mazda is Giving on RX8 R3's Right Now?
  225. Synthetic oils.
  226. 2nd Test Drive in R3 Today....
  227. So I went to galpin MAZDA and this is what they told me to do about rx8 problems
  228. Buying 2004, few questions
  229. AccessPort For the R3? when
  230. Black, Blue, or Red R3?
  231. Considering coming back to the 8.... 2 years later
  232. My 2004 200K RX-8 resto thread
  233. I just bought an 8. I'm loving it.
  234. DIY vs Dealers
  235. My car needs new engineat 11k, How to break in replacement engine?
  236. Firestone changed my oil to 5W30 Synthetic Blend without asking me.
  237. Car Won't Start - Any Ideas?
  238. What A difference-New Tires!
  239. What Rims Are These?
  240. Interior Lights
  241. Solution to front plate woe's....
  242. Dealerships pushing synthetic oil now?
  243. Start button envy over
  244. First trip to the dealership.....Service and warranty questions....
  245. Racing Beat Gauges
  246. why hasnt been the power steering issue been addressed with the rx8..
  247. Is this common?
  248. Radio help!!
  249. What to do what to do
  250. Suggestions on what to buy