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  1. Dang you jackrabbit!
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  6. First oil change at dealer. What a bunch of tools!
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  8. heyy
  9. fuel warning light
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  11. Wheel Alignment?
  12. n00blet, new owner:
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  14. Favorite online stores (rx8 parts)?
  15. Anyone know of any Rotary Mechanics near Birmingham, AL?
  16. Water leak possibly
  17. Getting Car out of Storage
  18. Nearing the end, need your advice
  19. Gentex Instructions Look Familiar...
  20. Advance Auto Parts sells BWD/Intermotor Coil from Poland
  21. Thunderhill Raceway in San Marcos/Kyle
  22. newbie,and potential owner
  23. $2500 to mod, what to do?
  24. Slight wiff of burning oil, guessing that's normal?
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  27. Auto Vs Manual
  28. Gulf Coast Autocross in Ft Myers
  29. my engine sounds like a table saw
  30. Green valve caps, why?
  31. Rx8 rattle under car?
  32. Do you understand this??
  33. Had to push start my car 3 times before it could hold idle, bad sensor possible?
  34. I did it!
  35. RX-8 40th Anniversary Badge vs Mustang 40th Anniversary Badge
  36. I need help with my Mazda (Problems with Car - SMOG)
  37. I'm fighting Mazda - your input is required!
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  40. Test drove a 2011 RX-8 R3 - some questions
  41. New here, got an 04 a few days ago.
  42. Texas Heat? 10w40?
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  44. BHR with DaveSport cat longevity?
  45. engine size debate
  46. Is it time? hard starting rx8...
  47. Which one of these four would win in a straight-road race?
  48. Composite Hoods
  49. New RX8 owner-First mod help
  50. Quick question: Alignment & Drop
  51. So The 2009 GT
  52. Question? New RX8 Owner for 1,200 bucks
  53. Finishline Performance
  54. Wankel Rotary specific books?
  55. New owner
  56. Spark Plug Change
  57. At Carmax Waiting....
  58. You know you drive an Rx-8 when...
  59. Newbie need help: rev to 3k rpm when starting and drops slowly till 750 or so?
  60. ebay shopping advice
  61. rx7 rotor housing on rx8
  62. Checking oil - question
  63. Low Compression Warranty difficulties
  64. Getting charged more hours then the car is in the shop. Please Help!
  65. Massive Power Loss HELP
  66. is this 8 legit?? or even possible?
  67. New member to the new engine club!
  68. Mazda "cant" sale rx8 motors...
  69. Question for Canadian owners RE:BHR
  70. Nooooo... Worst compression test results today
  71. Ultragauge pretty cool
  72. Is the RX-8 becoming "new" again?
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  74. For those who say Rx8's are slow.
  75. RX8 Gas Mileage
  76. Changed my plugs this morning (pics enclosed!)
  77. Went to the Dragon got a engine light
  78. New member & proud new owner of a '04 GT MT w/24k miles
  79. Intake and tuning valve code
  80. Sweet rotor shaped measuring cup ideas
  81. CEL Cleared Itself ? ? ?
  82. RX8 Trade should i do it?
  83. Tap water in engine coolant tank?
  84. Name that part.
  85. modding my rx8
  86. 60k lifespan + carbon buildup at high revs
  87. Oil light. Please confirm my steps.
  88. AEM vs K&N intakes
  89. Possible new owner, what to look for before I buy?
  90. RX8 and baby strollers. (Need trunk pics)
  91. Really?
  92. New Owner..Question
  93. I am new here and really want an rx8
  94. Is this 2004 rx8 a good deal? Need help
  95. A/C always cycling when HVAC is turned on
  96. I see that most here have springs?
  97. 20 brake stomp worked! 4 months of the CEL being on , now off! YES!
  98. 04 signal light fuse location
  99. Engine swap help!
  100. oil thread. jk...well kina. Castrol gtx smell
  101. Is engine failure really that common?
  102. Tail light question...not about tint.
  103. No longer just a browser, now an owner
  104. Calgary - need help to find maintenance
  105. RX8 upgrade
  106. RotoBoat?
  107. First Mod within 24 Hours of Owning RX-8
  108. Install a backup camera into Factory GPS Unit
  109. New RX-8 Finally
  110. why are rx-8s so expensive to have any help?
  111. stuck like chuck
  112. RX8 Problems Please Help ***
  113. Urgently needs help!!
  114. Burning Rubber Smell
  115. Sell the 8 ???
  116. where to buy RX8 spoiler
  117. Beware of ClearMask Tyler, Texas (warning)
  118. Rx8 uk meet
  119. removing fender strakes..
  120. My Mazda App for iphone
  121. possible problem
  122. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Rx8
  123. Houston Tx Tuners?
  124. All about the gas
  125. Warm up times
  126. Mazda Dealership Problems
  127. Car Wont Start
  128. Problems with the 8. Cat? compression? battery? coils? oh my.
  129. New member with new RX8
  130. Alterntor Help!!!
  131. Brake Pressure Sensor
  132. New Shoes
  133. Help with dash removal
  134. so i have it planned out (:
  135. 3 years.........
