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DIY: TCS on/off timer

Hi there fellow Rx-8 fans,
I'm Sergioo915 from El Paso, Tx. I just recently purchased a 04 rx-8 and I am the newest member of the Rx-8 club.
My first contribution to the club is to post some step by step instructions on how to turn off the DSC automatically everytime the car is started.

First al little about my self and my toys. I live in El Paso Tx and I love speed and drag racing. We have a little problem here in El Paso with Hondas,Acuras, Toyotas trying to own the street scene. As for me I like to shut them up with some of my toys from the the past as well as the present. The past I mean an 88 chrysler conquest TSI (Starion), 95 mitsu Eclipse and know an 2004 rotary as you can see all IMPORTS.
But recently I got my butt spanked by a RSX of the line and I wondered why? This happened Twice. The sencond time by mustang oh HELL NO not a FORD. This is when I noticed that at the instrument cluster a light "a car with two line behind it was flashing" looked it up in the owners manual and found out it has to do with some kind of traction control and it is turned on default during ignition. It must be turned off every time the car is on, a big drag! So I figured out a way to turn it off everytime the car is cranked on. Ready, here is the way and what you need.

1. tools needed-wire cutters,phillips screw driver,soldering iron or t-taps (Radio shack)wire ties and electrical tape,test probe or digital multi-meter
2. DEI 528t Timer (Audio/security specialty shop for about $20)

Now remove the plastic and metal cover to expose the ignition harness,
next you must wiggle your arm through the back side of the DSC switch.

The switch has two clips one on top and one on the bottom. Push on the top clip first to release,tilt the switch down, now push on lower clip and push switch through opening.DO NOT try to pry it loose from the front it will break! It's littlte tricky but it's better than breaking the switch.

Once the switch is through the opening you will see the wires that are needed.
1. Grey/red wire- power to switch-not used
2. Red/yellow wire-light to switch-not used
3. Red/Green wire-DSC input wire-THIS WIRE IS USED
4. Black wire-negative or ground wire-not used

My car is a 2004 I don't know the colors for the 05/06 might be the same might be different. METER THIS WIRE TO SEE WHAT POLARITY IT NEEDS TO SEE NEG(-) OR POS(+) first before connecting timmer.It Should be negtive

The red/green wire(DSC input wire) rest on milliamps and is waiting for negative/ground signal to turn to DSC on or Off.

This were the DEI 528t Pulse timer comes into play. The pulse timer can accept a neg(-) or Pos (+) input and convert it to a neg (-) or Pos (+) ouput and you can control the duration of the output pulse.

The pulse timer:
red wire-12votls (+)
black wire-neg/ground(-)
black/white-input trigger
yellow wire-output
orange wire-not used in this application
brown wire-this wire determines pos(+) or Neg(-) output from yellow wire
Blue loop wire-determines pos(+) or Neg (-) for input trigger (Black/white wire)

You can find a good 12volt source in the driver kick panel, there are (3 )12gauge white/red wires there that are 12volt constant. DO NOT USE THE RED IGNITON POWER WIRE IT IS MUCH TO THIN. Connect the red timer wire there.

Connect black and yellow timer wires to a good chasis ground Connect Brown timer wire to the red/green DSC wire on the switch
Connect the black/white input wire to the second accesory wire found in the ignition harness this wire is a thin BLUE/GREEN. This switches polarity during crank time. IT rest on ground,than pos(+),than NEG(-) then POS(+) when the car is running.METER THIS WIRE BEFORE CONNECTING
CUT THE BLUE LOOP WIRE on the pulse timer on tape the ends.

The timer has a little openning that you can fit a little flat head screw drive to regulate the time on the pulse. If you turn to dial to the right the time increase, if you turn the dial to the left the time decrease. Play with the dial until you get the right duration. Too short of a pulse the DCS module will not see it and to long of a pulse the DCS will lock up. DONT BE AFRAID if it locks up turn the car off and try it again.

Once you get the right pulse time, as soon the as you start the car and it is running The DSC LIGHT will display off on the instrument cluster and if you need to turn in on just press the switch. This unit is self contained and it will interfere with the OEM system.
I've been running with for about a month NO PROBLEMS
If you good to the dealer and don't want the dealer to know about this, just disconnect the RED wire/it was no memory/once you reconnect it will work the with no problems.

Hope this helps any or all of you
Next challenge on the RX-8 will be to install full blown audio system,keeping all OEM components and the DEMENTED TPMS

I Still Have not found that RSX or Mustang For ROUND 2
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Excellent DIY, and welcome to the club Sergio

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Thanks For the warm welcome! edblor
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guys i ve noticed that when DSC is on and i go with first gear at somewhere in 3000RPM i got a little more power, i think with out the DSC on i got that power from 1000RPM.

Is that correct? DSC reduces the engines power in first gear from 1-3k ?
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He's as bad as Can
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Originally Posted by titaniumgr3y View Post
Is that correct? DSC reduces the engines power in first gear from 1-3k ?
Only if your rear tires are about to break loose. The only place you should turn off DSC is the track. On the street its a good thing to have.
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it'd be a lot easier to push the button
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staticlag staticlag staticlag
you do realize the car has DSC and TSC right?

And by "hitting the button" your not turning the TSC system off. Thus you are still limited.

Try driving around with the system "faulted" and see the difference of really turning off the electronic stability aids makes
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good effort very clever and creative. for yr audio system may i suggest u do a car pc. i have mine doneupand its great. it fits yr requirement of keepings as close to OEM as possible, please PM me for info
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Originally Posted by staticlag View Post
you do realize the car has DSC and TSC right?

And by "hitting the button" your not turning the TSC system off. Thus you are still limited.

Try driving around with the system "faulted" and see the difference of really turning off the electronic stability aids makes
If you hold down the DSC button for about 10 seconds it will also turn off the TCS.
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Originally Posted by habinero View Post
If you hold down the DSC button for about 10 seconds it will also turn off the TCS.
I know this will not make much sense but when I turn off both DCS & TCS my 8 seems to have more control than with just the DSC off. Fast starts or turns the tires seems to break loose/slide faster with just the DCS off than when both are off.
DCS=1 press of button(1 light)
TCS= hold button untill the car light w/3 lines comes on.

Does others notice this or maybe I should just take my meds?
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