  136. 2nd replacement engine
  137. question about extended warranty
  138. need engine parts (HELP PLZ)
  139. Looking for a service manual. Any ideas?
  140. Help on finding a part...
  141. New Body kit to repair hit and run damage :-)
  142. turbo or supercharger
  143. Considering buying an RX8--what kind of deals are available?
  144. Hello - New Member
  145. decided to sell the 8.
  146. Help me on the 1/4 mile
  147. Questions about purchassing my first 8, in BC, Canada.
  148. Hell week for my Ti Gray 8
  149. RX-8 takes a long time to crank when engine is warm
  150. I am dreaming of an R3
  151. Help!!!!
  152. CEL still on -Left scratching head as to what it could be?
  153. Which color corner lights for my Black Cherry Mica 2005 Shinka?
  154. Has Anyone Sold There Rx8 and Later Regretted Doing So?
  155. Series 2 Parts Question
  156. Hello
  157. Dummy question: A/T tranny fluid overfill?
  158. Dummy question: A/T tranny fluid overfill?
  159. New Owner - Driving from PA to SC
  160. New Proud Owner of an RX8
  161. Can't Help But Love It
  162. kids.woot deal on RX-8 RC car...
  163. Moving on
  164. Mystery Part, what is it??
  165. Does anyone know the name of this kit?
  166. Officially a Rx8 Newb :)
  167. next rx8 mod
  168. RX8 Black Bitch
  169. Dual mass flywheel??
  170. Pricing question
  171. New to rx8 club
  172. rx8 first car ! advice/suggestions?
  173. Royal Purple/Purple Ice
  174. hello!
  175. Engine rebuild- best place to go?
  176. New guy here, does anyone actually like their RX-8?
  177. can my 8 oo ga?
  178. Temperature light comming on
  179. Enlist your RX-8 for the CarWars!
  180. SSV clicking no check engine light!
  181. Noise when braking after ....
  182. Reuleaux triangle-spinning figment of Felix Wankel's teenage dream
  183. rx8 carbon fiber passanger doors.
  184. Cool air intake
  185. Need Help! Please!
  186. Can granny shifting cause potential problems later?
  187. Happy 8th to my 8 !!
  188. I am enjoying the heck out of my Eight right now
  189. In need of some directions
  190. Quick Question About My 8
  191. Thinking about pulling the trigger on an '05 RX8
  192. Is this right?
  193. Carfax
  194. What is this pulley?
  195. Cel code p0301
  196. Engine Replacement Warranty Help
  197. So long, RX-8
  198. Paying too much for auto insurance?
  199. Pre-Purchase Inspection
  200. Odd questions about Pettit Protek
  201. Oil Metering Pump extremely expensive
  202. Overheating issue
  203. Paint touch-up pen?
  204. Part of the tail light not working
  205. Trying to buy a used Mazda rx-8 for a long time
  206. Dream Cruise MI anyone?
  207. My New Rx8 Stolen
  208. Just bought my 8 today
  209. How to tell a recalled engine is a Series I or II engine?
  210. PLS clarify Shinka specs - help!
  211. Got hit. fixed, now turn signals broke
  212. Looking to buy a custom MDF ring...
  213. Compression Test Results
  214. HELP! Coil bracket broken
  215. Help! Car shutting off
  216. NewEraParts? Review?
  217. ACT or Exedy stage 1 clutch....
  218. after clean MAF, idle starts to be unstable
  219. So I'm an idiot
  220. Need input on aftermarket hood and ground effects kit
  221. Through Flogging...
  222. I need help replacing a ac vent!!
  223. Has anyone purchased from this guy before? ebay stuff
  224. Xenon HID kit
  225. Dream Cruise
  226. Help! recently bought rx-8 and had nothign but problems :*(
  227. New and Happy
  228. Torque wrench + extension + socket ??
  229. Signs of a dying 13b-msp
  230. Changing Seals How hard can it be?
  231. Rx8 meet?
  232. Starting an RX-8 Tuning Firm in 7 years or so...
  233. Hit and Run on my 30th Birthday
  234. Advise on buying secondhand RX8
  235. OEM On line dealer? Cheapest, best?
  236. Whitling sound at idle?
  237. even better
  238. RX8 Rear Door Decals
  239. Click and Clack obviously don't drive RX-8's
  240. Ask about the factory engine core warranty
  241. First Track Day @ Fontana
  242. So I dropped her off this morning...
  243. after change cabin filter and parking lights, A/C not working
  244. Where is the fuel filter in the engine bay on a rx8???
  245. New 40th Here...
  246. Calling all KC area RX-8's
  247. Started pre-mixing my 2011 R3
  248. New Engine Club Question
  249. new guy checking in
  250. Looking @ a used RX8 - help?